What Is Liver King net worth And How He Become Popular?

The Extreme and Controversial Rise of Liver King

Brian Johnson net worth, better known as “Liver King,” has rapidly grown in popularity and notoriety for promoting an unconventional “ancestral lifestyle” focused on eating raw organ meats and intensive fitness regimens. While building a multimillion-dollar supplement empire, he has also attracted skepticism and legal issues surrounding his extreme health claims.

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Liver King’s Self-Proclaimed $310 Million Net Worth

Liver King claims his net worth is over $300 million. However, financial experts estimate his assets at closer to $12 million when considering the valuation of his properties and business ventures which include:

  • Ancestral Supplements
  • Heart and Soil
  • The Fittest
  • Medicine Man plant company

He generates revenue from these supplement companies, YouTube ad revenue, personalized diet and training advice, and brand deals. While an exact net worth is hard to confirm, his annual income likely lands in the millions.

The Pillar’s of Liver King’s Business Model

Liver King has crafted a unique business model focused on his persona as a model for ancestral living.

The key components include:

Promoting the “Ancestral Lifestyle”

  • Advocates eating only raw, unprocessed foods that ancient humans consumed
  • Practice intense workouts using weights, sprints, gymnastics skills
  • Amassed millions of engaged social media followers

Multiple Supplement Company Investments

  • Holds stakes in 4 major supplement brands generating over $1 million annually
  • Leverages his personal brand to sell products

Monetizing His Notoriety

  • Sells specialized diet and fitness plans
  • Makes paid appearances and partnerships
  • Uses controversy and polarization to gain visibility

Stratospheric Growth on Social Media

Liver King has expertly leveraged social media platforms to promote his unusual diet and exercise routines.

1.8 million TikTok followers
1.2 million Instagram followers

He went viral by positioning himself as the model for an extreme version of ancestral living. His raw meat diet and intense workouts ignite shock, criticism, and fascination.

By the Numbers

  • 3.7 million views of the #AncestralLiving hashtag
  • Garnered attention from celebrities/influencers
  • Currently gaining over 10k followers daily across platforms

Table summarizing Liver King’s social media stats:

PlatformFollowersGrowth Rate
TikTok1.8 million10,000+ daily
Instagram1.2 million10,000+ daily
YouTube736,0005,000+ daily
Twitter163,0002,000+ daily

Controversies and Criticisms

While Liver King has achieved incredible financial and influencer success, his extreme health claims have garnered backlash and lawsuits.

Health Risks

Consuming raw, uncooked meat carries risks of infection and disease. Health agencies warn against the practices Liver King promotes.

Alleged Steroid Use

Many suspect his physique is enhanced by steroids, HGH, or other drugs. While he denied these claims initially, he admitted to using steroids in December 2022 after leaked messages showed him purchasing them.

Legal Issues

In November 2022, Liver King was sued for $25 million by customers alleging false advertising and misleading health claims about his supplements and diet programs. The case is still ongoing.

Despite the mounting criticism, Liver King maintains his muscular physique, millions of loyal followers, and seems unlikely to temper his extreme health claims anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liver King’s net worth?

While Liver King claims over $300 million, financial experts estimate his assets around $12 million when properly valuing his properties and businesses.

What is Liver King’s business model?

He promotes an ancestral diet and lifestyle to millions of social media followers while selling nutritional supplements, diet plans, apparel, and personal training services.

Why did Liver King get so popular on social media?

His shock-factor videos of eating raw liver, intense workouts, and extreme diet captured attention and controversy, fueling his viral growth across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

What controversies surround Liver King currently?

Many criticize the health risks of his meat-heavy diet. He also admitted to using steroids after initially denying it. In late 2022, customers sued him for false advertising related to his supplements and programs.


Liver King has accumulated millions of followers, supplement sales and controversy with his unusual raw meat diet and intense fitness routines. However, criticism of his extreme health claims continues to build as more scrutiny is placed on the risks and unrealistic expectations being promoted. Nonetheless, he succeeds financially by monetizing his viral notoriety. Time will tell if legal troubles or waning public interest will impact his ancestral living empire and extreme persona.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liverking

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/liverkingtribe

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@theliverking

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