Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin and How He Became Popular?


Seven Sirius Benjamin is a 25-year-old celebrity kid who has become quite popular and well-known, despite intentionally keeping a low profile and not capitalizing on his fame. He is the son of two incredibly influential musicians – André 3000 and Erykah Badu. Even though Seven has not made a name for himself yet in the entertainment industry, his unique background and family legacy have brought him a fair share of fame already.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who Seven Sirius Benjamin is, his background and upbringing, what he does now, and how he became well-known despite intentionally avoiding the spotlight.

Background and Upbringing

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997 in Texas. He is the only child from the high-profile relationship between OutKast rapper André 3000 (whose real name is André Benjamin) and neo-soul singer Erykah Badu. However, he has two half-siblings – his step-sister Puma Sabti Curry (Erykah Badu’s daughter with rapper The D.O.C), and step-brother Cross Daley (André 3000’s son with singer Neffeteria Edwards).

Being the child of two incredibly famous and successful musicians, Seven had an unconventional childhood. His parents separated when he was just one year old, but he still spent time with both of them as he grew up. Music was obviously a huge part of his life from the very beginning.

In interviews, Erykah has described Seven as being a quiet, observant, empathetic and artistically gifted child. She gave him the unique name Seven Sirius Benjamin as a reflection of his talents and bright future. The name Seven comes from the number and star Sirius which represents creativity and intelligence.

Education and Current Life

As a teenager and young adult, Seven has lived a private life, intentionally avoiding fame and the spotlight. After homeschooling during childhood, he attended the experimental and progressive Cézanne School in Austin, Texas for high school.

In 2016, his mother proudly announced on Twitter that 18-year-old Seven had been accepted to four different colleges. While the specific schools were not named, Erykah described them as “Ivy League” and “specialized art & tech schools.”

It seems that Seven chose to attend Columbia University in New York City, as he was spotted on campus by media in 2017. He has generally avoided drawing attention though, and not much is known about his college experience.

Now 25 years old, Seven Sirius Benjamin appears to be continuing his studies, most likely in graduate school. Based on a 2019 tweet from his mother, he is studying psychology and botany – quite the eclectic combination! The fact that his interests span both science and the humanities align well with his unconventional upbringing.

Beyond his studies, Seven leads a very private life, mainly avoiding social media and the public eye. He focuses on his close friends and family. While he hasn’t yet capitalized on his fame, music is still important to him.

Rise to Fame

So how exactly did Seven Sirius Benjamin become famous if he has intentionally avoided the spotlight? Simply because of who his parents are. Being the child of two iconic musicians has brought Seven a substantial amount of attention and public interest.

Ever since his birth in 1997, Seven has been written about in celebrity news and gossip magazines. Media outlets have been fascinated by the details surrounding his unconventional upbringing and relationship with his famous parents.

As he grew up, any tidbits Erykah or André shared about Seven in interviews, tweets, or music created more buzz and public intrigue. For instance, André 3000’s verse on the song “Solo (Reprise)” from Frank Ocean’s album Blonde gives a rare glimpse into his relationship with his son.

Now as a young adult, Seven undoubtedly has huge career opportunities in the music and entertainment industry if he ever decides to pursue them. Being the heir to musical legacies like OutKast, Goodie Mob, and Erykah Badu ensures that the public will continue paying attention to Seven’s future.

For now though, he seems content living a normal life out of the spotlight while letting his famous roots drive his clout and rise to fame.

Seven’s Relationship with His Parents

Even though his parents split at a young age, Seven has maintained a close relationship with both André 3000 and Erykah Badu over the years.

His mother Erykah has said that Seven is her best friend and that they have an incredibly deep, spiritual bond. She gave him a unique upbringing focused on creativity and freedom of expression. Even when Seven went away to college, Erykah still kept him as a main priority in her life.

André 3000 had Seven when he was just 21 years old, and has admitted that he made some mistakes in balancing parenthood and his career back then. But he still made sure to remain a loving presence in his son’s life. The strong artistic connection between them is undeniable.

Both Erykah and André clearly want to see Seven flourish in his own right and in his own time, without feeling pressure from their legacies. They post proud updates about him on social media, but still ensure he can shun the spotlight if that is what feels right to him.

What Does the Future Hold?

Given his incredibly famous parents and already substantial public profile, the possibilities seem endless for Seven Sirius Benjamin if he ever chooses to pursue a career as an entertainer or musician himself. However, since he has intentionally avoided fame so far and focused on academics, his future is still very uncertain and open-ended.

It’s very possible that Seven could launch successful careers in music, fashion, film, or something totally unrelated to the entertainment industry. Maybe he will take advantage of his fame and platform, or maybe he will continue to shun the spotlight.

No matter what though, the media and public will undoubtedly keep their eyes on him, as he continues growing into an adult and forging his own path separate from his world-famous parents.


In summary, Seven Sirius Benjamin is already a celebrity kid and public figure, despite not pursuing fame and entertainment like his parents André 3000 and Erykah Badu. He had an unconventional upbringing focused on creativity and self-expression. Now 25 years old, Seven is completing his education and leading a very private life.

The possibilities seem endless for what Seven may choose to do career-wise, and how much or little he embraces his fame. No matter what, the legacy of his iconic parents ensures ongoing public intrigue. Seven Sirius Benjamin has navigated the spotlight so far with grace, thoughtfulness, and a determination to let his talents speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Seven Sirius Benjamin

Who are Seven Benjamin’s parents?

Seven’s parents are André 3000 (rapper from OutKast) and Erykah Badu (neo-soul singer).

What is Seven Benjamin’s real name?

Seven’s full name given at birth is Seven Sirius Benjamin.

How old is Seven Benjamin now?

Currently, Seven is 25 years old. He was born on November 18, 1997.

Where did Seven Benjamin grow up?

He grew up in Texas, raised between his mother Erykah Badu’s home in Dallas and his father André 3000’s home in Atlanta.

Does Seven Benjamin have any siblings?

He does not have any full siblings, but has two half-siblings on each side – a sister Puma Sabti Curry and brother Cross Daley.

Has Seven Benjamin released any of his own music?

As of now, Seven has not publicly released any solo music or pursued a career in entertainment.

What is Seven Benjamin studying in school?

Based on a social media post from his mother, he is currently studying psychology and botany.

Why is Seven Benjamin famous if he has avoided fame?

Simply because his parents are two incredibly influential and famous musicians, the public has been intrigued by Seven from birth.

What does the future likely hold for Seven Benjamin?

The possibilities seem endless given his legacy. He may pursue music like his parents or do something totally different. It’s unclear if he will embrace fame.

Does Seven have a good relationship with his parents?

Yes, he has maintained close bonds with both Erykah Badu and André 3000 as he grew up.

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