What is slow horses season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Slow Horses Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

Slow Horses, the British spy drama series, has quickly become a hit after premiering on Apple TV+ in 2022. The show, based on Mick Herron’s Slough House book series, follows a group of MI5 agents who have been exiled to the Slough House department for their career-ending mistakes. With the thrilling concludes of season 2 leaving fans wanting more, anticipation is high for Slow Horses season 3. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming installment.

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Release Date

The release date for Slow Horses season 3 has not been officially announced yet. However, considering that season 1 dropped in April 2022 and season 2 followed shortly after in December 2022, we can expect season 3 to arrive sometime in late 2023.

There were only 8 months between the first two seasons, so season 3 could possibly premiere as early as August or September 2023. The show was renewed for seasons 3 and 4 back in May 2022, so it’s likely production is already underway on the next installments. Fans will have to stay tuned for an official release date.


Most of the main cast is expected to return for Slow Horses season 3, including:

  • Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb, the brilliant but ill-mannered leader of the Slough House spies
  • Olivia Cooke as Sid Baker, a talented new recruit to Slough House
  • Jonathan Pryce as David Cartwright, the head of MI5 who exiled Lamb
  • Kristin Scott Thomas as Diana Taverner, Cartwright’s deputy
  • Jack Lowden as River Cartwright, an MI5 agent and David’s grandson
  • Saskia Reeves as Catherine Standish, an exiled MI5 agent
  • Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy, a Slough House agent
  • Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho, a Slough House tech expert

Some new characters from the book series are also likely to be introduced in season 3 as well.


Details are scarce about the exact plot of Slow Horses season 3, but it will most likely follow the storyline of the third Slough House novel, Real Tigers, by Mick Herron.

Potential Season 3 Spoilers Ahead!

In the book, the agents of Slough House are searching for answers after the disappearance of Catherine Standish. She vanishes after a night out with River Cartwright, leading to suspicion and secrets surrounding her whereabouts.

The book also deals with political turmoil and a kidnapping plot against a Russian oligarch. Jackson Lamb and his spies must tread carefully to avoid an international incident. They uncover conspiracies that reach to the highest levels of MI5 and British intelligence.

The teaser trailer for season 3 shows the characters reacting to Standish’s disappearance and features shots of protests and chaos in the streets. So it seems the show will follow the main threads of the Real Tigers storyline closely. Fans can expect high stakes for the dysfunctional Slough House team in season 3.


Apple TV+ released a very brief teaser trailer for Slow Horses season 3 in December 2022, attached to the season 2 finale. The 30 second promo is mostly composed of dramatic shots of the characters looking concerned interspersed with images of riots and protests.

Jackson Lamb says ominously, “Things are about to get a whole lot worse.” We then see Sid Baker discovering Catherine Standish’s abandoned cell phone on a bridge. It’s clear that Standish’s disappearance will play a big role in season 3.

The brief trailer builds suspense and tension for the new season without giving away any real plot points. We’ll have to wait for a full length trailer closer to Slow Horses season 3’s release date to get more insight into the storyline.


Seasons 3 and 4 of Slow Horses were ordered by Apple in May 2022, before season 2 had even aired. Academy Award winning director Jeremy Lovering returns to direct all 6 episodes of season 3.

Filming on seasons 3 and 4 began in late 2022, with production based in the U.K. Mick Herron, author of the Slough House novels, is closely involved in the TV adaptation as an executive producer.

“I’m thrilled that the TV adventures of Jackson Lamb and his deadbeat spies will be expanding,” Herron told Deadline after the season 3 and 4 renewal. “Now that Apple TV+ has shown what they can do, who knows – maybe I’ll actually let them film one of my books?”

What to Expect

With its cast of eccentric characters and thrilling spy plots, Slow Horses has proven to be a winning adaptation. For season 3, fans can look forward to the following:

  • More excitement and intrigue as the Slough House team searches for Catherine Standish
  • New threats that raise the international stakes
  • More insight into the histories of Jackson Lamb and his spies
  • The introduction of characters like Spider Webb and Min Harper from the novels
  • Slough House working an operation outside of their London comfort zone

Slow Horses offers the perfect blend of complex plots, dry humor, and compelling characters brought to life by a stellar cast. Season 3 promises to up the ante with more mysteries, uneasy alliances, and high-risk secret missions.

Slow Horses Season 3 FAQs

When will Slow Horses season 3 be released?

An exact release date is still TBD, but sometime in late 2023 based on the previous seasons’ scheduling.

What will season 3 be about?

It will likely follow the plot of the novel Real Tigers, dealing with Catherine Standish’s disappearance and political conspiracies that threaten the agents of Slough House.

Who is in the cast for season 3?

Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Olivia Cooke, Jonathan Pryce, Jack Lowden, and other main cast members will return. New characters from the books may also be introduced.

Is there a trailer for season 3 yet?

Only a very short teaser trailer has been released so far, showing the characters reacting to Standish’s disappearance.

How many episodes will there be?

Like the previous seasons, Slow Horses season 3 will consist of 6 episodes.

When does filming start?

Production on seasons 3 and 4 began in late 2022 after the renewal announcement.

The Future of Slow Horses

With two more seasons confirmed after the thrilling conclusion of season 2, Slow Horses is poised to become a long-running spy saga on Apple TV+. The streaming service has found both a critical and commercial hit.

Mick Herron has written 9 Slough House novels so far, with plenty of source material left to be adapted. And Gary Oldman has expressed interest in playing the rumpled Jackson Lamb for multiple seasons.

Slow Horses offers a distinctly British take on the spy genre with its flawed everyman heroes. With strong ratings and reviews, Jackson Lamb and his crew of misfit agents look to have a bright future at Apple TV+ solving MI5’s toughest cases.

Season 3 promises to up the stakes and intrigue even further when it drops later this year. Spy aficionados and fans of complex characters are sure to be riveted by what’s next for Slow Horses.

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