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Trailer Dogs

Life in America's New Middle Class

Ellen Garrison

$2.99 on Kindle

Trailer Dogs is the profoundly profane, hysterically funny, yet often poignant, story of survival in today’s near-extinct Middle Class. After losing their small business and life savings to the government’s unfathomable shutdown, the author and her husband are forced to sell their home and move into a travel trailer.

Still reeling from financial loss and the deaths of two of their beloved dogs, the pair embark on a new life in a trailer park, populated with some of the most unconventional characters you’d ever not hope to meet. There’s Gretchen, the park’s unsympathetic and conniving manager, and her puny, perverted husband, Lloyd, who “maintains” the park grounds and who gives pool algae a bad name. Daisy and Lonnie May are the author’s closest neighbors, and are, perhaps, the park’s most devoted couple. Only Daisy May happens to be Lonnie’s dog.

Trailer Dogs will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even a little angry. But it will never make you bored. 

“What an hysterical sense of humor the author has. What a point of view. And what irreverence for just about everything from current presidential hopefuls to Oprah to life in a trailer park. She explains her fall from grace as a good middle class entrepreneur providing products to the federal government until it's long shutdown and her subsequent downsizing from huge home and acreage to a travel trailer. It's funny and dare I say it -- I pissed myself walking to the bathroom with uncontrollable giggling after reading about her and her sister's penchant for pissing themselves when finding humor in various rude human noises. The author is a scream as are the various other inhabitants of her new world. An interesting peek into an alternative world we can probably all recognize.”

Ellen Garrison

Ellen Garrison, a life-long dog lover and enthusiastic supporter of animal rescue groups, lives with her husband and two dog kids in a 29-foot travel trailer in the southwestern US. Trailer Dogs is her first book about starting over in a society formerly known as the “American Middle Class.”

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