What Is Martie Allen And What Is Her StoryFinds?

Martie Allen is known as the longtime partner of former Hollywood actress and singer, Kristy McNichol. While Allen maintains a relatively private personal life, her relationship with McNichol has resulted in some public attention and curiosity around her background and profession. This article explores who Martie Allen is, how she met McNichol, and what her business venture, StoryFinds, offers.

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Martie Allen first came into the public eye in 2012 when Kristy McNichol, her partner of over 20 years, revealed their relationship in an interview with People Magazine. While McNichol had success as a 1970s child actor and singer, she retreated from Hollywood in 2001 to live a quiet life with Allen. Outside of her high-profile relationship, little was known about Allen’s personal or professional background.

In recent years, Allen has slowly reemerged with occasional interviews and the 2019 launch of her antiques business, StoryFinds. The venture combines her interests in history, art, and culture to find and sell unique home furnishings and décor. As interest around Allen continues, this article will highlight key parts of her background.

Martie Allen’s Professional Background

While definitive details remain scarce, Martie Allen has had an eclectic professional life according to available sources:

  • Teacher: Allen spent time early in her career teaching elementary school students. Few specifics are available about where or what she taught.
  • Television Personality: Allen hosted a Virginia-based morning TV show at one point, indicating some experience in broadcasting/media.
  • Actress: Allen has a handful of minor acting credits under the name Martie Sims, including roles on Silk Stalkings (1991) and In the Heat of the Night (1988).

In addition to these roles, Allen has always valued community involvement and charity work. She has lent her time and name to various fundraisers and LGBT causes over the years as well.

How Martie Allen Met Kristy McNichol

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol first crossed paths in 1991 during McNichol’s music career. While accounts vary, the most often cited story is that they met during the filming of a music video or TV performance of McNichol’s song “He’s So Fine.” They reportedly felt chemistry immediately and began dating shortly thereafter.

The two kept their budding relationship very low-key in those early years. Eventually, though, Allen left Virginia to join McNichol in Los Angeles full-time. After two decades committed as partners, McNichol finally publicly acknowledged their lesbian relationship in 2012, giving a small glimpse into Allen’s importance in her life.

What is Martie Allen’s StoryFinds Business?

In May 2019, Martie Allen expanded into retail by launching an antiques and home décor business called StoryFinds. The Virginia-based shop focuses on finding unique vintage pieces, refurbishing them, and selling them to modern homeowners.


Some highlights of StoryFinds’ offerings include:

  • Rare antiques: 19th century oil portraits, Tiffany lamps, apothecary cabinets
  • Vintage furniture: Farmhouse tables, industrial carts, repurposed crates
  • Home accents: Textiles, glasswork, artwork, sculptures


StoryFinds aims to uncover lost cultural relics with rich histories and give them new life in a modern home. Allen personally travels to source quality antiques and partners with designers to reimagine them for contemporary spaces. Each item comes with a glimpse into its origins.


Since its launch, StoryFinds has expanded into a 2,800 square foot showroom with 7 suppliers supporting over 100 regional dealers. Allen oversees curation of item collections and continues to be the face of the brand as she evolves her venture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Martie Allen

Martie Allen’s public persona is still developing decades into her relationship with Kristy McNichol. Here are answers to some of the most common questions around her.

What is Martie Allen’s profession?

Allen has had an eclectic career including teaching, regional television, acting, and now operates an antiques and home decor business called StoryFinds. She has always prioritized charity and community work as well.

What is Martie Allen’s net worth?

Estimates of Allen’s net worth vary widely from $400,000 to $7 million. As she has not publicly confirmed finances and has a limited public work history, her exact net worth is not reliably known.

How did Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol meet?

The most often reported account is that Allen and McNichol met in 1991 during filming of a performance of McNichol’s song “He’s So Fine.” They began dating shortly thereafter.

Is Martie Allen still with Kristy McNichol?

Yes, as of 2023, Allen and McNichol remain partners after over 30 years together. The two live a quiet life away from Hollywood, splitting time between California and their Virginia farm.


Martie Allen stepped into public attention through her relationship with actress Kristy McNichol but has begun sharing more of her own story in recent years. From teacher to TV host to antique business owner, she has demonstrated diverse passions and talents while still valuing her privacy. As Allen progresses with her StoryFinds venture, society will likely gain more insight into the woman who captured McNichol’s heart over three decades ago. For now, glimpses of Allen’s charm and flair come through in the histories she uncovers and second lives she facilitates for cultural relics.

Key Facts About Martie Allen

ProfessionTeacher, TV host, actress, antique dealer
StoryFinds OfferingsAntiques, vintage furniture, home accents
Relationship HistoryMet Kristy McNichol in 1991, partners for 30+ years
Net Worth Estimates$400,000 to $7 million

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