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David Van Zummeren

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Another blink, another stab of pain. Cameron Matthews struggles to handle the betrayal that has led to one death after another. Desperate to find answers, Cameron spins a web of deception in hopes of capturing The Ghost and the traitor before anyone else is Betrayed.

Cameron chases The Ghost around the world, including the Cayman Islands and Japan in hopes of saving innocent lives and the career of Japan’s Prime Minister. The Ghost and the traitor inside Cameron’s team have been one step ahead of him, and it has cost many people their lives.

Throwing all caution to the wayside, Cameron mounts a last ditch effort to stop The Ghost and the traitor. What will the cost be to succeed?

“An engaging, action packed, fast moving story. Good one for your next cross country flight, TDY or week at the beach. William Shakespeare or Arthur Conan Doyle it is not. But eminently readable it is. It does not appear to be good for one's health to be closely involved with or even near our hero, however. Betrayal is toxic. You will be able to keep the volume open with a preacher eyeballing you from the next seat or leave it around where your kids can find it since the author avoids the normal publishers' requirement for a detailed salacious, pornographic scene every 100 pages. This is the first book I have read since the New Testament where one of the major characters makes a public declaration of virginity. I found it refreshing not to have to wade through the clinical details of a character's sex life to be able to follow the main action. More meticulous editing would have been nice. For example, in chapter two we learn that the father of one of the major players is terminally upset at being forced to witness the signing of the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on board the USS Mississippi. [I too would have been upset at being shuttled to the wrong vessel.] The Mississippi was there but I doubt if it hosted any of the Imperial Armed Forces for a surrender signing occurring on the USS Missouri. The book does sort of get crowded with characters around the mid-point, making it challenging to keep track of the players without a scorecard. But then, as I remember Tokyo and the major cities of Honshu things were just a bit crowded in reality as well. This nitpicking is just to show that I did read the book. This is a good yarn - worth your time and money. David Van Zummeren has done a nice job. ”

David Van Zummeren

My first memory of storytelling was listening to my grandfather. He is a deacon and he could make preaching about the bible interesting, even for me as a child.

I first thought of telling stories myself while spending time in a car with my mother and sister in middle school. Each month we would drive about forty-five minutes to buy groceries. On the trips we would take turns making up stories. I’m sure my mother did this to stop us from fighting and thus saving her sanity.

Growing up I read primarily science fiction. My favorite author is still Isaac Asimov. I learned how powerful writing a series of books could be by reading the Foundation and Robot series. From science fiction I moved into the thriller and espionage genres.

It has been a long road for me to get my first book published. The beginnings to “Betrayed” began back in 1997. I had a vision of writing a book that would eventually be made into a movie. I figured that would be the only way I would be cast in a movie. Now a days, I enjoy writing stories and not worry about being a super movie star.

I currently live in western Illinois with my wife. We have a total of seven children and one granddaughter. Our children range in age from six to twenty two years. With three girls and four boys, on any given day we get to experience typical drama from all age groups and sexes. It is a joyous journey (most of the time).

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