Did Jordan Peterson Daughter Plastic Surgery And What Is Her StoryFinds?

Jordan Peterson daughter plastic surgery Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of famous Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson, has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors in recent years. However, the details remain unclear on what procedures, if any, she has actually undergone. This article will explore the plastic surgery speculation about Mikhaila Peterson and provide an overview of her background and story.

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Who is Mikhaila Peterson?

Mikhaila Peterson is a 30-year-old Canadian woman best known as the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a controversial psychologist professor and author. However, Mikhaila has made a name for herself as a health blogger and advocate of the carnivore diet, which she credits with resolving her long-term health issues.

Mikhaila struggled with severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and other health problems throughout her childhood and early adult years. This led to hip and ankle replacements in her teens and an array of medications and treatments. After trying various elimination diets, she eventually switched to an all-meat diet in 2016 and has claimed amazing health improvements as a result.

Today, Mikhaila Peterson runs a health blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and various social media profiles dedicated to sharing her story and promoting the carnivore diet. She has over 380,000 YouTube subscribers and 430,000 Instagram followers. Mikhaila also considers herself recovered from arthritis and mental health issues.

Rumors of Plastic Surgery

In recent years, online speculation has grown that Mikhaila Peterson may have undergone plastic surgery procedures to alter or enhance her appearance.

Some claim her face shape, lips, and breast size indicate possible surgical procedures like:

  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  • Lip injections
  • Breast augmentation

However, these rumors are unconfirmed and Mikhaila has not directly admitted to having work done.

In 2018, she addressed plastic surgery speculation in an Instagram post saying “I’ve never had plastic surgery (not that I’m opposed to it)” but did not outright deny having any procedures either.

Evidence for and Against Plastic Surgery

Several points of evidence exists on both sides of the plastic surgery rumors regarding Mikhaila Peterson:


  • Her face shape appears thinner and more contoured in recent years
  • Lips look much fuller compared to teen years
  • Breast size increase visible over time
  • Some photos appear to show scar lines under breasts


  • No public admission or confirmation of surgery
  • Natural maturing could explain some changes
  • Weight loss can alter breast size and face shape
  • Makeup, flattering outfits, and IG filters can enhance lips and features

Overall the evidence remains circumstantial and inconclusive. While it seems possible Mikhaila has had some procedures, nothing can be stated definitively without her confirmation.

Mikhaila’s Medical and Wellness Journey

To better understand the plastic surgery speculation, it’s important to consider Mikhaila Peterson’s extensive health and wellness journey.

As mentioned, she struggled immensely with juvenile arthritis and other conditions growing up, leading to a decade of surgeries, medications, and efforts to resolve her poor health.

In 2010, at age 17, Mikhaila underwent a hip replacement and had ankle surgery. She was diagnosed with depression, idiopathic hypersomnia, and severe arthritis. For years she tried various treatments from heavy pharmaceuticals to alternative medicine like acupuncture.

In 2015, Mikhaila switched to a keto diet after researching and found some health improvements. This led her to eventually try an all-meat carnivore diet in 2016.

She has claimed amazing benefits from her meat-only diet, saying it resolved her arthritis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. Mikhaila stopped taking all medications and now firmly advocates for the diet though its medical merit remains disputed.

Mikhaila also opened up about past substance abuse issues and dysfunctional relationships before getting her health on track.

What Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson Say

Neither Mikhaila nor her father Dr. Jordan Peterson have directly confirmed or denied whether she has had plastic surgery. The rumors remain unproven.

In a 2018 podcast with Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson when asked about his daughter’s alleged plastic surgery stated:

“I know that she’s had some health issues that she’s really resolved in a very diligent way. I don’t know the details about plastic surgery or not… Anything that she’s done health-wise she’s done with really rigorous research so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some procedures.”

Mikhaila also vaguely addressed plastic surgery rumors in a 2019 blog post saying:

“I’m not interested in unnecessary plastic surgery. In fact, plastic surgery grosses me out a bit. However, I’ve become so accustomed to criticisms and accusations about the way I look that I’ve come to realize people will make assumptions regardless of reality.”

So neither confirmed nor denied explicitly that Mikhaila has had cosmetic work done. Jordan Peterson’s comments suggest it could be possible given her health history.


There are plausible reasons to suspect Mikhaila Peterson may have received some plastic surgery procedures like a nose job, lip fillers, or breast augmentation. However, without clear admission from her or photographic proof, the rumors remain unconfirmed speculation.

Given her extensive health journey and search for wellness, cosmetic procedures could make sense and align with her goals around improving health and appearance. But it’s also understandable if Mikhaila prefers keeping personal medical procedures private.

While the plastic surgery gossip continues circulating online, the facts remain ambiguous. Mikhaila Peterson’s story centers on her work transforming her health and sharing her discoveries rather than chasing unattainable beauty standards.

FAQs About Mikhaila Peterson’s Alleged Plastic Surgery

Has Mikhaila Peterson herself admitted to getting plastic surgery?

No, Mikhaila has not directly admitted to having any plastic surgery. In 2018, she posted on Instagram that she never had work done but did not outright deny it either. Her and her father’s comments on the topic have been vague and inconclusive.

What procedures do people speculate she has had done?

The most common speculation is that Mikhaila has gotten lip fillers, a nose job (rhinoplasty), and possibly breast implants. Some also suspect cheek or chin fillers or a facelift based on her facial transformation.

When did the plastic surgery rumors about her start?

Online speculation seems to have picked up around 2017 as her popularity grew and her face and body appeared to change dramatically compared to earlier years.

Does Jordan Peterson believe his daughter has had plastic surgery?

He has not confirmed it but said in an interview it’s possible she has had some procedures done considering her health history. He did not seem to outright reject the idea when asked about the rumors.

How does Mikhaila respond to accusations about her appearance?

In blog posts, she has reflected on how criticism about her looks no longer phases her much. She seems unconcerned with the gossip, neither confirming nor denying explicitly.

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