What to Expect from Young Sheldon Season 7 – Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Young Sheldon has become one of CBS’s most popular sitcoms since it first premiered in 2017. The show serves as a prequel to the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory, focusing on the childhood of genius and quirky character Sheldon Cooper. Young Sheldon season 6 recently finished airing in May 2022, leaving fans eagerly awaiting details on season 7.

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When Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Premiere?

CBS has yet to announce an official release date for Young Sheldon season 7. Originally, the new season was expected to premiere in Fall 2023 according to CBS’s typical schedule. However, the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has put many shows on hold, making the exact release date for Young Sheldon unclear. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from CBS to know when season 7 will air.

In the meantime, viewers can catch reruns of earlier seasons on syndication and CBS outlets. Past seasons are also available on streaming platforms such as HBO Max.

Who is in the Cast for Season 7?

The main cast members are all expected to return for Young Sheldon season 7.

This includes:

  • Iain Armitage as young Sheldon Cooper
  • Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s devout mother
  • Lance Barber as George Cooper Sr., Sheldon’s straightforward father
  • Annie Potts as the warm-hearted Meemaw, Sheldon’s grandmother
  • Montana Jordan as Sheldon’s older brother Georgie Cooper
  • Raegan Revord as Sheldon’s twin sister Missy Cooper
  • Matt Hobby as Pastor Jeff Difford
  • Jim Parsons will likely continue his role as the narrator of adult Sheldon Cooper looking back on his childhood.

There is no news yet on guest stars or new additions to the main cast for season 7. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if any surprise characters join the Cooper family and friends next season.

What Might Happen in the Plot for Season 7?

CBS and the showrunners have not released an official synopsis for Young Sheldon season 7 yet. However, the plot will likely pick up where season 6 left off.

At the end of season 6, Sheldon graduated high school as valedictorian and had to decide which college to attend. He ignored his family’s wishes and refused to go to Rice University in Houston, instead chosing Caltech in Pasadena to be near his idol, Dr. Linkletter. Season 7 will likely show Sheldon adjusting to college life on the West Coast during his early teen years.

Viewers can expect more of Sheldon’s trademark bluntness and eccentricities as he tries to adapt to college classes, professors, and students much older than him. His mother will continue to be worried about him being so far from home at such a young age. The season may also cover Sheldon getting his bachelor’s degree by age 16.

There are still two more seasons left in Jim Parsons’ (adult Sheldon’s) original deal for Young Sheldon, so major life events like Sheldon meeting Leonard, starting graduate school at Caltech, and developing his career will likely happen in seasons 8 or 9.

Will There be a Trailer or Sneak Peek?

CBS has not released a trailer or sneak peek for Young Sheldon season 7 yet. The first look at footage for the new season likely won’t arrive until Fall 2023 at the earliest.

However, once CBS announces a firm season 7 premiere date, fans can expect to see a full trailer 1-2 months before the release. This will give a glimpse into the new season and storylines. Teaser videos and photos from the new season may also become available in late summer 2023.

For now, fans will have to speculate and theorize on what adventures young Sheldon Cooper will experience next based on where season 6 left off. The Cooper family dealing with Sheldon being away at college has lots of comedic potential for season 7.

Frequently Asked Questions About Young Sheldon Season 7

Here are answers to some common fan questions about Young Sheldon season 7:

Q: Why was Young Sheldon renewed for season 7?

A: Young Sheldon continues to be one of CBS’s highest rated comedy series. The season 6 finale drew over 7 million live viewers. CBS wants to continue the show’s success.

Q: How many episodes will there be in season 7?

A: Seasons 1-6 all had 22 episodes each. Fans can likely expect around 22 episodes for Young Sheldon season 7 as well.

Q: Will season 7 be the final season of Young Sheldon?

A: No. CBS has renewed the show through a ninth season, meaning there will be at least two more seasons after the upcoming seventh season.

Q: When does filming begin for season 7?

A: Filming will likely start in Summer 2023 in advance of a Fall 2023 premiere date. However, the Writers Strike may delay the filming schedule.

Q: Will episodes air weekly or all at once for binging?

A: Like previous seasons, CBS will air new episodes weekly rather than releasing the full season at once.

Q: What channel will the show air on?

A: Young Sheldon season 7 will air weekly on CBS for US viewers. It will be available on CTV in Canada. Streaming options include HBO Max.

The Bottom Line on Young Sheldon Season 7

With over 150 episodes so far, Young Sheldon has proven itself as a hit sitcom that viewers love watching week to week. Fans are eager to see what lies in store for the child genius version of Sheldon Cooper. Where will he end up for college? How will he handle being away from home and out of his comfort zone? What milestones might happen in the upcoming seasons leading up to adulthood?

Hopefully CBS will grant viewers’ wishes and release season 7 in Fall 2023 as planned. Once the network confirms a premiere date and releases a trailer to hype up the new season, anticipation will grow even more. In the meantime, catching up on past seasons is a great way to count down until the Cooper family returns with new adventures.

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