Everything We Know So Far About The Rookie Season 6

The Rookie season, the hit ABC crime drama starring Nathan Fillion, was renewed for a sixth season in April 2023. While an official release date has not yet been set, fans are eager to find out what’s in store for Officer John Nolan and the Los Angeles Police Department in the upcoming episodes.

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Release Date

Unfortunately, ABC has not yet announced an official premiere date for The Rookie season 6. Production was delayed due to industry-wide strikes, so the new season will likely air later than usual compared to previous years.

The Rookie has traditionally premiered in late September or early October, but season 5 was pushed back to spring 2023 due to the strikes. With the ongoing production issues, season 6 will probably debut even later – potentially early 2024.

Fans will have to wait patiently for more details on The Rookie season 6 release date. Stay tuned to the official ABC website and social media pages for the latest updates.


As The Rookie heads into its sixth season, Nathan Fillion will of course return as the show’s protagonist, John Nolan. Nolan is the oldest rookie on the LAPD who embarked on a career in law enforcement after a life-changing incident.

While the full cast list has not been confirmed yet, it’s expected that the main ensemble from previous seasons will reprise their roles. This includes Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen, Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey, Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West, and Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper.

There’s always a chance of new recurring characters joining the ranks, but ABC and production company eOne have not made any casting announcements yet. Fans will have to wait for more updates as the premiere date approaches.


The end of The Rookie season 5 left the fate of the officers at Mid-Wilshire station up in the air. A coordinated attack caused an explosion at the police station, leaving the characters to deal with a mysterious new adversary.

According to showrunner Alexi Hawley, the damage seen in the finale is “just the beginning” of a larger story arc for season 6. While concrete details are scarce, it seems the new episodes will deal with the fallout of the station bombing and tracking down whoever was behind it.

Hawley said the attack has now left the Mid-Wilshire division with “one common enemy” to confront next season. More light will likely be shed on the culprit’s identity and motives moving forward.

Until ABC releases an official synopsis, fans can only speculate about what challenges Nolan, Chen, Lopez, Harper, Grey, and West will face in The Rookie season 6 based on the dramatic cliffhanger. Stay tuned for more intel on the plot as the premiere gets closer.


Unfortunately, with the premiere date still up in the air, no trailer or promo footage for The Rookie season 6 has been released yet.

Once post-production is underway on the new episodes, fans can expect to see a trailer a few weeks or months before the actual premiere. This will provide glimpses of new footage teasing what’s to come for the officers of Mid-Wilshire.

Trailers for previous seasons have dropped about a month ahead of the premiere episode. If season 6 follows a similar pattern, the first promo should be released in the fall or winter of 2023.

In the meantime, viewers can rewatch the dramatic season 5 finale trailer to get a sense of where things may pick up storyline-wise. ABC will surely drop some sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content as well while anticipation builds.

More Details Fans Want to Know

As fans eagerly await concrete details on The Rookie season 6, here are some more questions on their minds:

How will the station bombing cliffhanger be resolved?

The attack on Mid-Wilshire station left destruction and chaos in the finale. It seems the new enemy will play a big role moving into season 6. Fans are curious to learn more about who was behind it and what their motivations could be.

Will there be any new cast members?

With a new villain likely on the horizon, The Rookie could introduce some fresh faces in season 6. The show has brought in new recurring characters every season, so additions to the main cast are a possibility too.

What will happen in Chen and Nolan’s relationship?

The romantic storyline between training officers Chen and Nolan ended ambiguously last season. Fans are hoping their connection continues to develop in the new episodes.

Will all the main characters return next season?

Viewers are anxious to find out if any cast members could potentially exit the show before season 6. So far there have been no indications that the main ensemble won’t remain intact.

How will the patrol officers handle new challenges on the job?

Part of The Rookie’s appeal is the realistic way it portrays police training and field work. Fans can’t wait to see Nolan, Chen, Lopez, and West take on all the action and drama that comes their way on the job.

While many details are still unknown, one thing is for sure – viewers are eager to reunite with their favorite rookie cops for more adventures in season 6. The Rookie has built a loyal audience over the past five seasons, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store next. Until the release date is announced, audiences will have to continue speculating and anticipating what’s to come. For now, it’s time to rewatch those cliffhangers from the season 5 finale and get ready for more excitement when The Rookie returns.

FAQs About The Rookie Season 6

Q: When will The Rookie season 6 be released?

A: An official release date has not been announced yet, but the new season will likely air in early 2024 due to production delays.

Q: Who is in the cast of season 6?

A: Nathan Fillion will return as John Nolan. Other main cast members are expected to reprise their roles as well, but have not been confirmed yet.

Q: Will there be a new showrunner for season 6?

A: No, Alexi Hawley is staying on as showrunner for The Rookie season 6.

Q: How did season 5 end? What was the cliffhanger?

A: The finale ended with a coordinated attack and explosion at the Mid-Wilshire police station, leaving the officers to deal with an unknown new enemy.

Q: How many episodes will there be in season 6?

A: An episode count has not been announced yet. Previous seasons have ranged from 16-20 episodes.

Q: Will season 6 be the final season of The Rookie?

A: Nothing has been said yet about season 6 being the end. The show continues to earn solid ratings so it could potentially go beyond a sixth installment.

Q: Where is The Rookie filmed?

A: It films on location in Los Angeles to portray the LAPD. Primary filming locations include the Warner Bros. studio lot.

Q: What happened to Captain Anderson?

A: Harold Anderson left the show in season 4 after the actor who portrayed him, Harold Perrineau, exited for personal reasons.

Q: Is The Rookie based on a book?

A: No, the series is an original concept and not based on a book. It was created for television by Alexi Hawley.


The Rookie has built up plenty of anticipation for what’s in store next after that dramatic cliffhanger finale. While answers are scarce for now, fans can expect the show to deliver another thrilling installment when season 6 eventually drops.

Nathan Fillion is set to continue captivating audiences with John Nolan’s journey in the LAPD. With the fallout of the station bombing to address, the new enemy to confront, and Officer Chen and Nolan’s relationship to resolve, The Rookie has lots of ground to cover in the upcoming episodes.

As soon as ABC reveals more concrete details like an official release date, trailer, and cast list, viewers will have a better sense of what to expect from The Rookie’s sixth round. One thing is certain though – fans are eager to reunite with their favorite rookie cops for more high-stakes action and drama. The countdown is on for answers to last season’s cliffhanger and more adventures with LA’s oldest rookie.

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