What Happened To Owen Wilson’s Nose? Is It Natural Or Surgery?

Owen Wilson nose, crooked and bumpy nose is one of his most distinctive physical features. The actor’s unique nose has sparked much speculation over the years about whether it’s natural or the result of surgery. In this article, we’ll explore the story behind Owen Wilson’s unusual nose.

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A Naturally Imperfect Nose

Owen Wilson was born with an imperfect nose. During his childhood and youth, his nose had a slight bend and asymmetry to it. In a 2022 interview with Variety, Wilson stated:

“I never thought about changing it. I liked it. I thought it was an interesting nose. It had some character.”

So while Wilson’s nose was a bit crooked naturally, it did not originally have the very prominent bump and bend it has today. That distinctive shape came later as a result of injuries.

High School Football Injury

The first major injury to Owen Wilson’s nose came during his high school years. Wilson played football for St. Mark’s School of Texas in the late 1980s. During a football game, Wilson took a bad hit that resulted in a nasal fracture.

In a 2001 interview with Talk Magazine, Wilson commented:

“The doctor said I could have a nose job. I said, forget it! Give me the character nose. Maybe it would have been a cute nose or something. But I said no. I earned this one. I played football. I got banged around a lot, so it has some character.”

So the initial bend in Owen’s nose was caused by a sports injury during his adolescence. But more trauma was yet to come.

Thanksgiving Motorcycle Accident

The most significant damage to Owen Wilson’s nose happened in November 2000 when the actor, then in his early 30s, got into a motorcycle accident on Thanksgiving Day.

According to police reports from the time, Wilson collided with an SUV while driving his motorcycle in Los Angeles. The impact sent him flying off his bike.

The accident left Wilson with a broken nose and a bruised forehead. It gave his nose an even more uneven, bumpy shape, especially towards the tip.

In 2021, Wilson spoke about the accident on an episode of The Zane Lowe Interview podcast, saying:

“When I crunched my nose on the SUV, that was a doctor that really helped me out fixing that back.”

So plastic surgery was required after the motorcycle crash to get Wilson’s nose back to normal, or as close to normal as possible.

Has Owen Wilson Had Rhinoplasty?

Given the traumatic injuries Owen Wilson’s nose has endured, many people speculate that he must have gotten rhinoplasty or nose surgery at some point to improve its appearance.

However, Wilson denies ever having any cosmetic surgery on his nose just for vanity’s sake. In a 2001 interview with USA Today, he stated:

“I’ve never had anything done. This is the nose I was born with.”

He claims the only surgical procedures done on his nose were to fix the damage from the football and motorcycle accidents.

So while Wilson has undergone nasal surgery, it was allegedly only restorative, not cosmetic. He has embraced his unique, imperfect nose rather than correct it to look perfect.

Owen Wilson’s Thoughts on His Nose

Despite endless speculation about plastic surgery, Owen Wilson has maintained a positive attitude about his crooked nose over the years.

In a 2008 interview with Empire, the actor expressed his feelings this way:

“I think it wouldn’t have been great if it wasn’t broken. I think I have a nose that is suited to my face. I think noses are so much about personality and I just have the nose I was given and I’m happy with it.”

Rather than being self-conscious about his nose, Wilson sees it as part of what gives his face character. He has no interest in modifying it just to attain some societal ideal of handsomeness.

In summary, Owen Wilson embraces his unique nose, bumps and all, saying in Variety in 2022:

“It’d be funny to do something because it is so prevalent in the drawings and everything. But I didn’t give it a second thought. I never was really super self-conscious about it.”

For Wilson, his imperfect nose adds to his charm and appeal as an actor.

Impact on Owen Wilson’s Acting Career

Far from hindering his success, Owen Wilson’s distinctive nose has arguably helped his acting career. That unique facial feature makes him easily recognizable. It also gives him a quirky, comedic air that has served him well in funny film roles.

When Vulture compiled a list of the 100 Most Valuable Stars in Hollywood in 2019, Owen Wilson ranked at #83, ahead of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ryan Gosling.

So while his nose makes him appear imperfect and asymmetrical, it hasn’t diminished Wilson’s popularity as a movie star. If anything, it has enhanced his career and his status as an unlikely leading man. He has leaned into his imperfection and found great success in doing so.

FAQs About Owen Wilson’s Nose

How did Owen Wilson break his nose?

Owen Wilson broke his nose twice – first during a football game in high school, and second in a motorcycle accident on Thanksgiving in 2000.

Does Owen Wilson have a deviated septum?

It’s unconfirmed, but most likely. His crooked nose and uneven nostrils indicate a deviated septum.

Has Owen Wilson had a nose job?

He’s never had cosmetic rhinoplasty. Only reconstructive surgery after the injuries to fix the nose functionally.

What does Owen Wilson say about his nose?

He embraces his unique nose, believing the imperfections give him character. He says he’s “happy with it.”

Does Owen Wilson’s nose affect his career?

No, it hasn’t hurt his success. If anything, that signature nose has enhanced his recognition and appeal.


In summary, Owen Wilson’s distinctive crooked nose is 100% natural and authentic. The uneven shape comes from breaking it twice – during a football collision and a motorcycle crash. He has not had cosmetic surgery done to “fix” it. Owen remains confident and comfortable with his unique nose, believing it lends him character and personality as an actor. Overall, Wilson’s experience demonstrates that imperfections can actually add to someone’s charm and success rather than take away from them. He has forged an outstanding acting career by embracing, rather than correcting, his natural features.

Table: Timeline of Injuries to Owen Wilson’s Nose

YearAgeIncidentImpact on Nose
Mid 1980sTeenagerFootball injury in high schoolFirst break, initial bend
2000Early 30sThanksgiving motorcycle accidentSecond break, more crooked shape

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