How To Create Leah Remini Style Lip Gloss With AI Tools

Leah Remini lip gloss, is known for her full lips and shiny lip glosses that make her pout really stand out. Though she likely uses high-end lip glosses created by professional makeup artists, us regular folks can recreate her signature lip look using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Read on to learn how!

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Leah Remini’s lips are coveted by many who admire her glamorous style. She often wears glossy nude or pink lip colors that highlight and plump up her pout. The key to nailing her lip look is choosing the right tone and texture of lip gloss. With the help of AI-powered apps and tools, you can create custom lip glosses inspired by Leah Remini’s go-to shades.

Step 1: Determine Your Perfect Lip Gloss Color

The first step is to identify what lip color flatters you most. Apps like YouCam Makeup let you virtually try on different lipstick shades using AI technology. Upload a selfie, then ‘try on’ various nude and pink lip glosses to see which ones make your lips pop like Leah’s. Look for a shade that complements and enhances your natural lip color rather than covering it up.

Step 2: Mix Up Your Perfect Lip Gloss

Once you’ve picked your perfect Leah-inspired lip color, it’s time to recreate it. AI-driven tools like Substance Alchemist allow you to virtually mix custom lip gloss colors. Upload a photo of your chosen shade and the app will analyze it to suggest pigments and proportions of ingredients like shimmer, oils, and waxes to match it. Experiment until your creation mimics the tone you want.

Step 3: 3D Print Swatch Sticks

Use 3D printing to create lip gloss swatch sticks so you can test your AI-generated formulation. With a 3D modeling program like Blender, design a simple swatch stick shape. Pick a lip gloss bottle image and wrap your custom lip color texture around it. Send to a 3D printer using PLA filament to print swatches allowing you to sample your lip gloss color.

Step 4: Order Ingredients For Your Lip Gloss

Once you’ve got your color nailed down, purchase ingredients to make your Leah Remini inspired lip gloss. You’ll need cosmetic grade oils like castor, coconut or jojoba oil. Pick shimmery pearls or soft mica for shine. Beeswax or candelilla wax will provide structure. Flavor oils like vanilla or strawberry give a tasty scent. Order enough supplies to experiment with batches while tweaking your formula.

Step 5: Mix and Test Your Lip Gloss

Now comes the fun part – mixing up your own lip gloss! Use a double boiler to melt your oils, waxes, and shimmer together. Cool slightly before adding flavor. Mix in a small batch and test the consistency and feel. How is the shine? The longevity? Does it feel hydrating? Adjust your percentages of oils or waxes to reach your desired texture. Keep testing on your 3D printed swatches until you match Leah’s glossy lip look.

6 Tips for Making Leah Remini Inspired Lip Gloss

Follow these tips for creating picture-perfect lip gloss like Leah’s:

  • Use light, nude pink hues that complement your complexion.
  • Mix in pearl or shimmer for glare-free shine.
  • Add moisturizing oils like vitamin E or aloe vera.
  • Keep wax to oil ratios low for a slick, glossy finish.
  • Flavor with something yummy like vanilla or strawberry.
  • Layer over a lip liner for crisp definition.

Troubleshooting Common Lip Gloss Issues

  • Problem: Gloss is too thin and slippery.
  • Solution: Increase the wax percentage to thicken the texture.
  • Problem: Lip gloss is too thick and sticky.
  • Solution: Add more oil to thin out the consistency.
  • Problem: Lip gloss doesn’t adhere and wears off quickly.
  • Solution: Use less oils so the formula is longer lasting.
  • Problem: Shimmer clumps together or feels gritty.
  • Solution: Use a finer grade mica powder or grind pearls to a smaller particle size.

Storing Your Leah Remini Inspired Lip Gloss

Store your finished lip gloss in a container that has an airless pump to prevent oxidation. Use cosmetic jars, lip gloss tubes or small lipstick containers. Keep lip gloss out of direct sunlight and heat to extend its shelf life. Refrigeration can help homemade glosses last 6 months or longer.

FAQs About Making Leah Remini Style Lip Gloss

What ingredients do you need to make lip gloss?

The basic ingredients are oils, waxes, shimmer/pearls, flavor oils, and coloring if desired. Oils like castor, coconut and jojoba hydrate lips. Waxes like beeswax and candelilla give structure. Pearls and mica add shine. Flavor oils make it smell/taste good.

What tools do you need to make lip gloss?

You’ll need a double boiler, mixing spoons, swatch sticks, small jars or tubes, and a 3D printer is helpful for prototyping. Lab equipment like a homogenizer can be used but isn’t essential.

How long does homemade lip gloss last?

Properly stored, homemade lip gloss can last 6-12 months. Keeping it refrigerated and in an airtight container prevents ingredients from oxidizing and extends its shelf life.

What 3D printer resin is best for lip gloss swatches?

PLA filament is a good choice for 3D printing lip gloss swatches. It can be finished smoothly and offers accurate color representation. SLA resin can also work well.

Can you use AI to create custom lip gloss colors?

Yes, AI-powered apps like Substance Alchemist and YouCam Makeup allow you to digitally mix and test custom lip gloss colors to match inspiration images like Leah Remini’s lip looks.

Does it cost a lot to make your own lip gloss?

Making your own lip gloss has relatively low startup costs. Ingredients like oils, waxes and mica powder are affordable. A basic 3D printer and filament can run $200-$500 for swatch stick prototyping. Overall, it can be cheaper than buying designer brands.


With the help of new technologies like AI color matching, 3D printing, and digital rendering, it’s easier than ever for amateur cosmetic creators to cook up salon-worthy lip glosses. Leah Remini’s signature lip look can be achieved through careful color selection, ingredient balancing, and testing. Whipping up custom lip colors to give you a star-worthy pout is a fun hobby – and way cheaper than buying luxury name brand glosses!

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