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Kevin McCarthy is a prominent American politician who currently serves as the 55th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He has held several leadership roles within the Republican party and Congress over the years.

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Outside of his political career, McCarthy has a close-knit family and deep roots in his California hometown. This article will provide an in-depth look at McCarthy’s personal life, including details about his wife, children, family background and hometown connections.

Kevin McCarthy’s Wife and Kids

Kevin McCarthy married his wife Judy in 1992. The couple both grew up in Bakersfield, California and attended the same high school. They have been married for over 30 years and have two children together:

Connor McCarthy

Connor McCarthy was born in 1994. He attended Georgetown University, where he studied government. In 2020, Connor married Emily Norris in a small ceremony in Bakersfield. Emily is from Athens, Georgia and works in finance. The couple resides in Washington D.C.

Meghan McCarthy

Kevin and Judy’s daughter Meghan was born in 1998. Not much is publicly known about Meghan as she maintains a relatively low profile compared to the rest of the McCarthy family.

McCarthy’s Family Background and Hometown

Kevin McCarthy was born on January 26, 1965 in Bakersfield, California. He is a fourth-generation resident of Kern County. McCarthy comes from a long line of local public servants:

  • His great-grandfather was a cattle rancher and Kern County Supervisor.
  • His grandfather was a rancher and served as a judge in Kern County.
  • His father was an assistant city fire chief in Bakersfield.
  • His uncle was a longtime Kern County supervisor.

McCarthy and his wife Judy are lifelong Bakersfield residents. They both attended Bakersfield High School, where McCarthy was student body president. The family are devout Baptists and members of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Even as McCarthy’s political career has taken him to Washington D.C., he remains deeply connected to his California hometown. He regularly returns to Bakersfield and has said it will always be home. Some of McCarthy’s Bakersfield connections include:

  • Co-ownership of Kevin O’s McCarthy’s Pub and Grill sports bar.
  • Support for California State University, Bakersfield, including donations for a new student services building.
  • Leadership of the Kern Country Taxpayers Association.
  • Support for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kern County.

Kevin McCarthy’s Political Career

Kevin McCarthy was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, representing California’s 22nd congressional district based in Bakersfield. He quickly rose through the Republican ranks in Congress and was elected House Majority Whip in 2014.

In 2019, McCarthy was elected House Minority Leader after Republicans lost control of the House. He served in this role until 2022, when Republicans reclaimed the House majority. McCarthy was then elected Speaker of the House in January 2023.

Some key points about McCarthy’s political career include:

  • Held lower-level leadership roles early in his House tenure, including Chief Deputy Whip.
  • Instrumental in drafting the Republican Party platform in 2008 and the “Young Guns” agenda.
  • Gained national prominence for his criticism of President Obama’s policies.
  • Developed a close relationship with President Trump and defended him during controversies.
  • Led the effort to retake the House for Republicans in 2022 midterms.
  • Elected Speaker after prolonged contest despite slim GOP majority.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kevin McCarthy

Here are some commonly asked questions about Kevin McCarthy’s personal life and political career:

Where did Kevin McCarthy grow up?

McCarthy grew up in Bakersfield, California. He was born there in 1965 and is a fourth-generation Kern County resident.

How long has McCarthy been in Congress?

McCarthy was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006. As of 2023, he has served around 16 years in Congress.

What are some of McCarthy’s biggest political accomplishments?

Some of McCarthy’s top political accomplishments include serving as House Majority Whip, leading the GOP to retake the House in 2022, and being elected Speaker of the House.

What is Kevin McCarthy’s current position?

As of January 2023, McCarthy serves as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. This makes him second in line for presidential succession behind the vice president.

How long has Kevin McCarthy been married?

McCarthy married his wife Judy in 1992, so as of 2023 they have been married for around 31 years. Both grew up in Bakersfield, California.

Does Kevin McCarthy have any children?

Yes, McCarthy has a son named Connor (born 1994) and a daughter named Meghan (born 1998) with his wife Judy. Connor is married and lives in Washington D.C. while Meghan maintains a lower public profile.


Kevin McCarthy has balanced an accomplished political career with a close-knit family life rooted in his California hometown of Bakersfield. His wife Judy and children Connor and Meghan have avoided much of the public spotlight even as McCarthy climbed the ranks in Congress. Now the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s family connections and Central Valley roots look to continue grounding him as he takes on a new level of national prominence and power in Washington.

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