Who Is Georgia Kreischer – Bert Kreischer’s Daughter?

Georgia Kreischer is the eldest daughter of famous comedian Bert Kreischer and his wife, LeeAnn Kreischer. Despite coming from a celebrity family, Georgia prefers to lead a private life away from the limelight. This article explores her background, interests, relationship with her father Bert, and what she is up to now.

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Georgia Kreischer was born on June 8, 2004 in Los Angeles, California to Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer. Her father Bert is a well-known stand-up comedian and podcast host, while her mother LeeAnn is an actress, writer and podcaster. Georgia was born into celebrity, but does not seek out fame herself. She graduated high school in 2022 and is currently attending college in Oregon.

Georgia has a younger sister named Ila. She maintains a close relationship with her parents and family, occasionally appearing at her dad’s comedy shows. However, she likes to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye. This article will explore her background, talents, relationship with her father and what she is currently up to.

Georgia’s Background

Georgia was born and raised in Los Angeles with her sister Ila. Despite having famous parents, she has led a relatively normal life and childhood. Here are some key facts about her background:

  • Date of Birth: June 8, 2004
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Parents: Comedian Bert Kreischer and LeeAnn Kreischer
  • Sibling: Younger sister named Ila
  • Schooling: Graduated high school in 2022
  • Current College: Enrolled in University of Oregon

Georgia finished her schooling at Louisville High School in California in 2022 before heading to college in Oregon. Even though she comes from a celebrity family, she does not seek out fame or attention on her own.

Her Talents and Interests

While Georgia tends to avoid the spotlight, she does have performing talents of her own. She has a flair for singing and has showcased her skills at some of her dad’s comedy events. Her parents are both in entertainment, so she has likely picked up an artistic flair from them.

Some of Georgia’s other talents and interests include:

  • Singing – showcased at dad’s events
  • General creativity and artistry
  • Normal interests of girls her age – hanging out with friends, college life

Although Georgia has stayed out of the public eye, she seems to have developed her own creative talents. However, her main passion is living a private life focused on school and friends rather than fame.

Relationship with Dad Bert

By all accounts, Georgia and her dad Bert have a close and loving father-daughter relationship. Georgia will occasionally appear at her dad’s shows and tour stops to showcase her singing skills. This allows her to support her dad’s career while also flexing her own talents.

They likely have a strong familial bond as Georgia has grown up with Bert as a prominent comedic influence. While she does not seek out the spotlight, she remains proud of her dad’s career. Georgia maintaining a low profile also shows Bert’s protectiveness as a father shielding his daughter from intense publicity.

Overall, Georgia remains focused on school and friends rather than fame. But she does support her father and enjoys a close relationship with him.

What Is Georgia Up to Now?

As Georgia just finished up high school in 2022, she is still in the early stages of adulthood and post-school life. After graduating from Louisville High School, she relocated from Los Angeles, California to Oregon. She currently attends college at the University of Oregon.

While specific details about her college studies and new life in Oregon remain unclear, this move signifies her desire to live independently outside the shadow of her celebrity parents. Instead of staying local to Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer, she has ventured out on her own path.

Here is a summary of what Georgia Kreischer is currently up to in her life:

  • Graduated high school in 2022
  • Moved from LA to Oregon for college
  • Currently enrolled in University of Oregon
  • Enjoying college life and early adulthood
  • Seeking privacy and independence from famous family
  • Focusing on school, friends and normal interests

So in 2023, nineteen-year-old Georgia Kreischer is embarking on her own life journey as a college student in Oregon. She remains close with her family, but is seeking independence and privacy away from just being daughter to Bert Kreischer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia

Here are answers to some common frequently asked questions about Bert Kreischer’s daughter Georgia:

  1. How old is Georgia Kreischer?

As of 2023, Georgia is 19 years old. She was born on June 8, 2004.

  • What does Georgia’s mom LeeAnn Kreischer do?

Georgia’s mother LeeAnn is an actress, writer and podcaster married to comedian Bert Kreischer.

  • Where does Georgia go to college?

Georgia currently attends the University of Oregon as of fall 2022.

  • Does Georgia want to be famous herself?

No, unlike her celebrity parents, Georgia prefers to live a private life focused on school and friends.

  • Is Georgia close with her dad Bert?

Yes, Georgia seems to have a close and loving relationship with her father. But she makes her own choices about avoiding fame and publicity.


In summary, Georgia Kreischer is carving out her own path and identity as the daughter of two famous parents. While dad Bert Kreischer is an established stand-up comic and rising star Ila Kreischer enjoys some of the Hollywood spotlight, Georgia has opted out of fame and publicity.

After finishing high school in 2022, Georgia moved to Oregon where she now studies at university and enjoys relatively normal college life. She remains close with her tight-knit family, but also values friends, education and independence.

Rather than ride her parents’ coattails, she has ventured off to quietly build her own life foundations. Georgia exhibits performing talents occasionally, but mainly stays focused simply on growing up, learning and experiencing young adulthood out of the intense glare of Hollywood fame. She remains proud of her dad’s work, but also represents Bert’s protectiveness and respect as a father.

As Georgia writes new chapters in her book of life during college and beyond, she serves as an aspirational example of forging one’s own path with grace, humility and wisdom regardless of circumstance or parentage. Her bond with dad Bert continues, but from a place of love rather than limelight.

Timeline of Georgia’s Life and Milestones

2004Born in Los Angeles, CA
Early LifeGrew up in LA with sister Ila
2022Graduated high school
2022Enrolled in University of Oregon
CurrentAttending college in Oregon

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