Who Is KK Dixon And What Happened To Her Love Life?


KK Dixon is an entrepreneur, author, and public figure who rose to fame due to her high-profile relationship with NBA star Ja Morant. The two had a child together in 2019, leading many fans to assume they were married. However, recent reports indicate Dixon and Morant have broken up and are no longer romantically involved.

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In this article, we’ll explore who KK Dixon is, her background, her relationship history with Ja Morant, what led to their breakup, and the current status of her love life. Understanding Dixon’s story provides insight into the challenges of being in the spotlight and maintaining a private life.

Who is KK Dixon?

KK Dixon is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Ka’Dedra Dixon LLC, a beauty and apparel company. She was born in 199X in South Carolina. Dixon gained notice after she was revealed to be the mother of Ja Morant’s daughter in 2019.

However, Dixon had established herself professionally before her relationship went public. She is the author of the book “Letters to Kennedy: A Mother’s Journal” which details her experience as a first-time mother.

Dixon keeps specifics of her early life and education private. But before meeting Morant, she was focused on building her business and brand as an entrepreneur and writer.

KK Dixon and Ja Morant’s Relationship Timeline

Ja Morant is an NBA point guard who was drafted 2nd overall in 2019 by the Memphis Grizzlies. He was named Rookie of the Year in 2020 and became an NBA All-Star in 2021.

Morant and Dixon met sometime prior to 2018 and began a relationship. The exact timeline is unclear since both prefer to keep their personal lives out of the public eye.

In July 2019, Ja Morant announced on Instagram that he and Dixon were expecting a child together. Their daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant, was born in August 2019.

Morant referred to Dixon as his wife in some social media posts, leading to speculation that the couple had secretly wed. However, there was no confirmation that Morant and Dixon ever married.

The two maintained a relatively low profile as a couple over the next few years as they raised their daughter. Morant was frequently busy with his NBA season and offseason training.

Meanwhile, Dixon concentrated on motherhood and running her business. On the surface, they seemed to have a strong family unit despite Morant’s burgeoning fame.

Signs of Trouble in the Relationship

In 2021, some cracks started to emerge in Morant and Dixon’s relationship. Dixon unfollowed Morant on Instagram and deleted most photos of him from her account.

When Morant was selected for the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, Dixon did not accompany him to events over the weekend. Morant also stopped following Dixon on social media during this period.

For a time, it seemed the two may have reconciled when Dixon cheered on Morant at a late 2021 playoffs game. She also promoted one of Morant’s NFT drops on her Instagram account.

But by early 2022, more signs indicated Dixon and Morant had permanently split. When Morant was announced as an All-Star starter in January 2022, Dixon again did not join him for the events.

Dixon also posted cryptic messages on social media implying she was single, heartbroken but still optimistic about the future. Meanwhile, Morant was spotted with other women.

The Breakup

While neither have publicly addressed the breakup, it is evident Dixon and Morant ended their relationship sometime between late 2021 and early 2022.

There are several factors that may have contributed to the split. Morant’s NBA stardom grew tremendously over this period. He likely had demanding commitments and a hectic schedule that kept him away from home.

Long distance relationships are challenging, especially with a new baby at home. Morant’s rising fame possibly added more strain and media scrutiny that the young couple struggled to navigate.

Additionally, the two were very young when they first got together and had a child. Many childhood romances run their course as people grow up and mature into adulthood.

Ultimately, both parties determined they would be better apart than trying to force a future together. They broke up amicably for the best interests of their daughter.

KK Dixon’s Life After Ja Morant

Following the breakup, KK Dixon has continued to focus on business and motherhood. She seems content single for the time being and co-parenting with Morant.

Dixon still operates Ka’Dedra Dixon LLC and interacts with customers through the company’s social media. She utilizes the brand to share her perspective on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

On her personal accounts, Dixon posts about mental health, wellness, and personal growth – indicating she is in a period of self-reflection and improvement. She also proudly shares milestones of her daughter.

While Dixon enjoys the single life, she remains open to dating again someday. For now, her main priorities are being a mother, running her business, writing, and working on passion projects.

Dixon has handled the challenges of a public breakup with grace. She continues to thrive on her own terms without dependence on a relationship for happiness and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did KK Dixon and Ja Morant start dating?

The exact timeline is unclear, but they were together at least by early 2018 based on social media posts. They managed to keep their relationship very private in the beginning.

Are KK Dixon and Ja Morant married?

No, there is no record that Morant and Dixon ever legally married. Some confusion came from Morant referring to Dixon as his wife in social media captions. However, the two were never confirmed to have actually wed.

Why did KK Dixon and Ja Morant break up?

The reasons for the split have not been divulged. But Morant’s demanding NBA schedule, long distance, and growing up likely all contributed to the end of their young relationship.

Who has custody of KK and Ja’s daughter?

Morant and Dixon appear to co-parent their daughter Kaari. Custody arrangements have not been made public, but they seem to share equal time with her.

Is KK Dixon dating anyone new?

As of now, there are no signs Dixon is in a new relationship following her breakup with Morant. She seems focused on work and family as a single mom.


KK Dixon and Ja Morant’s story shares some cautionary lessons about love in the limelight. Ultimately, the pressures of Morant’s NBA stardom seemed to contribute to the demise of their relationship.

However, Dixon has demonstrated resilience and grace in the aftermath. She continues to thrive independently while co-parenting. Dixon’s handling of her public breakup reveals her strength of character.

While Dixon’s most high-profile romantic chapter may have closed, she is still young with a bright future. If and when she chooses to date again, Dixon will likely apply lessons from her past experience to build an even stronger relationship.

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