Who Is Marc Chalamet – Timothée Chalamet’s Father? Interesting facts about Him

Marc Chalamet is the father of the famous Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet. While Timothée has become a household name in recent years thanks to his acclaimed performances in films like Call Me By Your Name and Little Women, less is known about his father Marc.

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Marc Chalamet, Timothée’s father, is an accomplished journalist, writer, editor and translator in his own right. Born in France in 1953, he has lived an international life spanning continents and careers. He’s worked as a teacher, a news editor, a photojournalist, a UN correspondent, and run his own company. He also happens to be the father and mentor of one of the most promising young actors today.

Early Life and Background

Marc Chalamet grew up in Nimes, France. After finishing his education, he moved to New York City in the late 1970s. He taught French for several years at various New York schools and colleges. During this time he also met his future wife, Nicole Flender, a real estate broker. Marc and Nicole settled in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan and had two children – a daughter, Pauline, and a son, Timothée.

Career Highlights

After teaching French for many years, Marc transitioned into journalism. He worked as a news editor and photo editor for various French publications. He also covered arts and culture stories as a freelance writer.

In 1986, Chalamet launched his own company called News of America. As the founder and editor-in-chief he ran the business successfully for over 13 years. The company provided specialized content to French-language publications around the world.

After selling News of America in the early 2000s, Chalamet returned to France. He began working as an editor, writer and translator for several United Nations agencies including UNICEF and UNFPA. He traveled extensively to Asia and Africa on journalistic assignments.

Nowadays he works independently as a writer, editor and translator in various languages including English and French. He continues to be a globetrotter and splits his time between France and Canada, where his daughter Pauline lives.

Father and Mentor to Timothée

Marc Chalamet has been a huge influence in the early life and career of his son Timothée. Timothée credits his father with instilling a love for movies and theater in him as a child.

Growing up in a multilingual, creative household paved the way for Timothée to try acting. Marc was supportive of his acting ambitions right from the start. He accompanied a young Timothée to auditions and off-Broadway shows.

As Timothée’s profile rose starring in critically praised films like Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird and Beautiful Boy, Marc continued advising him. He guides Timothée to take on roles that challenge him and resist typecasting.

Marc Chalamet Personal Life

Marc Chalamet is married to Nicole Flender, a graduate of Columbia University who enjoys a successful real estate career in New York. Her inside knowledge and savvy business advice has helped Timothée make smart investments in Manhattan properties.

Marc Chalamet holds both American and French passports. Despite living in different countries, the Chalamet family remains close-knit. They support each other’s creative pursuits while keeping a low profile and guarding their privacy.

Quick Facts about Marc Chalamet

  • Date of Birth: 1953
  • Place of Birth: Nimes, France
  • Nationality: French and American
  • Spouse: Nicole Flender (real estate broker)
  • Children: Daughter Pauline and son Timothée
  • Career: Teacher, journalist, editor, writer, translator
  • Companies founded: News of America (sold in early 2000s)

Frequently Asked Questions about Marc Chalamet

Here are some common questions people ask about Timothée Chalamet’s father:

What nationality is Marc Chalamet?

He holds dual French and American citizenship.

What languages does Marc Chalamet speak?

He is fluent in English, French and conversant in Italian.

Where does Marc Chalamet live?

He splits his time between properties in France and Canada nowadays.

What is Marc Chalamet’s profession?

He has had a varied career as a teacher, journalist, editor, writer and translator in English and French over 40+ years.

Is Marc Chalamet supportive of his son Timothée’s acting career?

Yes, absolutely. He mentored Timothée from a young age and continues advising him on choosing roles.


In conclusion, Marc Chalamet is an accomplished polyglot journalist turned editor, writer and translator with a passion for the arts. While his celebrity son Timothée grabs the limelight, Marc shies away from publicity and leads a private life. He continues to be a guiding force in Timothée’s life, nurturing his talents while keeping him grounded. Their strong and loving relationship is an inspiration to many fathers and sons.

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