What Happened to Carl Azuz And Current Update?

Carl Azuz, the longtime host of CNN 10, has recently left the show after hosting it for over 14 years. Azuz’s last appearance as anchor was on June 1, 2023. His departure from CNN 10 came as a surprise to many viewers who have grown accustomed to receiving their daily news from Azuz. So what happened to Carl Azuz and what is he up to now? Let’s take a look at the details surrounding his exit and what updates there are on his current endeavors.

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Background on Carl Azuz and CNN 10

Carl Azuz is an American journalist and news anchor best known for his long-running role as the host of CNN 10. CNN 10 is a daily 10-minute news program produced by CNN that provides current events, features, and breaking news to middle school and high school classrooms across the United States and around the world.

The show was launched in 2009 under the name CNN Student News. Azuz took over as anchor and has been hosting the show for over a decade, since August 2009. Over the years, he became a familiar face that millions of students saw each day in their classrooms.

Azuz was born on August 14, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 2012 with a degree in telecommunications arts production. His early career was as a news writer for CNN before transitioning into the on-air role as host of CNN Student News, which was later rebranded as CNN 10 in 2017.

Azuz was known for his upbeat delivery of the day’s news stories and peppering his scripts with humorous puns and witty wordplay. His informal yet informative style resonated with young viewers and made him a popular host.

Carl Azuz’s Departure from CNN 10

On June 1, 2023, Carl Azuz announced his departure from CNN 10 after hosting the show for over 13 years. CNN reported that Azuz made a “personal decision” to leave the show. The details behind this decision have not been made public.

Azuz had been absent from new episodes of CNN 10 for several weeks leading up to the announcement in June. His last appearance as anchor was on May 17, 2023. Reruns with Azuz continued to air until June 30, 2023.

In a farewell message to viewers, Azuz said, “To everyone who has tuned in for the last 13 years, thank you. I’m going to miss you more than I can say.”

His exit marks the end of an era for the long-running news program. Azuz was the only anchor CNN 10 had ever known. For over a decade, his personality and hosting style set the tone and format for the show.

CNN has not yet announced any plans for a new permanent anchor to replace Azuz. The show continued throughout June 2023 with a rotation of guest anchors. It is unclear if Azuz’s exit will lead to a reimagining or reformatting of CNN 10 going forward.

Speculation on Why Azuz Left

Since Azuz and CNN have not given any details on what prompted his “personal decision” to leave CNN 10, much speculation has swirled on social media around why he suddenly departed after over 13 years as host.

Some theories suggest that Azuz desired a change after over a decade in the same role. Perhaps he wanted to pursue new opportunities either within news and broadcasting or entirely different fields.

Others have wondered if Azuz was let go by CNN or there were tensions behind the scenes. However, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims.

It does not seem Azuz’s exit was for lack of popularity. He maintained a strong connection with CNN 10’s young audience throughout his tenure. Students and teachers continually showered him with praise and appreciation on social media.

In the absence of a clear explanation from Azuz or CNN, the reason he left remains a mystery. Whatever the impetus was, Azuz ultimately decided his time as the face of CNN 10 had come to an end.

What is Carl Azuz Doing Now?

With Azuz no longer hosting CNN 10, many fans are curious what his next move will be. However, he has not announced any upcoming projects or new professional endeavors.

Azuz’s social media accounts have been quiet since his departure from CNN 10. His Twitter page still identifies him as the anchor of CNN 10, but he has not tweeted since May 2023.

It appears Azuz is laying low in the immediate aftermath of his exit. He may be taking time to consider what he wants to do next in his career and life. Given that he was the sole anchor of a daily news show for over 13 years, he may be enjoying a break from the rigors of that schedule.

Some speculate Azuz may look to leverage his experience and profile into a new hosting opportunity, whether in news media or another genre. He built a personal brand around his fun, engaging presentation style, which could open doors.

Others think he may want to try getting behind the camera and pursue writing, producing, or directing. His background in telecommunications production indicates he has experience with these roles.

Of course, Azuz could also decide to leave the broadcasting world entirely. He may want to spend time with his family, travel, or pursue personal passions outside of news media.

Until Azuz himself announces what his plans are, his next steps remain a mystery. For now, the beloved CNN 10 host appears to be laying low and figuring out what his post-anchoring life will look like.

Impact on CNN 10 Moving Forward

Carl Azuz was the only daily anchor CNN 10 had known since its launch in 2009. His exit leaves big shoes to fill going forward.

For the remainder of 2023, CNN will rely on a rotation of guest anchors to host the show. This transitional period will allow producers to experiment with new approaches and talent.

It remains to be seen if one guest anchor may prove popular enough with viewers to be elevated into a permanent position, or if producers will want to continue mixing it up.

The show may also test out some format changes in Azuz’s absence and try to cater to evolving audience needs. However, CNN will likely be careful not to stray too far from the formula that made CNN 10 successful with young viewers.

Azuz’s distinct hosting style set the tone for CNN 10’s first 13 years. His successors will need to find the right balance of maintaining what viewers loved about the show while also putting their own spin on delivering the daily news.

CNN faces the challenge of retaining its loyal audience through this transitional period. For many students and teachers, watching Carl Azuz each morning was a beloved ritual. The network will have to work to keep that viewership engaged with new anchors and approaches.

While Azuz’s talents and presence on CNN 10 will be missed, the show must go on. After over a decade with the same friendly face greeting them, viewers will require some time to warm up to the new era.

If producers play it right and choose strong new hosts, CNN 10 can continue informing young audiences while also evolving with the times. Azuz’s legacy will always be associated with the show he helped build.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carl Azuz’s Departure

Carl Azuz’s exit from CNN 10 after 13 years as anchor has left many viewers with questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Who was Carl Azuz?

Carl Azuz was the primary anchor and host of the CNN news program CNN 10 aimed at young audiences. He had been with the show since its launch in 2009 under the name CNN Student News.

Why did Carl Azuz leave CNN 10?

Azuz and CNN have not specified exactly why he decided to leave the show. They stated only that it was a “personal decision.” The details and reasons behind this decision have not been publicly disclosed.

When did Carl Azuz leave the show?

Azuz’s last appearance on CNN 10 as anchor was on June 1, 2023. His departure had been announced internally in September 2022 but only made public on the date of his final episode.

Who replaced Carl Azuz on CNN 10?

So far, CNN has not named any permanent replacement host for Azuz. The show has continued with a series of guest anchors. It is not yet known if one anchor will eventually be chosen or if CNN will continue with a rotation.

What is Carl Azuz doing now?

Azuz has not announced any upcoming projects or what he plans to do next career-wise. He appears to be laying low after his exit from CNN 10. It is speculated he may be taking time off before announcing a new position.

Will Carl Azuz return to CNN 10?

There is no indication at this time that Azuz will return to hosting CNN 10. His departure seemed like a definitive end to his 13-year run on the show. However, there is always a possibility he could make guest appearances.

How can I still watch Carl Azuz on CNN 10?

Reruns featuring Carl Azuz as host continued airing on CNN 10 through June 2023. Otherwise, short archived clips are available on CNN 10’s YouTube channel that highlight some of Azuz’s most memorable moments from the show.


After over 13 years as the sole anchor of CNN 10, Carl Azuz shocked many when he announced his departure in 2023. While the exact details remain unknown, Azuz emphasized this was a personal decision.

In his absence, the future of CNN 10 is unclear but the show must go on with new hosts and possibly new formats. Azuz leaves behind a strong legacy as the original face and voice students associated with their daily news program.

What Azuz’s next move will be remains a mystery. He may seek another hosting role or try something completely different. For now, the longtime CNN 10 anchor appears to be taking time to figure out his post-show plans away from the public eye.

While his enthusiastic presence will be missed, Azuz has more than earned a break after so many years informing young audiences. The impact he had on both CNN 10 and the millions of students who grew up watching him won’t soon be forgotten.

Table: Key Facts About Carl Azuz’s Departure from CNN 10

August 2009Azuz takes over as anchor of CNN Student News, later rebranded as CNN 10
May 17, 2023Azuz’s last appearance as anchor on new episode of CNN 10
June 1, 2023Azuz’s departure announced; he hosts his final CNN 10 episode
June 30, 2023Final rerun episode featuring Azuz airs
September 2022CNN reports Azuz had internally announced his exit back in September 2022

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