‘Worst Person in the World’: The Favourite Movie in Every A-Lister’s List

In a short period, “The Worst Person in the World” has become everyone’s favourite Norwegian romantic comedy movie. It is available only in selected video-on-demand platforms and theatres nationwide.

The movie is liked by Hollywood A-listers like Isabelle Huppert, Judd Apatow, Colman Domingo, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Nancy Meyers.

This movie has also got two Oscar nominations this Sunday. It is nominated for the best original screenplay and the best international feature film.

Star Renate Reinsve said that she cannot believe to be on the list of best films of the year by Barack Obama.

“Worst Person” is directed by Joachim Trier, who is a Danish-born filmmaker. It follows the story of Julie, a young woman soon-to-be 30 as she navigates family, career, and love uncertainty. 

The film has got a lot of drama, most of which comes from her relationship with Aksel, a comic book artist. Her long-term relationship implodes after she meets Eivind at a party. 

But this movie is different from other movies rom-com as it doesn’t focus on just the love triangle. In the final hours of the movie, Julie is forced to confront the truth about herself. 

This movie is co-written with Eskil Vogt. Trier says that the movie is created out of their love for rom-com. They wanted to do a modern version that didn’t feel like a woman looking for love to have a good life.

Trier also says that people shouldn’t take the title of the movie too seriously as it is a common self-deprecating figure of speech in Norway. 

Trier went on to explain that Julie feels that she has great potential, but she is still failing in her love life as well as professionally. 

Before “Worst Person,” Reinsve worked in theatres, and also secured a role in “Oslo,” a 2011 drama by Trier. But she was soon frustrated with the industry as there were no good roles for women. So she decided to quit acting before she was called by Trier. After leaving acting, she wanted to work as a carpenter. 

Reinsve said that she loves working with wood. She didn’t mind taking it up as a profession if she had to quit acting. She also said that acting can be painful at times.

Reinsve won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival last summer. She said that it was fun to work with Trier.  

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