The WatchSeries Alternatives In 2022 To Watch Series in HD Quality for Free

In this era of the digital realm, we are bound to be attached to gadgets. Without our phones or lappies, we are lost. From learning to entertainment, we are fond of this digital revolution. Especially, when it comes to entertainment, we are bound to the popular apps and distinct websites.

Want to play a game or watch a movie? Everything is possible with a click. There are alternatives for everything. These days, WatchSeries are trending so much. We have found another alternative to watching our favorite TV shows and series, online. These are excellent online platforms, which will let you watch anything for free. WatchSeries are famous among movie lovers for their adequate services.

Who would have imagined that in 2022, we will find out multiple alternatives for WatchSeries too?

Advantages of WatchSeries alternatives

WatchSeries are independent sites to watch movies and series for free. These sites can be accessed by anyone, but one thing has been bothering us for a long time – what if our favorite website gets suspended? This thing happens a lot of times. 

To stay tuned with your favorite source of entertainment, we have the WatchSeries alternatives. Let us know more about the benefits of knowing some decent WatchSeries alternatives for 2022.

  • You should never miss a trending movie or series. Most of the time the WatchSeries gets banned for internal glitches. That does not mean you will miss everything. You can watch similar content from WatchSeries alternatives.
  • WatchSeries can provide you with rich content. You must be aware that every site has its specializations. We cannot get the full package on a single platform. With these alternatives, you can watch movies, TV shows, web series, news, sports, documentaries, and many more.
  • WatchSeries are available online for free. You can join any WatchSeries without sharing your details. Find out the best source that does not charge any fees and asks for personal details.

Are WatchSeries alternatives safe?

There are multiple WatchSeries alternatives on the internet. Generally, the sites can be safe, if your device’s security is up to the mark. Instead of worrying, it is better to check on the safety measures every time you watch something from WatchSeries alternatives. Anyone can access these sites for free content. So, you have to be aware of these simple things:

  • Be conscious of DMCA and copyright. These days, many sites are uploading videos by violate the copyright policy.
  • Check out the proper link. Do not click on the links blindly for watching a movie online or downloading them. Some may redirect you to a paid site or some may fool you with the wrong content.
  • Be aware of fake sites or links. They can hamper or cause malware to your device.

Some fantastic WatchSeries alternatives of 2022

There are dozens of websites, which offer free movies, series, and TV shows for the audience. Do you think it is possible and safe to access every website? Not all sites available on the Internet are safe. Many of them may be threatening to your device or offers pirated content.

To get rid of all these, you can simply follow some genuine sources of WatchSeries alternatives. Just go through the below-mentioned pointers and check out the 11 well-known WatchSeries alternatives so that you never go out of the trend.

1. Mobdro


Mobdro is a well-known streaming application that can function on Android devices. The content can be downloaded or watched for free. Unlike any other hoax website, Mobdro collects the content from its viewers. There are fewer chances for pirated content. This can be a good WatchSeries alternative because it also offers channels for news, technology, sports education, and so on.

2. Cyberflix


Cyberflix is another good alternative to WatchSeries 2022 because it can offer a wide range of content for free. Without registering, you watch can everything for free. Download the content or stream them online. You can get HD-quality videos from this online platform. Cyberflix can work on both Android and iOS devices.

3. OreoTV


OreoTV has numerous benefits for the viewers. Once you get addicted to this website, you cannot switch easily. Oreo TV offers multiple trending shows, which are famous on TV. This WatchSeries alternative will let you watch live TV anytime and from anywhere. Can you imagine that OreoTV has more than 500 TV channels? Android users can easily access this app and watch their favorite TV shows at 4K resolution. This free app is very user-friendly and also offers a dark mode to boost your experience.

4. Vudu


Vudu is one app for all. This application can fit on more than 15 devices. The easy interface of Vudu makes it user-friendly. No doubt it is one of the WatchSeries alternatives of 2022. Without any subscription, you can watch all the shows and movies for free. Vudu is supported in many countries; thus it is so famous among users. So, enjoy the 4K videos only on Vudu.

5. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

Another super cool WatchSeries alternative of 2022 is Free Movies Cinema. This website will offer you famous Hollywood movies along with fan-made movies; other documents are also available on this website. From this source, you can get a variety of content for free. Just a single click and your favorite content will play on the screen. It is a great opportunity for the exposure of newcomers, who can also portray their talent independently on this platform. 

6. MoviesJoy.To


This site offers all the HD quality series and movies to its viewers. The best part about MoviesJoy.To is that – there are some hidden series as well, which you may not find anywhere. MoviesJoy.To is quite popular for offering an easy interface and free content to the users. The Apk version can also be accessed on Android devices. You can enjoy all videos in HD quality. Stream them online or download them.

7. Popcornflix


This popular website is completely independent and offers films to the world. You will get quality Hollywood movies from Popcornflix. It can be a great WatchSeries alternative because here you get a variety of genres and A-listed films. Popcornflix is very popular in North America; from television shows to cartoons, it streams everything. Users will have to watch a full-length advertisement before they watch any content.

8. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Many of us are quite aware of the name Pluto TV because it is a very popular video-streaming site. The rich content and variety of television shows and movies have made Pluto TV famous. You can watch more than 100 channels and get additional content like web series, news, documentary, broadcasts, and so on. Pluto TV is another WatchSeries alternative for 2022. This site is capable of offering exclusive programs from IGN and the World Poker Tour.

9. 123 movies

123 movies

123 movies are considered a huge platform for movie streaming all over the globe. From uploading movies to watching movies of different genres – everything can be done on this virtual platform. The easy interface and free access make 123 movies more prominent. You will be able to find all the latest content. Androids, Windows PC and Apple devices can support this website. So, enjoy all the fast streaming and bulk of the excellent collection online.

10. YouTube TV

YouTube TV

This generation will always be grateful to YouTube. YouTube TV can work on any device. Many series and movies are originally released on this platform. Get the promising quality video and audio, along with fast streaming. From content creators to viewers, everyone is available on YouTube TV. All the contents are accessible for free on this site. From movies to TV shows, YouTube TV can be a decent WatchSeries alternative.

11. Stream2watch


This WatchSeries alternative will let you watch free movies and TV shows. You can stream all the latest content for free. Millions of people around the world actively use Streams2watch. It is a boon for sports lovers as well because the Stream2watch features live sports. You can go to the categories and choose your favorite genre. This site has a very easy interface to lift your mood.

Are the WatchSeries alternatives legal?

WatchSeries alternatives are legal but some are illegal. Once you start trying the alternatives, you will get the proper idea. A genuine WatchSeries alternative has a decent and well-designed interface. Just be aware of the scam. You never know which link will work and which one is malware.

Instead of worrying, you can simply enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Start streaming all the content and take the advantage of WatchSeries. It is mostly legal and safe. So, you can grab this opportunity and have a nice time. It is safe to download the content or watch them online.


In simple words, WatchSeries alternatives of 2022 are way better. They are genuine and user-friendly. All these sites can be accessed, for your favorite movies and soaps. Search them online and just a single click will stream your favorite show on the screen. These alternatives of WatchSeries cover everything you need to watch this year.