How Much David Bowie Left Behind For His Daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones


The legendary English singer-songwriter David Bowie passed away in 2016 at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. Though his decades-long career David Bowie Left Behind for His Daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones an extensive musical legacy, Bowie also left behind a sizable estate for his family members. Most notably, his daughter Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones was named in Bowie’s will to inherit $25 million on her 25th birthday in 2025.

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Alexandria Zahra Jones’ Reaction to Her Father’s Death

When David Bowie died on January 10, 2016, his daughter Lexi was only 15 years old. Losing her father at such a young age was undoubtedly devastating and placed her grief in the public eye. Out of respect for her privacy in the aftermath of this tragedy, Lexi’s personal reaction was not made public.

In subsequent years, Lexi has focused her attention on developing her talents as an artist and sharing her original works online. Though she chooses to remain out of the spotlight, her creative pursuits suggest she may be channeling her grief into constructive outlets. As she comes of age, Lexi will have to navigate adulthood without her iconic father’s guidance.

Alexandria’s Budding Career as an Artist

Despite her famous parentage as the daughter of David Bowie and Iman, Lexi Jones has begun carving out her own path by establishing herself as a painter and illustrator. She often shares examples of her artwork on her social media accounts. Her style frequently features abstract human forms, complex patterns, and stylized portraits.

In recent years, Lexi has also launched her own clothing line comprised of T-shirts featuring her original designs. She manages an online store selling apparel, phone cases, mugs, notebooks, and tote bags adorned with her art. Though still early in her career, Lexi shows promising talent as a contemporary artist building her independence outside of her father’s legacy.

The Handling of David Bowie’s Sizeable Estate

The details of David Bowie’s last will and testament revealed that his estate was worth over $100 million at the time of his death. Aside from provisions for his wife Iman and two children, Bowie also left behind monetary gifts for close friends and associates. Here is a summary of how his estate was handled:

  • Spousal Inheritance:
  • Iman, Bowie’s surviving spouse of 24 years, received half of his total assets as well as rights to their shared Manhattan apartment.
  • Children’s Inheritance:
  • Son Duncan Jones inherited $25 million outright
  • Daughter Alexandria inherited $25 million to access at age 25
  • Gifts to Key Individuals
  • Bowie gifted $2 million to his assistant Corinne Schwab
  • $1 million went to his son’s childhood nanny, Marion Skene
  • Property
  • Their home in upstate New York went to Lexi alone, alluding to a special bond.

Bowie clearly prioritized caring for his immediate family members and showed his appreciation to supportive friends in his final arrangements. Alexandria stands to inherit a substantial fortune upon turning 25 years old in 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bowie’s Will

Here are answers to some common questions regarding David Bowie’s will and estate plan:

Why can’t Alexandria access her full inheritance now?

Bowie likely wanted to prevent Alexandria from inheriting an extreme sum at too young an age. Staggering her inheritance until age 25 allows her to mature while still being cared for by her mother.

What is the significance of the New York property left solely to Alexandria?

The Upstate New York home may have held special meaning between father and daughter. Leaving Lexi this property suggests Bowie wanted her to have something personal to cherish after his passing.

How much did Iman inherit from David Bowie?

As Bowie’s surviving spouse, Iman received approximately $50 million along with their shared Manhattan apartment per his will’s specifications.

Does Duncan Jones have any relation to David Bowie’s career success?

Duncan Jones is Bowie’s eldest child from his first marriage but has pursued a successful directorial career in films such as Moon and Warcraft independent from his father.


In the years since David Bowie’s untimely death from cancer at 69 years old, the details of his will have revealed how the iconic musician took care to provide for his loved ones. His estate, estimated at over $100 million, was split primarily between his widow Iman and two children, Duncan and Alexandria.

Alexandria “Lexi” Jones was only a teenager when she lost her father. Though her grief remains private, she channels her emotions into her own artwork and fashion line. At 25 years old, she will come into $25 million per Bowie’s arrangements – a subset of the full musical and cultural legacy also left behind for Alexandria by her late father David Bowie.

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