What Happened to moon sua Health Issue, Rapper Moonbin’s sister? [Update]

What Happened to Moon Sua’s Health After Her Brother Moonbin’s Death? Moon Sua, the younger sister of late K-pop star Moonbin, has been the subject of much attention and concern regarding her health in the aftermath of her brother’s tragic passing. Moonbin, who was a member of the boy band Astro, died by suicide on April 19, 2023 at the young age of 27. His death came as a tremendous shock to family, friends, and fans across the world. For his sister Moon Sua, the grief has been especially profound.

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Overview of Moonbin’s Death and Its Effect on Moon Sua

On April 19, 2023, Moonbin’s management agency Fantagio Entertainment confirmed that the 27-year-old had taken his own life. According to the agency, Moonbin had been struggling with depression and anxiety for some time leading up to his death. The news devastated fans of Astro worldwide, who loved the talented singer and dancer. But Moonbin’s closest family was hit the hardest.

Moon Sua and Moonbin were known to share an extremely close bond as siblings. When the news of her brother’s passing reached Moon Sua, she was absolutely distraught. On April 20, a video circulated online showing Moon Sua crying uncontrollably after hearing that her beloved older brother was gone.

Understandably, Moon Sua found herself unable to carry on with her usual activities and commitments in the immediate aftermath of her brother’s death. She ended up suspending all activities for around two months following Moonbin’s passing in order to fully grieve.

Concerns About Moon Sua’s Health Arise

As the weeks went on after Moonbin’s death, concern mounted regarding Moon Sua’s well-being. Given that her brother had depression and anxiety severe enough to drive him to suicide, many worried that Moon Sua could also be struggling with her mental health.

There was an outpouring of sympathy and worry for the young woman as she grieved her brother. Fans urged Moon Sua to take care of herself and seek any help she needed.

Beyond just mental health, there was worry that the tremendous grief could take a physical toll on Moon Sua as well. The emotional trauma of losing her only sibling so suddenly was sure to weigh heavily on her.

Overall, the public sentiment was that Moon Sua needed support and care during this incredibly difficult time in order to maintain her health and wellness.

Moon Sua Posts Heartfelt Tribute to Moonbin

On June 7, 2023, Moon Sua made her first personal social media post regarding her late brother by sharing a touching tribute to him on her Instagram account.

The post contained a black-and-white video showing Moon Sua and Moonbin joyfully dancing together in what appeared to be a practice room. In the caption, Moon Sua shared her immense grief and love for her brother:

“I miss you so much, my brother. I love you so much. I will always remember you.”

The tribute provided a brief but precious glimpse into the close relationship the siblings shared. Fans were moved to tears by the evident depth of Moon Sua’s pain and longing for her brother.

While brief, this Instagram update reassuringly demonstrated that Moon Sua was up to making public posts again after months of mourning. The tribute was widely celebrated by fans as a meaningful step in Moon Sua’s healing process.

Moon Sua Announces Hiatus for Health Reasons

On September 12, 2023, Moon Sua’s agency Play M Entertainment released a statement that the actress would be temporarily halting all activities due to health concerns.

The agency did not provide any details about Moon Sua’s condition or what prompted the medical hiatus. However, given the timing, many believe the suspension is related to Moon Sua’s grieving process and the need to take care of her mental well-being.

Play M stated that the halt in activities would be temporary, implying that Moon Sua’s condition was not overly severe. The agency asked for understanding from the public and for fans to respect Moon Sua’s privacy during this sensitive time.

While an exact timeline for Moon Sua’s return was not provided, the announcement signals that the late Moonbin’s sister is prioritizing her health and recovery. Fans expressed their encouragement for Moon Sua to take all the time she needs.

Moon Sua Health issue After Her Brother Died

The past few months have been incredibly difficult for Moon Sua as she mourns the loss of her brother and K-pop star Moonbin. The young performer has had to navigate profound grief in the public eye after her brother took his own life following battles with depression and anxiety.

Out of deep concern for Moon Sua’s well-being, the public and Moonbin’s fans have rallied around her and hoped she is receiving adequate support and care. The tragic nature of Moonbin’s passing has raised worries that Moon Sua may also struggle with maintaining her mental or physical health.

Moon Sua’s recent announcement that she will be taking a break from activities due to medical issues seems to confirm speculation that her health has been impacted by her traumatic grief. However, her fans hope this period of rest will allow the actress time to heal both body and mind from the toll of her brother’s death.

The outpouring of sympathy for Moon Sua demonstrates how beloved both she and her late brother Moonbin are. Fans will surely be waiting with encouragement and open arms for when Moon Sua decides she is ready to return to public life once again.


What happened to Moon Sua’s brother, Moonbin?

On April 19, 2023, Moonbin, a member of the K-pop group Astro, died by suicide at the age of 27. His agency Fantagio Entertainment reported that he had been struggling with severe depression and anxiety prior to his death. His passing came as a huge shock to family, friends, and fans.

How did Moon Sua react to the news of her brother’s death?

Moon Sua was absolutely devastated by her brother Moonbin’s sudden death. A video circulated on April 20 showing Moon Sua sobbing uncontrollably after hearing the tragic news. She reportedly suspended all work activities for around 2 months in order to grieve her brother.

What health concerns have arisen regarding Moon Sua following her brother’s death?

There has been widespread concern for both Moon Sua’s mental and physical health as she mourns her brother. Many worry she could also be struggling with depression and anxiety like her late brother did. There are also worries that the extreme grief could take a toll on her physically as well.

When did Moon Sua post her heartfelt tribute to her brother?

On June 7, 2023, Moon Sua shared a touching video and message memorializing her brother on her personal Instagram account. It was her first social media post regarding her brother’s passing, coming almost 2 months after his death.

Why is Moon Sua taking a break from activities now?

On September 12, 2023, Moon Sua’s agency announced she would be temporarily suspending all activities for health reasons. While details were not provided, it is speculated this break is to focus on her grieving process and mental well-being following her brother’s suicide.

Table Summarizing Moon Sua’s Health Timeline

April 19, 2023Moonbin dies by suicide at age 27
April 20, 2023Video circulates of Moon Sua crying after news of Moonbin’s death
April – June 2023Moon Sua suspends activities for ~2 months to grieve Moonbin’s death
June 7, 2023Moon Sua posts tribute to Moonbin on Instagram
September 12, 2023Moon Sua’s agency announces she will take hiatus from activities for health reasons


The shocking and devastating loss of her beloved brother has clearly taken a tremendous toll on Moon Sua. In the months since K-pop star Moonbin’s tragic death by suicide, concern has mounted around his sister Moon Sua’s health. After taking a brief break from activities to initially grieve, Moon Sua showed she was ready to slowly return to public life with a special tribute to her late brother. However, in a saddening development, she has now had to announce another hiatus specifically for health reasons.

Moon Sua has experienced profound grief that fans worry could impact both her mental and physical wellbeing without proper care. As she takes this latest break to focus on her health, the public hopes Moon Sua is surrounded by love and support. Fans will be awaiting her return, hopefully rejuvenated, but also understand if she requires more time given the difficult trauma she has endured at such a young age after her brother’s passing. The outpouring of sympathy around Moonbin’s beloved sister Moon Sua is testament to how treasured they both are.

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