Who Is Georgina Amorós And What Is Her Storyfind?

Georgina Amorós is a rising star in the Spanish entertainment industry known for her roles in several popular television shows. Though only in her early 20s, she has already made a name for herself through her acting skills and advocacy for social justice. This article will provide an in-depth look at Amorós’ background, her acting career so far, the causes she supports, and what we can expect from her in the future.

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Born in Barcelona in 1998, Georgina Amorós fluently speaks four languages and has been passionate about acting from a young age. She first gained widespread fame with her breakout role on the Netflix teen drama Elite in 2018, playing the character Cayetana. Her nuanced and emotional performance earned her critical praise. Since then, Amorós has expanded her acting resume with parts in other Spanish shows while speaking out about causes like feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. Though she has faced some backlash online, Amorós continues to leverage her platform to be a voice for positive change. With her rising stardom and commitment to advocacy, Georgina Amorós is poised to become an influential figure for years to come.

Background and Early Life

Georgina Amorós was born on April 30, 1998 in Barcelona, the vibrant capital of the Catalonia region in Spain. From a young age, she was drawn to the performing arts and studied at a prominent theater school in Barcelona as a child. Amorós also revealed in interviews that she learned French growing up and became fluent in English and Catalan as well.

Even before finishing secondary school, Amorós began auditioning for acting roles. She made her professional on-screen debut at just 16 years old with a part in the 2014 Spanish comedy film The Corpse of Anna Fritz. The next few years brought minor roles in various Spanish television shows. But it wouldn’t be until 2018 that Amorós got her big breakout opportunity.

Breakout Role on Elite

In 2018, Amorós was cast in the Netflix original series Elite as Cayetana Grajera Pando. The show follows students at an exclusive private school and examines clashes between working-class scholarship students and their wealthy classmates. As Cayetana, Amorós played an intelligent but insecure student who pretends to be rich in order to fit in with the elite social circle.

Elite became a massive hit across Europe and Latin America and turned its young cast into stars seemingly overnight. Amorós’ emotional performance earned her critical acclaim. Cayetana was also a fan favorite character, leaving a lasting impression through her character arc over the first three seasons.

The worldwide popularity of Elite represented a huge boost for Amorós’ career. Though the show faced some controversies over its depiction of mature content, there was no denying it gave Amorós major exposure and a platform to showcase her talents.

Other Notable Acting Roles

On the heels of her Elite fame, Amorós began scoring more prominent acting roles in Spanish film and television. In 2019, she appeared in several episodes of the TV crime drama Welcome to the Family. She played the girlfriend of a man secretly infiltrating an organized crime family.

Amorós was also cast in the third season of Vis a Vis (Locked Up) in 2020. She took on the role of Triana, a young woman imprisoned for drug trafficking. Her emotional performance as an inmate attempting to survive brutal conditions earned strong reviews.

On the film side, Amorós has expanded into English-language projects as well in recent years. She had a supporting role in the 2020 Woody Allen film Rifkin’s Festival starring Wallace Shawn. Amorós plays a alluring local girl who becomes involved with an older American tourist.

The versatile actress also makes use of her multi-lingual abilities by dubbing films into Spanish. She was the voice of Shuri in the Spanish dub of Black Panther and has voiced characters in other Marvel projects.

While her career continues to grow, Elite remains Amorós’ most widely-seen role so far. But at just 24 years old, she has ample time to further showcase her talents on both the small and big screen.

Advocacy for Social Causes

Beyond her acting work, Georgina Amorós has become an outspoken advocate for several social justice issues that are important to her. She frequently promotes feminism and women’s rights through her social media platforms. Amorós attended Madrid’s feminist march in 2018 and spoke about gender-based violence.

She also is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ causes, appearing in events for Madrid Pride and speaking out against discrimination. After getting criticism for playing a bisexual character on Elite, Amorós defended the LGBTQ+ community and stressed the importance of representation in entertainment.

In addition, the actress uses her wide social media following to bring awareness to climate change, refugee rights, and other human rights causes. She even deleted her Twitter account for a period in 2019 after receiving death threats over her character on Elite.

However, Amorós proved she would not be deterred from advocating for equality and standing up to online hate. She continues to spotlight important issues, proving herself to be much more than just an actress.

Personal Life and Current Endeavors

In her personal life, Georgina Amorós has been in a relationship with Diego Betancor since late 2019. Betancor works behind the scenes on Elite as an executive producer, which is likely how the two met. Amorós tends to keep the details of her dating life private for the most part.

Professionally, she has continued acting in various projects after finishing her run on Elite in 2021. Amorós is expanding her English-language work with a role in the upcoming thriller film The Plagues of Breslau. She also is voicing characters in the Spanish versions of shows like Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

While her advocacy work takes up much of her time, Amorós also enjoys activities like Pilates, yoga, and spending time with friends in her downtime. She has said she loves discovering new restaurants.

Having just turned 24 in 2022, Georgina Amorós still has an incredibly bright future ahead as both an actress and activist. With her series of upcoming projects and steadfast commitment to social justice, there is no limit to how far her star can rise.

Georgina Amorós: Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Georgina Amorós Serrat
  • Born: April 30, 1998 (age 24) in Barcelona, Spain
  • Fluently speaks four languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan
  • First major role: Cayetana on Elite (2018-2021)
  • Other notable roles: Welcome to the Family, Locked Up, Rifkin’s Festival
  • Advocates for feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, human rights
  • Currently dating Elite producer Diego Betancor (since 2019)
  • Enjoys Pilates, yoga, discovering new restaurants

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgina Amorós

Here are some common questions people have about the Spanish actress:

How did Georgina Amorós get discovered as an actress?

Amorós had studied theater from a young age in Barcelona. She began auditioning professionally as a teenager and got minor roles in Spanish film/TV projects. Her big break came in 2018 when she was cast as Cayetana on the Netflix hit Elite at age 19.

What projects is Georgina Amorós working on next?

Amorós has a role coming up in the thriller The Plagues of Breslau. She also continues to voice act for Spanish dubs of shows like Miraculous Ladybug. Amorós is likely to announce more upcoming projects soon as her career continues rising.

Why did Georgina Amorós delete her Twitter account?

In 2019, Amorós faced significant backlash including death threats on Twitter related to her LGBTQ+ character on Elite. She ultimately deleted her account for a period to avoid the hate tweets.

How does Georgina Amorós advocate for social causes?

Amorós uses her social media platforms and appearances at events to advocate for feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, climate action, and other human rights causes. She also speaks out in interviews.

Is Georgina Amorós dating anyone currently?

Yes, Amorós has been in a relationship with Diego Betancor since late 2019. Betancor works as an executive producer on Elite which is likely how they met.


In just a few short years, Georgina Amorós has already displayed immense talent as an actress and dedication as an activist for equality. Having found fame with her breakout performance on Elite, Amorós continues maturing into a multifaceted performer. Her willingness to use her platform to speak out against injustice shows wisdom beyond her years. At 24, Georgina Amorós has a bright future ahead as she expands her acting work and remains committed to causes bigger than herself. We can expect amazing things to come from this rising star.

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