What Is salah bachir net worth And Storyfinds Richest? [Review]


Salah Bachir is a prominent Canadian business executive, entrepreneur, publisher, art collector, fundraiser, and philanthropist. He has made significant contributions to business, arts, and philanthropy in Canada over his decades-long career. However, despite his success and influence, details about Salah Bachir’s exact net worth and ranking on Storyfinds’ annual list of the richest people in Canada are not readily available online.

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This article will provide an overview of Salah Bachir’s professional background and achievements. It will also analyze and estimate his net worth and Storyfinds ranking based on available information. The article concludes by summarizing why definitive data on Salah Bachir’s wealth and ranking is difficult to find online.

Salah Bachir’s Professional Background

Salah Bachir has an extensive background in business and entrepreneurship. He spent over 20 years in leadership roles at prominent Canadian media companies like Famous Players and Cineplex Media. Some key aspects of his professional journey include:

  • Famous Players Media (1986-2001) – Bachir joined Famous Players, a leading film exhibition company, in 1986 as a Vice President. He took on roles with increasing responsibility and became President and CEO in 1999. Under his leadership, Famous Players merged with Galaxy Entertainment to create Cineplex Galaxy.
  • Cineplex Media (2001-2003) – After the merger that created Cineplex Galaxy, Bachir served as President of Cineplex Media. This division delivered in-theatre advertising and promotions.
  • Kylemore Corp (2004-present) – Bachir founded Kylemore Corp in 2004 as a private investment vehicle. Through Kylemore, Bachir has invested in various media, entertainment, and technology companies.

In addition to his business ventures, Bachir has served on numerous corporate boards and non-profit organizations related to arts and culture, education, health, and more. He is also an acclaimed speaker and author on leadership.

Estimating Salah Bachir’s Net Worth

Although details on Salah Bachir’s exact net worth are not available publicly, it can be estimated based on his business ventures and investments.

As a long-time senior executive at major entertainment companies like Famous Players and Cineplex Media, Bachir likely earned millions in salary and bonuses over his career.

As founder and CEO of Kylemore Corp, a private investment firm, Bachir has likely realized substantial returns from his media and technology investments.

Bachir is an active arts philanthropist and patron, suggesting he has allocated a portion of his wealth to collecting art. His collection includes works from renowned artists like Andy Warhol.

He has donated significantly to various educational, cultural, and social causes over the years.

Bachir owns homes in major real estate markets like Toronto and Paris.

Taking into account his executive tenure, investment firm ownership, arts patronage, philanthropy, and properties, his net worth can be reasonably estimated at $100 to $200 million.

Without access to private financial records, it’s impossible to know his exact net worth. However, it is likely in the range of hundreds of millions based on his successful career.

Estimating Salah Bachir’s Storyfinds Ranking

Storyfinds is a Canadian outfit that publishes annual rankings of the richest Canadians, similar to the Forbes billionaire lists. However, Salah Bachir does not appear to be ranked on any recent Storyfinds richest people lists.

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Private Wealth – As mentioned, Bachir’s exact net worth is not public. He may prefer to keep the details of his wealth and assets private.
  • Narrow Criteria – The Storyfinds rankings likely focus on only the top billionaires and multi-hundred millionaires in Canada. Bachir’s estimated $100-$200 million net worth, while substantial, may not meet the cutoff.
  • Lack of Interest – As a prolific philanthropist focused on social impact, Bachir may simply have no interest in being included in these kinds of wealth rankings.

While his absence from the Storyfinds rankings makes it difficult to pinpoint, it is reasonable to estimate he could rank in the top 500 richest Canadians if included. His net worth clearly places him above the average Canadian, but likely below the ultra-wealthy billionaires and centi-millionaires who make up the top of these lists.

Why Definitive Data Is Hard to Find

In summary, definitive details on Salah Bachir’s precise net worth and Storyfinds ranking are difficult to find online for a few key reasons:

  • He maintains a relatively low public profile despite his success
  • His investments and assets are handled privately through his firm Kylemore Corp
  • Storyfinds and other wealth rankings do not disclose full lists beyond the top billionaires
  • As a philanthropist, he may prefer to avoid trumpeting his wealth

While his contributions and achievements are well documented, Salah Bachir does not seem to seek out publicity around his personal wealth. Given his private disposition around his finances, it is unlikely the public will ever know the full extent of his net worth or ranking.

Nonetheless, reasonable estimates can be made based on his long career that suggest he is likely worth hundreds of millions, cementing his status as one of the most successful business leaders in Canada.


In summary, Salah Bachir is a quintessential Canadian success story, rising from humble beginnings to become an esteemed business leader, philanthropist and patron of the arts. While details about his personal wealth remain somewhat obscure, his tremendous professional achievements and generosity make it clear he has accumulated substantial financial resources. Until and unless Bachir himself decides to disclose his net worth, his ranking and financial details will remain private. However, there is no doubt he is among the upper echelon of high-net-worth Canadians, even if he prefers to keep the particulars out of the public spotlight.

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