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Something to Talk About

MJ Fredrick

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When you’re trying to stay below the radar in a small town that thrives on gossip, you probably don’t want to break up with your football coach boyfriend and fall in love with your best friend’s widower within the same month. And heaven help you if you befriend the psychic who’s just moved nearby and your AWOL mother returns after a fourteen-year absence.

Ellie Morgan is tired of playing second string to the football team coached by her boyfriend of three years. She ends their relationship, much to the dismay of the town’s citizens, who worry a heartbroken coach will ruin their chance for a championship team. Rumors of a romance with Noah Weston, her best friend’s widower, buzz when an accident on the beach causes him to bring her to the local clinic in his arms. The rumors disturb her, but also make her think about Noah in a way she hasn’t before. Even comments that she’s trying to slide into the void left by her best friend’s death can’t kill her fantasies, now as rampant as the rumor mill.

Noah Weston is emerging from his grief a year and a half after his wife’s death. Ellie Morgan draws him with her energy and positive attitude. As their friendship progresses, though, he wonders if he can risk loving and losing everything again, and she wonders if she can handle taking second place, this time to a ghost. 

“Whoo-boy, it was a good one! Lots of chemistry, lots of reasons why these two should get together, but the why nots are really stacked against them.”

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MJ Fredrick

MJ Fredrick knows about chasing dreams. Twelve years after she completed her first novel, she signed her first publishing contract. Now she divides her days between teaching elementary music, and diving into her own writing--traveling everywhere in her mind, from Belize to Honduras to Africa to the past.

She's a four-time Golden Heart Award finalist, and she won the 2009 Eppie Award with Hot Shot and the 2010 Eppie with Breaking Daylight.

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