Who Is Taylor Hale And What Is Her Storyfinds On Big Brother?


Taylor Hale made history this year when she was crowned the winner of Big Brother season 24. As the first Black woman to win the civilian version of the show, Hale broke barriers and overcame great adversity during her time on Big Brother.

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Hale’s journey was not an easy one. She was repeatedly nominated and ostracized by her fellow houseguests, but she persevered all the way to the end. Her strength and poise in the face of bullying and isolation won her the title of America’s Favorite Player in addition to the $750,000 grand prize.

In this article, we will explore Taylor Hale’s background, her time on Big Brother, the adversity she faced, her impressive victory, and what she plans to do next as she moves forward from her historic win.

Background on Taylor Hale

Before entering the Big Brother house, Taylor Hale was a personal stylist and former beauty queen from Detroit, Michigan. In 2021, she was crowned Miss Michigan USA, no small feat for the accomplished pageant queen.

Outside of pageantry, Hale found success as an entrepreneur. She ran a personal styling business in Michigan where she helped clients revamp their wardrobes and feel confident.

Fashion and style have long been passions of Hale’s. In the Big Brother house, she stood out with her impressive designer clothing collection and elegant, put-together ensembles.

Adversity and Isolation in the Big Brother House

Almost immediately upon moving into the Big Brother house, Hale faced adversity. Several of the houseguests formed a negative opinion of her quickly and she was ostracized from a major alliance in the house called The Leftovers.

Houseguests like Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog outwardly bullied Hale. She was referred to as “cocky,” “condescending,” and a “pageant girl.” Despite the nasty treatment from her housemates, Hale held her head high.

“I wasn’t going to allow them to rattle me or have me dim my light for their comfort,” she told EW in an interview after her win.

Week after week, Hale was nominated for eviction by the Head of Household. She spent a total of 21 days on the block, the most ever for a Big Brother winner. But each time, whether by winning competitions or gaining enough votes, Hale managed to stay in the game.

Historic Win on Big Brother 24

After making it to the final three, Hale won the final Head of Household competition and secured her spot in the final two against fellow houseguest Monte Taylor.

In her speech to the jury on finale night, Hale outlined her underdog story for the jurors who had mostly shunned her in the house. She highlighted her perseverance despite being bullied and nominated constantly.

The jury rewarded her resilience. In a vote of 8-1, Taylor Hale was crowned the winner of Big Brother 24, taking home the $750,000 prize.

In addition, Hale also won America’s Favorite Player, gaining the fan vote and an additional $50,000. This made history too, as she became the first winner to also be named America’s Favorite.

Life After Big Brother

Hale plans to use her platform as the first Black female winner of Big Brother to speak out against bullying and advocate for more diversity in reality television. She hopes her story can help inspire other Black women to follow their dreams.

There may also be romance on the horizon for Hale. She formed a close bond and showmance with fellow houseguest Joseph Abdin on Big Brother. In the jury house after their back-to-back evictions, their relationship continued to grow. According to an interview with Us Weekly, Hale shared that Joseph was always there for her during challenging times in the house.

Professionally, Hale will return to her passion for personal styling. She also plans to move to Los Angeles soon to open new doors and chase her next dream following her history-making Big Brother win.

ā€œIā€™m excited to pursue new dreams and welcome new opportunities,ā€ Hale told Parade in a post-show interview.

Key Takeaways

  • Taylor Hale made history as the first Black woman to win Big Brother.
  • She overcame bullying and isolation from her fellow houseguests.
  • Hale was nominated a record 21 times but persevered to the end.
  • Her impressive victory was rewarded by the jury vote and America’s Favorite Player prize.
  • Hale plans to use her platform to speak out against bullying and advocate for diversity on reality TV.
  • She also hopes to continue her styling career and pursue new opportunities, potentially in Los Angeles.


Taylor Hale’s win on Big Brother 24 was monumental, both for the show and for reality TV broadly. She broke barriers as the first Black female winner and did so with grace despite being repeatedly ostracized.

Both America and the Big Brother jury were enamored by Hale’s strength and courage. Her historic victory serves as an inspiration and reminds us that perseverance and rising above hate can lead to great things.

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