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Born for Life : A Midwife's Story

Julie Watson

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From a young age Julie pondered what she would do with her life. A job as a nurse aide in the local Maternity Annexe at the age of sixteen gave her a love for being with women during labour and birth and caring for mothers and their babies.

Life could not have been happier, married to the man she loved and the birth of a son.  The tragic and unexpected death of her second baby in her first hour of life led to depression, loneliness and despair that lasted several years. A long awaited baby daughter brought much joy but was tinged with sadness when it was discovered she was born with a condition affecting her eyesight.

The dream to train as a nurse had all but died as she continued to work as a nurse aide at the local hospital but was unexpectedly reignited at the age of 37. A health scare that threatened her ability to continue was overcome with perseverance and determination as she continued on and trained as a midwife after qualifying as a registered nurse.   

The true story tells of a woman’s struggle to overcome tragedy and who triumphs over adversity through faith to face the many challenges to become the midwife that she was born to be.

The many birth stories are told from an era in the 1970s through the eyes of a young nurse aide to modern day midwifery in New Zealand as an independant midwife with her own caseload.

Julie Watson

I am a midwife and recently wrote and published my memoir called 'Born for Life : A Midwife's Story'. My story follows my journey in life and realising my dream of becoming a midwife. My life has included many challenges including the death of my second baby at birth. I hope that by reading my story people will be inspired to not give up hope and to follow their dreams. 

I am married and have three children and seven grand children. I love to travel and have worked as a midwife in New Zealand where I live, Australia, England and have voluteered in Africa and Vanuatu.

I continue to work as a midwife and am still writing.

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