You Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, Speculations, and Everything Beyond

If you are a sheer fanatic of the Netflix exclusive web series, You, we have some good news for you. The fourth season of the show is in the works and is going to come around sooner than you expected. The Season 4 of the show was confirmed back in October 2021 when the third season was set to be released.

The creators of the show, Berlanti and Gamble shared their excitement about the kind of popularity and fan following the series has garnered from the audience. They further applauded Penn Badgeley’s performance portraying the protagonist, Joe. Despite the initial backlash that the series garnered for portraying toxic relationships, the psychological thriller soon gained a dedicated fan base owing to the plot and twists.

If you have been awaiting the You Season 4, this article will sum up all your questions and queries that you have in your mind.

What is the release date of You Season 4?

With the third season-ending just a few months back, viewers will have to wait for the fourth installment of the web series.

Despite no confirmed dates, we can expect that the fourth season will likely come out in late 2022 or early 2023 if we follow the patterns for the last three seasons. Almost every single one of them had a buffer period of 12-15 months between the releases.

So, You Season 4 will likely come out by 2023. However, these are speculations at this point. The official release date will depend on the production and how long it takes to shoot and edit the final product.

Who is going to be cast in You Season 4?

The cast in a movie or a web series makes all the difference. When you are sitting here wondering who will make a grand appearance in the next season, let us talk about the staple cast who will make a comeback in the fourth installment of the show.

Some of the pivotal characters in the show will be played by the list of the following cast:

  • Penn Badgley
  • Lukar Gage
  • Charlotte Richie
  • Tilly Keeper
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman
  • Ed Speelers

Besides these main characters and cast, the show is also expected to bring forth a lot of actors in supporting roles in each of the episodes. There aren’t any hints about additions of any new big stars to the cast yet but we’d have to wait and watch at this point.

What is the Plot of You Season 4?

Before you move ahead into this post, we wanted to warn you that this section will contain spoilers for Season 3. If you haven’t watched it yet or are in the process of watching it, we’d recommend skipping this part.

With that, let us predict what we could expect in the fourth season of You. Surprisingly, there have been no leaks or insinuations about what the audience can expect in the upcoming season, so that’s a confusing process. 

However, with You being such a twisted web series with such unexpected plots and climaxes, we won’t be surprised if Season 4 of the show slaps us in the face with something completely unexpected and out of the blue.

If you have watched Season 3, you’d know that the show ended with Joe staging his death at the hands of his beloved wife, Love Quinn. However, in the process, he murders his wife, abandoning his child, Henry on the doorstep. Following his work, Joe then flees to Paris on the lookout for Marienne.

Despite the nerve-wracking twists and the persistent bone-chilling thrill and crime throughout the show, Joe’s character has somehow managed to flee and escape every single time. Will Season 4 be the end to this? Will he be finally caught and put behind bars?

Hinting at that as a possibility, Sera Gamble hinted in one of her interviews that they do expect Joe to face repercussions for his actions somewhere down the line. However, whether or not that will happen in the fourth season remains a mystery to the audience.

Further highlighting the plot, Badgely took up to the mic to state in an interview that the fourth season will witness Joe introspecting and trying to process his personality and his wrongdoings. Badgely further said that he doesn’t believe that the show, You, is about a murder. Instead, it is about a character that makes extreme levels of mistakes in their relationship.

Sera Gamble also said in an interview with E! that the fourth season will witness a different side to Joe where he repents a lot of things that he did. One of the biggest emotional repercussions that the audience will notice in Season 4 is Joe’s constant guilt about abandoning his child, Henry.

Another expectation out of You Season 4 is the location it will be placed in. With the prior three seasons happening in three different locations – New York, Los Angeles, and Madre Linda, we can expect the fourth season to be at a different location. Maybe, Paris?


“You” has garnered the attention of the audience ever since its first season. With complicated twists and turns, it isn’t surprising that the audience is waiting for the fourth season to get answers to all their questions and the loopholes that were left in the last season.


1. Where will You Season 4 be based in?

Although there is no sureshot way to confirm this, speculations suggest that the fourth season of You is likely going to be in London.

2. Is there a trailer for You Season 4?

There is no full-blown trailer for the fourth season of You yet released but Netflix has released a teaser for the audience inciting an upcoming release of the fourth season.

3. Is season 4 the final season of You?

There is no official news or confirmation whether the fourth season is the last one of You or not. We’d have to wait to see if it gets renewed for another season in the future or not.

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