Who Is Jillie Mack To Tom Selleck And What Is Her Story?


Tom Selleck is one of Hollywood’s most iconic and beloved actors, best known for his role as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the hit 1980s television series Magnum P.I. While Selleck has had a prolific career in Hollywood spanning over four decades, much less is known about his partner in life – Jillie Mack.

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Mack is an actress and dancer who met Selleck in London while she was performing in the musical Cats in the 1980s. After a whirlwind romance, the couple married in 1987 and went on to have one child together, daughter Hannah. While Jillie gave up her own acting career to focus on raising their family, she has remained fiercely protective of her private life with Selleck.

In this article, we’ll explore Jillie Mack’s background, her relationship with Tom Selleck, and the low-key life the couple has cultivated away from the glare of Hollywood.

Jillie Mack’s Background

Jillie Joan Mack was born on December 25, 1957 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England. Her father was an American who worked as a singer, and her mother was British. She studied at The London Studio Centre which specializes in theatre arts.

As a performer, Mack focused primarily on musical theatre and dance. She performed in Cats in London’s West End as Rumpleteazer. It was during this time that she first met Selleck who went to see a performance of the show.

Prior to Cats, Mack had some minor acting roles but concentrated mainly on dancing and stage performances before she met Selleck. After their marriage, Mack chose to step back from acting to focus on raising their daughter.

The Romance: How Selleck and Mack Met

Tom Selleck was in London in the mid-1980s filming the seventh season of his hit show Magnum P.I. By chance, he attended a performance of the musical Cats and was immediately captivated by Jillie Mack’s performance as Rumpleteazer.

The pair was introduced by a mutual friend and went on a dinner date together in London shortly after meeting. While Mack was based in London at the time, Selleck had to return to Hawaii where Magnum P.I. was being filmed.

The two kept in touch after that first date and soon after, Mack moved to Hawaii to be with Selleck as he wrapped up filming his iconic role as Thomas Magnum. Close friends and family noted that the couple seemed immediately inseparable, spending all their free time together.

Marriage and Family Away from the Spotlight

After less than a year of dating long distance, Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack decided to get married. The wedding took place on August 7, 1987 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the Cherrywood Waterfall Chapel.

The small, private ceremony perfectly encapsulated the couple’s desire to keep their personal lives out of the public eye. Only close friends and relatives were in attendance and the late-evening wedding helped avoid any press or paparazzi.

Selleck has said that his favorite moments in life were the birth of his daughter Hannah in 1988 and when Mack agreed to marry him, as he had given up hope of ever finding the right partner.

The family moved to a 65-acre avocado farm in California away from the busy Hollywood scene. They have emphasized the importance of a normal childhood for Hannah, who has grown up largely out of the spotlight.

Jillie’s Life Today: Out of the Limelight

After her wedding and the birth of her daughter, Jillie Mack decided to step back from acting and dancing professionally to focus on raising her family. She has said that while she loved dancing and performing, it was never something she wanted to do lifelong. Marrying Tom Selleck and having a child caused Jillie’s priorities to shift toward home and family.

Jillie has shunned the spotlight generally. She rarely makes public appearances with Selleck except for high-profile events like the 1998 Emmy Awards. The couple has even gone to great lengths to keep their home life and daughter Hannah very private.

While Tom Selleck’s iconic career has maintained its stature, especially with roles in films like the Jesse Stone franchise in the 2000s, Jillie has preferred to remain out of the public eye. She has been described by Selleck as a very devoted and low-maintenance partner, two of the qualities he loves most about their marriage.

Protective of Her Family and Values

Jillie Mack’s desire for privacy extends beyond just herself. She has been instrumental in keeping daughter Hannah away from the media, allowing her a normal childhood. This has enabled Hannah to pursue her own path which now includes a career in the equestrian sport of show jumping.

Even when Selleck has brought up Jillie or Hannah in public interviews, his comments have remained limited to avoid revealing too much about their family life. Jillie is said to be very protective of her loved ones and their privacy.

Jillie herself has characterized the most important things in her life as family, health and relationships rather than fame or wealth. She has emphasized the importance of teaching Hannah strong values, which she and Tom Selleck agree is the greatest gift they can give their daughter.


Jillie Mack may not be a household name like her legendary husband Tom Selleck. However, she played an equally important role in creating a loving family and happy life for Selleck at the height of his career. Her own career and passion for musical theater took a backseat as she raised their daughter largely out of the public eye.

Those who know Mack describe her unwavering devotion to her family and determination to provide Hannah with a normal upbringing filled with strong values. While she prizes her privacy, her nearly 40-year marriage to Selleck is a testament to the deep bond they must share – one built on trust, compassion and compromise.

Jillie Joan Mack may have come from humble beginnings on a different continent, but she found true happiness in her family with Tom Selleck, staying grounded despite his fame and fortune. Their story serves as an inspiration of what matters most in life – not riches or accolades, but loved ones and values.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jillie Mack

When and where was Jillie Mack born?

Jillie Mack was born on December 25, 1957 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England.

What was Jillie Mack’s profession and early acting roles?

Mack was a dancer and stage actress who performed in musical theatre productions like Cats. She had minor acting roles early in her career before meeting Tom Selleck.

How did Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck meet?

They met after Selleck saw Mack perform in a production of Cats in London. They were introduced through a mutual friend and began dating in the mid-1980s.

When did Mack and Selleck get married?

They married on August 7, 1987 in an intimate, private ceremony in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Do they have any children together?

Yes, Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck have a daughter named Hannah who was born in 1988. To provide her a normal childhood, they raised her mostly away from the public eye.

Why did Jillie Mack pause her own acting career?

After her marriage and child with Selleck, Mack chose to step back from acting to focus on raising their daughter and maintaining a low-profile family life.

What is Jillie Mack doing today?

Mack continues to keep her private life very secretive. She remains married to Selleck and avoids the spotlight, providing guidance to her daughter away from the public eye.

How has Jillie Mack contributed to Tom Selleck’s life?

As Selleck’s wife for over 3 decades, Mack gave him a loving family and happy home life amidst the pressures of fame. She has fiercely protected their privacy.

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