Who Is Seraphina Watts And What Is Her Storyfinds?


Seraphina Watts is a British model, entrepreneur and celebrity child who has made a name for herself outside of her famous family. As the only daughter of Charlie Watts, the late drummer of the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, Seraphina grew up in the spotlight.

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However, she has paved her own path and built a successful career in fashion and business. This article will explore Seraphina’s background, her relationship with her father, her accomplishments, and what she is doing now.

Background and Early Life

Seraphina Watts was born in 1976 to Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley. She was their only child together. Growing up with a rockstar father wasn’t always easy, as Charlie was often away on tour for long stretches. However, Seraphina has spoken fondly of her childhood and the time she shared with her dad.

Charlie and Shirley made an effort to give Seraphina a normal upbringing outside of the rock and roll world. She attended a top all-girls boarding school in the UK and by all accounts had a relatively low-key childhood compared to many celebrity children. She developed a passion for fashion and design from a young age.

Relationship with Father Charlie Watts

By all accounts, Charlie and Seraphina had a very close and loving father-daughter relationship. She spoke at his funeral in 2021 and emphasized how kind, generous and witty her dad was. She mentioned afternoons spent together at jazz clubs nurturing her love of music.

Charlie wasn’t necessarily keen on Seraphina pursuing a career as a model initially. However, once she found success he became very supportive. Seraphina emphasized that her parents always made her education the priority over fame.

Fashion Modeling Career

After finishing school, Seraphina embarked on a career as a model in the 1990s. She worked with renowned photographers like Terry O’Neill and walked the runway for Vivien Westwood. She garnered quite a bit of press attention as an It Girl on the UK social scene.

However, unlike many celebrity children, Seraphina was determined to be taken seriously as a model in her own right. She disliked constant comparisons to her father and wanted to make her own way. Though her lineage undoubtedly opened some doors, Seraphina impressed fashion industry figures with her drive and versatility.


In the 2000s, Seraphina transitioned into fashion design and entrepreneurship. She founded Popcorn Field Productions, a film production company focused on fashion and documentaries.

She also launched several fashion brands that embodied her bohemian and artistic tastes. Watts by Seraphina, Luna Bohemia and Dotty Dungarees reflected her passion for relaxed styles with creative prints and details.

As a business owner, Seraphina demonstrated sharp instincts and a hands-on approach. Her brands generated strong buzz and sales in the UK fashion market.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Seraphina married a lawyer named Nick in the early 2000s. They have one daughter named Charlotte, born in 2006. Charlie Watts doted on his granddaughter before his passing.

The family divided their time between their home in Devon, UK and vacationing abroad. Seraphina guarded her privacy, keeping details about her husband and daughter out of the public eye.

What She’s Doing Now

Since her father’s death in 2021, Seraphina has spoken about grieving his loss while trying to honor his legacy. She continues to run her production company and fashion brands while raising her teenage daughter.

Friends describe her as a doting mom who maintains the same quirky, creative spirit she’s had since childhood. She participates in Rolling Stones events relating to her late father but maintains her own low-key lifestyle.

Seraphina has said she may consider writing a book about her experiences one day but continues to value her privacy. Though she’s carved out her own path, her heart remains in her tight-knit family.

Key Takeaways About Seraphina Watts

  • Grew up as the only child of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley
  • Attended top UK boarding schools; focused on education over fame
  • Pursued successful modeling career in 1990s before transitioning to fashion design
  • Founded film production company and several UK fashion brands
  • Married husband Nick in early 2000s; they have a daughter named Charlotte
  • Maintained close relationship with dad Charlie throughout her life
  • Continues running businesses while raising daughter after Charlie’s death in 2021
  • Guarded about her private life but participates in Rolling Stones family events

Frequently Asked Questions About Seraphina Watts

Who are Seraphina Watts’ parents?

Seraphina’s parents are Charlie Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, and his wife Shirley. They had her in 1976.

What schooling did Seraphina have?

Seraphina attended top all-girls boarding schools in the UK as a child and teenager. Her parents emphasized education.

How did Seraphina get into modeling?

After finishing school in the 90s, Seraphina embarked on a fashion modeling career. She worked with famous photographers and designers.

What businesses has Seraphina founded?

She founded the film production company Popcorn Field Productions. She also launched the fashion brands Watts by Seraphina, Luna Bohemia, and Dotty Dungarees.

Is Seraphina married and does she have children?

Yes, Seraphina married a lawyer named Nick in the early 2000s. Together they have a daughter named Charlotte, born in 2006.


Seraphina Watts continues her father Charlie’s creative legacy through her entrepreneurial ventures and close-knit family. Though she lost her beloved dad in 2021, his influence shines through in her determination to forge her own path on her own terms. She balances her many roles as parent, business owner and daughter with grace and grit. Seraphina exemplifies how the children of celebrities can honor their lineage while establishing fulfilling independent lives. She serves as an inspiration to young women from famous families seeking to find their own way and voice.

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