Who did madison beer plastic surgery and when?

Madison Beer plastic surgery, the 23-year-old American singer and social media star, has faced ongoing speculation about whether she has had plastic surgery. As her fame has skyrocketed over the past several years, so too have the rumors about the work she has allegedly had done.

Did Madison Beer Really Get Plastic Surgery? Examining the Rumors

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Madison Beer first stepped into the spotlight in 2012 when Justin Bieber tweeted a link to her cover of Etta James’ “At Last,” praising the then-12-year-old’s vocal talents. Since then, Beer has released numerous popular singles, modeled for brands like Calvin Klein, and built an Instagram following of over 24 million.

However, as her fame has grown, Beer has also faced increased scrutiny about her looks – specifically, whether her striking beauty is natural or the result of cosmetic procedures. While the songstress has denied most claims that she has gone under the knife, various plastic surgery experts and fans have analyzed supposed before-and-after photos and clinic visits as evidence to the contrary.

Timeline of Madison Beer’s Alleged Procedures

While the exact timeline is unclear, speculation about Madison Beer’s cosmetic enhancements seems to have picked up around 2017. Here are some of the key events that have fueled the plastic surgery rumors:

  • Early 2017: Beer’s lips appear noticeably fuller in paparazzi photos and Instagram selfies compared to earlier years. This leads to lip filler accusations.
  • Mid 2017: Fans analyze side-by-side photos of Beer from 2015 and 2017, claiming her nose looks slimmer and more refined in the recent images. Rhinoplasty rumors swirl.
  • October 2022: Beer is photographed visiting an unnamed cosmetic clinic, just weeks after denying that she got plastic surgery. The reason for her visit is not disclosed.
  • November 2022: After fans reference the cosmetic clinic photos and urge her to be transparent, Beer reveals she got an unspecified procedure done.

Madison Beer’s Alleged Surgical Transformations

While Beer has not openly admitted to specific plastic surgery procedures, experts have analyzed supposed before-and-after images to speculate on the work she has possibly gotten done.


One of the most repeated allegations against Beer is that she has had a nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty). Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, compared photos of Beer from 2015 and 2021 in a YouTube video and concluded that her nose does look different in a way that is rarely achievable without surgery.

He pointed to her nose appearing slimmer, the tip being refined, and the bridge looking narrower and more elegant. While rhinoplasty can produce subtle changes, Youn seemed confident Beer underwent the procedure.

Lip Fillers

Enhanced lips are another common plastic surgery accusation Beer faces. Compared to photos from her early teenage years, her lips do appear much fuller lately. The upper lip specifically looks plumper and more defined in recent images.

Dr. Youn stated this difference is likely due to lip fillers, such as Juvéderm or Restylane. The gradual enhancement over time points to Beer getting lip filler maintenance appointments to sustain the look. Her lips have not changed dramatically, indicating she has opted for a natural result if she did get injections.

Madison Beer’s Responses to the Speculation

Madison Beer has directly addressed the plastic surgery rumors on a few occasions.

Here is a recap of her statements on the matter:

  • In February 2022, Beer did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she denied getting any plastic surgery, stating, “I’ve never touched my face, ever.”
  • A few months later in May 2022, Beer again rejected the allegations in an interview with Shape magazine, saying, “I’ve never gotten any plastic surgery or anything. It’s all makeup and knowing how to do it.”
  • Then in October 2022, after being photographed visiting a cosmetic clinic, Beer took to social media saying she did get an unspecified procedure done and telling fans, “Let’s just spread love and be uplifting and compassionate towards one another.”

So while Beer has denied certain rumors about alleged nose jobs and lip injections, she has recently admitted to some type of cosmetic procedure. However, she has yet to reveal any details.

Expert Analysis on Madison Beer’s Transformation

In addition to Dr. Anthony Youn, other plastic surgery specialists have weighed in with their professional opinions on whether or not Madison Beer went under the knife.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe told Life & Style magazine in 2021 that he believes Beer likely got a rhinoplasty and lip fillers. He suggested her nose looks slimmed down and her lips appear filled and plumped.

Another cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Melissa Doft, analyzed supposed before-and-after photos of Beer for The Sun. She agreed that Beer’s nose seems straighter and thinner, while her lips look fuller, which are signs of a possible nose job and lip fillers.

Overall, most experts who have assessed Madison Beer’s transformation think she has gotten subtle enhancements like rhinoplasty and fillers. They cite how her facial features fit in with common plastic surgery trends.

Criticism from Fans About Image Alteration

In addition to surgical transformation speculation, some of Madison Beer’s fans have also accused her of using editing tools and filters to alter her appearance on social media.

Several TikTok users claim Beer excessively edits her photos, using techniques like Facetune to slim her nose and plump her lips. Fans argue this creates unrealistic beauty standards, especially since she denies having work done.

Critics urge Beer to embrace and flaunt her natural looks. They want her to be more transparent about any nips, tucks, or digital touch-ups she may utilize. The lack of openness has helped fuel the ongoing cosmetic surgery gossip.

Conclusion: The Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Verdict

While the full truth remains known only to Madison Beer herself, the mounting evidence makes it seem likely that she has undergone some plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty and lip fillers to refine her facial features.

The analysis of plastic surgeons and side-by-side before-and-after images lends credibility to the speculation. And her recent admission of getting unidentified work done, after earlier denials, adds to the perception she may have been dishonest.

At the same time, it does not appear Beer has gotten extensive overhaul plastic surgery. The tweaks to her nose and lips are relatively subtle, aiming to boost her natural beauty. And using filters or editing tools is common among celebrities and influencers trying to control their image.

Ultimately, whether or not Madison Beer got plastic surgery does not take away her impressive vocal talents or business savvy. But many fans hope she will choose to be more transparent moving forward, so young followers have a realistic idea of what kinds of appearance-altering options exist in Hollywood. Beer’s story highlights the intense pressures and scrutiny stars face to look flawless under the spotlight.

FAQs About Madison Beer’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Has Madison Beer admitted to getting plastic surgery?

While she denied specific procedures like rhinoplasty and lip injections for years, Madison Beer recently revealed in 2022 that she did have an unnamed cosmetic surgery done. However, she has not provided any details about what procedure(s) she got.

What clinic did Madison Beer visit in the controversial 2022 photos?

The name of the cosmetic clinic Beer visited in October 2022 has not been confirmed. The building was identified as being located in West Hollywood, CA but the specific clinic remains unknown.

What does Dr. Anthony Youn think Madison Beer had done?

After analyzing supposed before-and-after photos in a YouTube video, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said it looks to him like Beer got subtle rhinoplasty to slim her nose as well as lip fillers for a plumper pout.

How have fans reacted to Madison Beer’s plastic surgery?

Fan reactions are mixed. Some praise Beer if she did get work done, saying she looks great. Others criticize her alleged lack of honesty. Many urge her to embrace body positivity and show her unedited face.

Does Madison Beer use Facetune or filters to alter her appearance?

Some fans and TikTok users believe Beer excessively retouches her photos with editing tools like Facetune to modify her nose and lips. However, Beer has not directly addressed whether she uses such filters or editing apps.

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