Alexandria Zahra Jones Plastic Surgery – It It True Or Rumors

Alexandria Zahra Jones Plastic Surgery – Fact or Fiction


Alexandria Zahra Jones plastic surgery, the 19-year-old daughter of late rock legend David Bowie and supermodel Iman, has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors in recent years. However, there is no substantial evidence to support claims that Alexandria has actually undergone any cosmetic procedures.

As the inheritor of her famous parents’ fortunes and legacies, Alexandria has understandably attracted public curiosity. This article will explore the facts around claims of Alexandria Zahra Jones’ plastic surgery.

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Who is Alexandria Zahra Jones?

Alexandria Zahra Jones, also known as Lexi or Lex, is an emerging artist and painter from the United States. She is the daughter of David Bowie, the highly influential British singer-songwriter, and Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, the iconic supermodel.

Despite her famous parentage, Alexandria has led a relatively private life so far. She is known for her talents in painting and sculpting, which she regularly showcases through her social media profiles. Alexandria has also recently launched her first independent clothing range online.

In addition, when she turns 25 years old, Alexandria stands to inherit a substantial fortune left to her by her late father. This inheritance and her increasing public profile have fueled intense speculation about Alexandria’s personal life.

Rumors of Plastic Surgery

As David Bowie and Iman’s daughter steps further into the limelight, rumors have swirled alleging that 19-year old Alexandria has already undergone plastic surgery.

However, there is no credible information available to substantiate these claims. Alexandria herself has never publicly discussed any cosmetic procedures. And there are no visible signs from her public appearances and social media images to suggest she has had any surgical enhancements.

Overall, it appears that rumors about Alexandria Zahra Jones having plastic surgery stem largely from speculation due to her parents’ celebrity status rather than factual evidence.

Alexandria’s Focus on Artistic Development

While untrue plastic surgery rumors continue to circulate, Alexandria Zahra Jones herself remains focused firmly on developing her artistic talents.

She has cultivated skills in both painting and sculpting from a young age under the guidance of her creatively-gifted parents. As David Bowie’s daughter, Alexandria seems especially inspired to follow in her father’s creative footsteps not just in music, but also the visual arts.

Alexandria’s social media spotlights her passions for producing original paintings, illustrations and clothing designs. Her artworks already command prices up to $500 apiece. She also manages the Instagram account to showcase some of her best creative work to date.

This commitment to nurturing her innate artistic abilities demonstrates that Alexandria is more invested in making her own mark creatively at this young age than chasing superficial physical transformations.

Alexandria’s Close Relationship with Mother Iman

Alexandria Zahra Jones appears to share an intimate emotional bond with her mother Iman, suggesting she has built high levels of self-confidence during her upbringing.

Iconic supermodel Iman has been instrumental in pioneering greater diversity across the fashion world. And she has retained a key presence in Alexandria’s life, even during COVID-19 restrictions when they were physically separated.

Iman herself has praised her daughter’s strength in maintaining a private personal life in spite of her parents’ fame. She has also taken inspiration from both the late David Bowie and Alexandria to explore her own passions for painting.

These factors indicate Iman has instilled in her daughter resilience, character and a willingness to embrace individuality rather than conformity. This may be why Alexandria remains seemingly unaffected by expectations to alter her appearance to fit superficial standards of beauty.


In closing, there is simply no definitive proof that 19-year old artist Alexandria Zahra Jones, daughter of David Bowie and Iman, has undergone plastic surgery procedures of any kind.

Unverified rumors making such claims fail to consider Alexandria’s resolute focus on independently building her painting, sculpture and design talents inherited from her iconic parents. Additionally, Alexandria’s constructive relationship with her pioneering supermodel mother Iman appears to have steered her towards valuing self-expression more than physical appearance.

At her current age, Alexandria Jones gives no credence by word or deed to the unlikely speculation around her having cosmetic enhancements. Instead, all evidence suggests she is confidently developing into an assured creative force in her own right. Only time will tell what the next chapter holds for this rising star.


Q: What evidence is there Alexandria Zahra Jones has had plastic surgery?

A: There is currently no credible evidence from any verifiable sources that Alexandria Zahra Jones has undergone any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures so far. She has also never publicly made any statements about having enhancements.

Q: How has Alexandria responded to plastic surgery rumors?

A: Alexandria Zahra Jones has not given any visible response or made any public comment acknowledging rumors that she has had plastic surgery. Instead, she remains actively engaged sharing her passions for art, painting and fashion design across her social media accounts.

Q: How has Alexandria’s mother Iman influenced her?

A: As a pioneering supermodel, Iman has had a strong impact on Alexandria’s upbringing and self-confidence as a young woman growing up in the public eye. Iman has praised Alexandria’s privacy and also shared her daughter’s interests in exploring creative arts like painting.

Q: What kind of artwork has Alexandria Zahra Jones produced?

A: From a young age, Alexandria has displayed talents across painting, drawing, sculpture and digital illustration. Her artworks have a distinctive style showcasing her creative flare. She manages the Instagram profile dedicated specifically to spotlighting her best original works for sale.

Q: Does Alexandria Zahra Jones have plastic surgery planned in future?

A: As Alexandria is only 19 years old in 2023, there are no indications she is considering plastic surgery at this early stage of her life and career. Her present focus appears to be firmly concentrated on expanding her artistic skills and expressions as opposed to altering her physical appearance.

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