10 Best Yesmovies Alternatives in 2022

Looking for the latest movies and TV shows to binge-watch for free? Yesmovies have been a go-to for several people for years and rightfully so. The website is one of the best in the field of free movie streaming experience. However, the biggest issue with the streaming platform is that it is restricted and banned across multiple countries for piracy issues.

Keeping a track of the latest movies can thus help you have a backup in case you can’t find viable Yesmovies proxy sites to check out. Remember that all the alternatives that we will mention are 100% free and won’t require any kind of registration.

Let us walk you through the top 10 Yesmovies alternatives that are working and offer a huge content library to access.

Top Yesmovies Alternatives

When curating the list of alternatives, we wanted to include the absolute best in the list. From the similarities in the available content to the seamless and navigable user interface, we wanted to ensure the best for our readers.

1. Moviewatcher

If you are looking for an OG free movie streaming website that won’t disappoint you, Moviewatcher is hands down the best choice. Like Yesmovies, you can access the website on your mobile devices too, making the streaming experience quite seamless and uninterrupted. Also, the overall website layout is clean and minimal, making it accessible to first-time users too.

Every movie uploaded to the website is in HD, which ensures that you never have to compromise on the viewing experience. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of movies you can watch every day, so unlimited is your limit in this case. As we mentioned, the website is optimized for mobile users too for easy navigation.

2. Vumoo.to

Although Vumoo.to is a lot different than Yesmovies, the content factor is pretty similar. This means that you won’t ever have to compromise on the viewing experience of the old and the latest movies that you binge-watch on the platform. The overall website layout is unique and different from anything that you’d come across in recent times.

But, you do get easy and free access to a diverse range of movies, TV shows and even web series to binge-watch while having a chill and relaxing day. Like the previous alternative, even the content available on Vumoo is in HD resolution to ensure optimal visuals. They have a very organized layout, especially with the available categories. 

3. Primewire

If you like using Amazon Prime Video, you will like Primewire too. The website doesn’t have a similar layout but the content is pretty diverse, which makes it easier for you to access your favorite movies and TV show launches for free and from the comfort of your home. The overall layout of the website is pretty old school but you won’t have a hard time going around with the website, which is a positive trait.

Despite some of the downsides, Primewire is touted as the best and largest free movie streaming platform on the internet and rightfully so. Their content library is updated daily, which is reason enough why you can consider this as a viable alternative to Yesmovies.

4. Flixtor.ac

Although quite an underrated website, Flixtor is a good competitor on the list. It has a very modern website layout, one that makes your movie streaming experience flawless and without any interruptions in the middle. Not only are the websites 100% free, but you also don’t have to worry about registering on the website. There are no pop-up ads on the website too, which is a bonus.

Besides full-length movies, you can also access the latest movie trailers, TV shows, web series and so much more on this platform. The diversity of the website’s content is one of the main reasons why it is a leading name in the list of Yesmovies alternatives. Also, they don’t have a download option, which means that you will have to stream the content directly through the website.

5. Popcornflix

When it comes to free movie streaming websites, Popcornflix is a website that doesn’t require any kind of introduction. It has been around for years now and offers some of the best user experiences that you can comprehend. From the newest releases to some of the retro classics, you can find just about any movie that you think of. They also have a mobile application you can consider downloading.

Although the website does host pirated content, you can be assured that their website won’t be taken down as easily. Despite the strikes, the website has been afloat and functional for years now, which is a testament to their rigorous backend support. As for the content’s update, you can find newer additions now and then, which is pretty great too.

6. BMovies

Another amazing alternative to Yesmovies is BMovies. Besides the similarities in the name of the website, their content is also quite similar. You get access to a myriad of movies, shows, animated movies and so much more. Also, every movie is organized into individual categories on the website, making it easier for you to access any of the movies that you feel like watching.

Besides the staple functionalities, the website has a list of the best movies and their IMDB ratings, making it easier for you to choose the websites that are worth the time and ones that aren’t. You can seamlessly find the movies that you think are worth watching around. Also, the website’s layout is very simple and comes with a simple search option that you can access to find the movie you wish to stream.

7. Putlockers

If there’s one Yesmovies alternative that has gained a lot of controversies, it is Putlockers. The website has been around for a few years now and has time and time stood out in terms of its latest movie launches and streaming experience. They do have a very similar website layout to Yesmovies, which is a reason why navigation won’t be an issue for you.

Also, Putlocker has separate categories based on the individual genres of the movies, which is another benefit you can’t overcome. Since Putlocker’s main website is often banned in several countries, don’t be surprised if you have to access the website using the proxy or mirror websites available around.

8. YoMovies.co

Another similar website like Yesmovies is YoMovies.co. This is one of the few online movie streaming platforms that doesn’t require registration or sign-up. You can directly access the website through your browser and then watch the movie that catches your eye. They do have a user-friendly website, enabling you to watch your favorite movies without any kind of buffer down the middle.

Although their movie content is quite diverse and updated regularly, they fall short on TV shows and series. If you are looking for TV shows particularly, we’d recommend that you look into any of the other alternatives mentioned on the list.

9. Solar Movie

A popular name in the movie streaming niche, Solar Movie isn’t your boring website. It has a bright and dark theme that makes it easier and more comfortable for you to stream the available content at night. The website is quite easily accessible and available across all the main countries without requiring a VPN.

Besides the simple search feature, the website has a unique filter feature that enables you to narrow down your favorite movies according to your taste. Also, the pop-up ads are pretty minimal on the site.

10. Movie4U

Last on the list of alternatives is Movie4U. You can stream your desired movie, but you will need high-speed internet for a buffer-free watching experience. There is no download option for the movies, which is a hit or misses among some users.

Besides popular movies, you can find a range of TV shows and web series, including some of the latest ones like Narcos, The Flash, etc. Everything is 100% free and doesn’t require sign-up or registration to the website too.


Yesmovies is without a doubt one of the best movie streaming websites. However, due to legal restrictions, the website is banned in almost all countries. While you can use a paid VPN service to bypass the restrictions, we’d recommend you look into the alternatives instead. Not only are they a lot more functional, but they are also currently working and offer a similar range of content and quality as Yesmovies does. So, keep a list of alternatives handy so you never have to miss out on your binge-watching.


1. Is Yesmovies working now?

Yesmovies’ primary website is taken down as of now. You can now access the website with their mirror or proxy websites as of now.

2. Is Yesmovies legal?

Yesmovies hosts most of their content from pirated and copyrighted sources, so none of their available content is legal.

3. Is Yesmovies safe?

Despite the complications and the illegalities with the website, Yesmovies is 100% safe for usage. You won’t have to worry about malware, phishing or scam while streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on the platform.

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