Who Is everleigh labrant dad And What Happened To Him? 2023 Update

Who is Everleigh LaBrant dad?, She is one of the most popular child influencers on social media, with over 14 million followers across platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Her cute antics and adorable personality have made her a viral sensation.

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Behind the scenes though, Everleigh and her family have been dealing with heartbreak over the loss of her biological father, Tommy Smith. This article will provide an update on who Tommy Smith was, what happened to him, and how Everleigh and her loved ones are coping with his tragic passing.

Who Was Everleigh LaBrant’s Dad Tommy Smith?

Everleigh’s biological dad was Tommy Smith. He and Everleigh’s mom Savannah Soutas (now Savannah LaBrant) dated for a while and had Everleigh together in 2012. After breaking up, Savannah and Tommy co-parented Everleigh as she got involved in social media and influencer marketing.

Tommy was, by all accounts, a loving and devoted father to Everleigh. He cherished his time with her and played an integral role in her life, even after Savannah remarried Cole LaBrant. Savannah was always appreciative of Tommy and made sure Everleigh had a close relationship with her dad.

How Did Tommy Smith Pass Away?

In September 2022, Savannah LaBrant announced the devastating news that Tommy Smith had passed away. The cause of Tommy’s death has not been officially confirmed. There has been speculation that it may have been due to health complications, but the family has not provided any details.

Understandably, Savannah requested privacy for her, Everleigh, and their loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. She also asked that people refrain from inquiring about the specific circumstances surrounding Tommy’s passing, as they are processing this enormous loss.

How Has Everleigh Reacted to Her Dad’s Death?

Losing a parent at any age is painful, but it can be especially confusing and traumatic for children. Everleigh just turned 10 years old in May 2022, and she was extremely close with her dad Tommy.

In the months since Tommy’s death, Everleigh has openly shared her grief over losing her father so suddenly. She frequently posts emotional tributes to him on social media. It’s clear Tommy had an immense impact on Everleigh’s life, and his loss has devastated her.

Everleigh’s mom and stepdad Cole have also been incredibly supportive and are helping her process her grief in healthy ways. They emphasize the importance of remembering and honoring Tommy’s memory. The family leans on one another for comfort and has asked for privacy during this time.

What Has Savannah Said About Tommy’s Death?

On September 13, 2022 Savannah posted on Instagram confirming Tommy’s passing.

She wrote:

“Our hearts are incredibly heavy. Words will never be enough to express the pain we are all feeling. On September 9th, Everleigh’s dad went to be with Jesus. The last 3 months have been the most difficult months of my life as I have processed what that would mean for Everleigh.”

She went on to say:

“But in the darkness, God has shown Himself faithful like never before. He has given supernatural peace to get us through. We are forever grateful for the years we had with Tommy.”

Savannah thanked everyone for their prayers and again requested privacy as their family grieves. She also asked that any speculation about the circumstances surrounding Tommy’s death be kept private out of respect for Everleigh.

It’s clear Savannah is heartbroken over Tommy’s untimely passing. They maintained a cordial co-parenting bond that put Everleigh first. Savannah recognized Tommy as an amazing father who loved Everleigh immensely.

How Has the LaBrant Family Been Coping?

The LaBrants have come together to support Everleigh as she grieves the loss of her dad. They emphasize leaning on faith, family, and positivity during this time.

Savannah, Cole, Everleigh, and her younger half-siblings Posie and Zealand frequently post memories of Tommy and messages about grief, healing, and cherishing loved ones. Keeping his spirit alive for Everleigh is very important to them.

Understandably though, they have asked for privacy and grace as they navigate unimaginable pain. Tommy’s death has changed their lives forever. They are taking the loss day by day and focusing on emotional health and healing.

The outpouring of comfort from caring fans has meant a lot, as long as it comes from a place of compassion not speculation. The LaBrants appreciate ongoing prayers and positive thoughts as they grieve Tommy.

What Will Everleigh Do To Honor Her Dad’s Legacy?

While coping with tragedy, Everleigh strives to keep her dad’s spirit alive. Simple, touching ways she honors Tommy include:

  • Sharing fond memories and photos of him as a loving, fun dad.
  • Posting emotional tributes to him on special occasions like his birthday or Father’s Day.
  • Spending time with family who share memories of Tommy.
  • Finding comfort in looking at old videos of them playing together.
  • Keeping a framed photo of Tommy in her room.
  • Discussing happy memories of Tommy with her mom and siblings.
  • Staying positive, knowing her dad loved her so much and is with her in spirit.

The loss of her beloved father will stay with Everleigh forever. But she focuses on honoring the special bond they shared, and the wonderful man he was. Tommy gave her life, love, and so many happy memories. Everleigh is committed to remembering and celebrating her incredible dad.


The tragic loss of Everleigh LaBrant’s father Tommy Smith has deeply shaken the family and especially Everleigh. As they grieve, the LaBrants are prioritizing privacy, leaning on their faith, and honoring Tommy’s memory for the amazing father he was to Everleigh.

They appreciate ongoing love and support from caring fans during this incredibly sad time. Everleigh is staying strong, cherishing the special relationship she shared with her dad, and striving to keep his vibrant spirit alive. Tommy will remain an integral part of her heart and her family forever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Everleigh LaBrant’s Dad

Who was Everleigh’s biological father?

Everleigh’s biological dad was Tommy Smith. He and Savannah Soutas (now Savannah LaBrant) dated for a while and had Everleigh together in 2012 before splitting up.

How did Tommy Smith die?

In September 2022, Tommy Smith passed away unexpectedly. The exact cause of his death has not been publicly confirmed. The LaBrant family has requested privacy regarding the specific circumstances.

How old was Everleigh when her dad died?

Everleigh had just turned 10 years old in May 2022 when she lost her dad Tommy a few months later in September 2022.

Did Everleigh have a close relationship with her dad?

Yes, by all accounts Everleigh and her dad Tommy were very close. He was an extremely involved, loving father and they shared a special bond. His sudden passing has been devastating for her.

How has Everleigh’s mom Savannah reacted?

Savannah is also grief-stricken over Tommy’s tragic death. They co-parented Everleigh together, and Savannah has spoken about what an amazing dad Tommy was to Everleigh and how much he’ll be missed.

What has the LaBrant family said about his passing?

The LaBrants have asked for privacy and prayers as they grieve Tommy. They are honoring his memory as Everleigh’s beloved father. The family is leaning on their faith to cope with this terrible loss.

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