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Watch For The Dawn

Book 1 in the Dawn series

Sandra McGregor

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A serial killer is targeting college co-eds and today he is watching a student as she makes her way across the campus to class. When a blond woman stops and talks with the girl, he changes his pattern, allows the student to go...for the moment...and follows the woman. After watching which room the woman enters, he adds Professor Kelly Cooper to his list. She should never have interfered in his plan.

Watch For The Dawn introduces Kelly Cooper, 29, single and a professor at Colorado State University in Denver. Kelly's trouble begins when her older sister, Madison Cooper, comes on campus to have lunch with her and stops to speak to a student she recently tended in the hospital emergency room. It's a case of mistaken identity, but since he doesn't know what the girl might have revealed to the woman, there is now another potential “loose end” to be dispose of.

Police detective Steve Mitchell is leading the search for the serial killer, but after losing his temper with a journalist and shoving the man, his chief puts him on two-week administrative leave to cool off. A mountain cabin in the winter is a perfect place to get away from his work and just relax...or is it?

Sandra McGregor

Sandra McGregor was challenged by her husband in 2000 to write the books he'd been hearing so much about over the years.  He felt she didn't need to wait until retirement...and he was right.  In 2008 her first book was published and now she has 16 books published.  She learned that accepting a challenge can turn into a lot of work, but the new friends offset the hours alone in front of her computer.  Sandra loves to travel, read and be with friends.   Oh, and don't forget her favorite feline...Jack...the one who ownes the house and the top of her desk when she's working on the computer.



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