Who Is Haven Madison And What Is Her Storyfind?


Haven Madison is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter who rose to fame as a contestant on Season 21 of American Idol. As the daughter of Christian rock star Jason Roy, lead singer of the band Building 429, music has always been a huge part of Haven’s life. But with her soulful voice, emotional lyrics, and infectious pop melodies, Haven is stepping out of her famous father’s shadow and making a name for herself.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Haven Madison’s background, her journey on American Idol, and what lies ahead for this talented teen artist.

Early Life and Influences

Haven Madison was born on November 2, 2005 in Clarksville, Tennessee to Jason and Megan Roy. Her father is the lead singer of Building 429, a popular Christian rock band that has released nine studio albums.

Haven was homeschooled until starting high school. Music was central to her homeschool curriculum and upbringing. At age three, Haven sang her first solo in church. She started taking voice lessons at five years old.

With her father often on tour, Haven traveled frequently and was exposed to a range of musical influences. However, the artists she continues to name as her biggest inspirations are Taylor Swift, Adele, and Sara Bareilles.

Developing Her Voice

By age seven, Haven was writing her own songs and performing at Christian music festivals. Throughout her childhood, she continued honing her singing and songwriting skills through voice lessons, guitar lessons, and involvement with school and church musical productions.

At age 12, Haven performed at her first major music festival, singing a duet with her dad at AtlantaFest. But while Jason Roy was supportive of his daughter’s talents, he was careful not to push her too hard into the spotlight at a young age. Her early musical experiences focused on fun and learning, not professional success.

Competing on American Idol

In 2022, a 16-year-old Haven decided to try out for American Idol. This was her first time performing entirely on her own, away from her father’s shadow.

Her audition song was an original tune called “Fifteen,” about innocence and growing up. She accompanied herself on guitar, showcasing skilled musicianship beyond her years. The American Idol judges were blown away, with Katy Perry calling Haven “the best we’ve seen today” and Luke Bryan saying she was “as cute as a button” with loads of potential.

Haven sailed through to Hollywood Week, where she performed another stunning original song, “Save Me,” this time at the piano. During Showcase Round, Haven did a moving rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons.”

In the end, Haven made it all the way to the Top 24 before being eliminated. But she left an impression on viewers, establishing herself as a talent to watch.

Post-Idol Opportunities

Since her time on American Idol, Haven has been focused on writing new music and growing her fanbase. She signed with a management company that’s helping her map out the next phase of her career.

Haven has continued performing live, opening for singers like Danny Gokey, Colton Dixon, and her own dad with Building 429. She often introduces new compositions, giving fans a taste of what’s to come.

She also shares cover songs, vlogs, and collaborations with other young artists on her YouTube channel, which has over 75,000 subscribers.

As Haven works on new recordings, she’s active on TikTok and Instagram engaging with her 115k and 105k followers respectively. Fans are drawn to her confessional lyrics and messages about self-love, identity, and faith.

What’s Next for Haven Madison?

All signs point to big things ahead for Haven Madison. With her talent, poise, and songwriting skills, there is no limit to how far she can go. Most immediately, fans are eagerly awaiting new music. Haven has been cryptically teasing that new songs are coming soon.

Based on her musical influences, Haven’s original material will likely blend pop, folk, and singer-songwriter sensibilities. While she’s proudly wearing her faith on her sleeve, early songs suggest her lyrics speak to universal adolescent themes.

As she continues honing her voice and maturing as a songwriter, Haven has all the makings of a breakout star. Don’t be surprised if this teen sensation becomes a household name in the near future.

5 Key Facts About Haven Madison

To recap Haven Madison’s journey and background so far, here are 5 key facts about this talented 17-year-old singer-songwriter:

  1. She hails from Clarksville, Tennessee – Born on November 2, 2005, Haven calls Clarksville, TN her hometown. She has remained based there with her family.
  2. She’s a cheerleader – Like many typical teenagers, Haven enjoys school activities like cheerleading. She cheers for Clarksville High School where she just started her junior year.
  3. She’s been singing since childhood – With music always central in her homeschool curriculum, Haven has been singing since the young age of three. Her vocal talent was evident from the start.
  4. She writes her own songs – Not only does Haven have vocal chops, she is also a gifted songwriter. She began writing her own tunes around age seven and often performs originals.
  5. Taylor Swift inspires her – Among her varied musical influences, Haven names Taylor Swift as one of her biggest inspirations. Swift’s confessional songwriting has clearly influenced Haven’s own lyrical style.


In the span of just a few years, Haven Madison has showcased immense talent and potential well beyond her years. Her poise, maturity, and ability to connect through emotive songs are rare for someone so young. After impressing American Idol judges and viewers, big things undoubtedly lie ahead for Haven.

With new music on the horizon, it will be exciting to see Haven come into her own as both a vocalist and songwriter. Given her inspirations and musical instincts so far, she is poised to blossom into a major force in the pop music world. Keep an eye out for Haven Madison, as she seems destined for stardom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Haven Madison

Who are Haven Madison’s parents?

Haven’s parents are Jason Roy and Megan Roy. Her father Jason is the lead singer of the popular Christian rock band Building 429.

How old was Haven when she started singing?

Haven has been singing since she was just three years old. She sang her first solo in church at age three and started taking voice lessons at five.

What instruments does Haven Madison play?

In addition to being a vocalist, Haven plays both guitar and piano. She often accompanies herself on these instruments.

What was Haven’s audition song on American Idol?

For her initial audition, Haven sang an original tune called “Fifteen” while playing the guitar. The song impressed judges with its maturity.

How did Haven do on American Idol?

Haven made it to the Top 24 on Season 21 of American Idol before being eliminated. She was a stand-out contestant and fan favorite.

Is Haven releasing new music soon?

Yes! After teasing fans, Haven has indicated she will be dropping new original music very soon. Fans eagerly await her new songs.

Who are Haven’s biggest musical inspirations?

Haven cites Taylor Swift, Adele, and Sara Bareilles as her biggest musical inspirations. Her songs blend pop, folk, and singer-songwriter styles.

What is Haven up to now?

Since Idol, Haven has been focused on writing new songs, performing live shows, and building her fanbase. She often shares musical content on YouTube and social media.

What does the future hold for Haven Madison?

With her talent and drive, the sky is the limit for Haven! Many predict she has the potential to become a major breakout star very soon.

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