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Highland Daydreams

Book Three of the MacKinnon Clan Series

April Holthaus

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Lara did not know if it had been weeks or months she had spent in the bowels of the dungeon, for time did not exist within the darkness. Like the walls of her cell, Lara felt she has been a prisoner her whole life. Forced into a loveless marriage to create a union among the two neighboring clans her new husband, Laird Dermot Moray wants more from her than just a docile wife, he want to claim a treasure her clan secretly possesses.  After several failed attempts to claim it, Dermot found a way to rid his burden of his defiant bride by having her locked away forever. Lara had almost given up hope until a nameless warrior whose strength and strong-will gave her the courage she needed

Thought to be dead, Bram MacKinnon barely held onto life after battling the English for Scotland’s freedom. Imprisoned with no means of escape, he is rescued by his cellmate, a woman. For saving his life, he vows to protect her and return her to her family, but Bram did not realize it was more than he bargained for.

On the run from a group of men hunting them down, will Lara be able to set things right before it’s too late and will Bram be able to keep his promise knowing that he may lose her forever?  Having to travel across both land and sea, Lara and Bram will discover a secret about Lara’s past that’s worth its weight in gold.

“An awesome Scottish read that is fast paced with danger, adventure and romance.”

April Holthaus

April lives in central Minnesota with her husband and son. She developed her passion of historical romances through her love of history and genealogy. Over the last several years she has compiled her family tree finding over 350 bloodline grandparents dating back to the 900s. 

She has completed her first series, The MacKinnon Clan and is now working on stand alone novels and a new Scottish Paranormal Romance Series: The Dark Fae Saga.

When not working or writing, April enjoys spending time with her family, reading and being outdoors. 

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