Samsung’s Galaxy AI Brings Real-Time Translation and Enhanced Privacy to Mobile

Samsung is gearing up to release its flagship Galaxy S24 smartphone on January 17, 2024, which is confirmed to feature an advanced AI technology called Galaxy AI. Industry experts predict Galaxy AI will usher in a new era of intelligent mobile experiences powered by on-device and cloud-based AI.

Real-Time Translation During Calls for Enhanced Privacy

One of the most anticipated Galaxy AI capabilities is real-time translation during phone calls. The AI Live Translate Call feature will display instant audio and text translations as users speak, making cross-language communication seamless. Samsung highlights this translation happens entirely on-device, never sending data to the cloud, to protect privacy.

Personalized, Proactive AI Across Device Functions

Beyond live translation, Galaxy AI aims to deliver intuitive AI-powered capabilities across the S24 experience. Rumored features include proactive notifications and recommendations based on usage patterns, dramatically enhanced camera capabilities through AI imaging, and voice assistants that feel more natural and personalized.

Samsung suggests Galaxy AI will bring more of their proprietary generative AI models like Gauss directly into core smartphone functions. With AI powering everything from productivity tools to the camera, the S24 promises to feel smarter and more personalized than any previous Galaxy.

Pushing the Industry Forward in On-Device AI

While launching first on the S24, Samsung’s AI advancements could spur innovation across the mobile sector. Their focus on keeping AI processing on-device sets a new standard for privacy in the AI era. Competitors like Apple and Google may need to follow suit to compete.

Moreover, as AI becomes an integral part of the smartphone experience, brands can build on Samsung’s progress in areas like real-time translation, intelligent assistants, and proactive recommendations to better serve their users. Samsung’s Galaxy AI launch signals a major shift, with AI poised to redraw the boundaries of what smartphones can do.

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