Will There Be a Shameless Season 12? What We Know So Far

Shameless, the popular comedy-drama series that aired on Showtime, wrapped up its 11 season run in 2021. The show followed the dramatic and comedic exploits of the Gallagher family living in the south side of Chicago. Over its successful 11 seasons, Shameless garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase who fell in love with the dysfunctional but lovable Gallagher clan.

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With the show now over, fans are wondering – will there be a 12th season of Shameless? Here’s a look at everything we know so far about a potential Shameless season 12.

Release Date for Shameless Season 12

As of now, Showtime has not officially renewed Shameless for a 12th season. The 11th season was announced as the final one, seemingly bringing the Gallagher’s story to an end. However, the door hasn’t been completely closed on the show’s future.

Showtime’s President of Entertainment, Gary Levine, said “Never say never” when asked about a possible season 12. This offers a glimmer of hope that the network could potentially revisit the Shameless world down the line.

If Shameless was renewed for season 12, the earliest release date would likely be sometime in 2024. Previous seasons have followed an October to January airing schedule on Showtime. Of course, nothing can be confirmed until an official announcement is made.

Who Could Return for the Cast of Season 12?

If Shameless was to come back for a 12th season, which cast members might reprise their roles? Here are some of the main stars fans would hope to see back in action:

  • William H. Macy as patriarch Frank Gallagher – The deadbeat dad who constantly schemes to make money for alcohol. Frank is the deplorable but somehow lovable core of the Gallagher family.
  • Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher – The eldest Gallagher sibling, Lip has struggled with alcoholism like his father but tries to do better.
  • Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher – Gay, bipolar, and often the most level-headed Gallagher. Ian joined the army before embarking on a relationship with Mickey Milkovich.
  • Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich – Mickey is Ian’s off-and-on again love interest. Despite his thuggish tendencies, Mickey has shown a caring side, especially towards Ian.
  • Emma Kenney as Debbie Gallagher – Middle Gallagher child Debbie is determined to do better for her daughter Frannie than her parents did for her.
  • Ethan Cutkosky as Carl Gallagher – The rambunctious younger Gallagher sibling who has straightened out his troublemaking ways during the show.
  • Christian Isaiah as **Liam Gallagher **- The youngest Gallagher who has shown promise despite his unstable upbringing.

These core cast members seem integral to any potential Shameless season 12. Since the show centers on the Gallagher family dynamic, it would be difficult to imagine the series without their involvement.

What Could Season 12 Be About?

Shameless wrapped up pretty neatly in its 11th season – so where could the story go next? A 12th season could explore plotlines like:

  • Frank’s declining health leading him to finally try changing for his family.
  • Lip struggling to stay sober while raising his baby with Tami.
  • Debbie navigating single motherhood and her love life.
  • Ian and Mickey settling into married life and considering parenting options.
  • Carl’s career as a cop playing out.
  • Liam graduating high school and deciding his future.
  • Kevin and V adjusting to life running the Alibi Room.

A Shameless season 12 has lots of rich narrative potential to mine from the Gallaghers and those in their orbit. After 11 seasons of scandals and antics, the show could shift to a more serious, mature tone in a possible next installment.

Is There a Trailer Yet for Season 12?

Unfortunately there is no trailer available yet for a potential 12th season of Shameless. Without an official renewal, Showtime has yet to release any promotional videos looking ahead to the show’s future.

Once it is confirmed that Shameless is indeed returning, fans could expect to see a trailer 2-3 months prior to the season premiere. This would follow the pattern of previous seasons.

Of course, diehard Shameless fans will be scouring the internet for any hints about season 12 as rumors continue to swirl. But nothing can be known for certain until Showtime makes an announcement regarding the show’s fate.

Will All Previous Seasons Be Available for Streaming?

While we await word on season 12, new fans can catch up and longtime viewers can relive the outrageous behavior of the Gallagher family on streaming.

Past seasons of Shameless are available now on:

  • Showtime’s streaming platforms Showtime Anytime and Showtime On Demand.
  • Hulu – Subscription plans starting at $7.99/month
  • fuboTV – Packages starting at $69.99/month
  • DIRECTV Stream – Channel packages from $69.99/month
  • Philo – Packages starting at $25/month

So there are plenty of streaming options to binge watch all past 10 seasons of Shameless as many times as desired.

Table: Where to Stream Previous Seasons of Shameless

Streaming ServiceMonthly PriceFree Trial Available?
Showtime Anytime$10.9930 days
Hulu$7.99+30 days
fuboTV$69.99+7 days
DIRECTV Stream$69.99+No
Philo$25+7 days

How Have Critics and Fans Received Shameless?

Over its 11 seasons, Shameless garnered strong praise from television critics and pop culture sites. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an overall critics rating of 89% Fresh. The audience score is even higher at 93%.

Critics praised the show’s ability to blend sharp comedy, poignant drama, and dynamic characters. The cast, led by William H. Macy, gave breakout performances that wowed reviewers. Many called the show a resonant depiction of an unconventional but ultimately loving family.

Beyond critics, Shameless won over legions of passionate fans who closely followed the Gallagher family’s antics and misadventures. They connected with the show’s flawed characters and messy-but-real portrait of a dysfunctional family. Many praised the show for improving season after season.

Based on the critical and fan reception, there seems to be an appetite for more Shameless if Showtime decides to bring it back. The audience is clearly invested in the world and characters of Shameless.

Will Shameless Go Beyond Season 12?

While Shameless season 12 isn’t confirmed yet, some fans are already wondering – could the show go even further?

It’s unlikely the show would extend beyond a potential 12th installment. The 11th season was conceived as the final one, giving the show a lengthy, successful run. Pushing too far beyond that risks the story going stale.

However, a season 12 could potentially be left open-ended. That would allow Showtime the option of eventually revisiting the Gallaghers for a 13th season down the road. But right now, the immediate focus is on whether season 12 manifests first.

The Waiting Game Continues…

So that wraps up everything we know so far about Shameless season 12! Unfortunately, fans will have to wait in suspense for more definitive news about the show’s future.

With no renewal confirmed yet, the state of Shameless season 12 remains speculative and uncertain. But fans haven’t given up hope yet! There’s still a chance the Gallaghers could return and provide more chaotic adventures in a potential next installment.

For now, keeping an eye on updates from Showtime is the best way to stay informed on Shameless season 12 possibilities. One thing is certain though – when and if the show comes back, fans will be more than ready to immerse themselves in the dangerous and delightful world of the Gallagher family once again.

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