10 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives in 2022

If you thought that animation and cartoon shows are only for children, think again. Cartoon shows and movies are gaining immense popularity among the adult generations, thanks to their amazing storyline and even better animation. Besides the premium and subscription-based platforms, there are several free cartoon websites like WatchCartoonOnline that have gained immense popularity.

Besides their functional websites, these platforms offer a huge collection of animated and cartoon shows without any charges. But, there’s a catch. Most of the available content on the website is either pirated or tracked from third-party copyrighted sources.

This puts such free websites at risks of suspension and bans. The same is common with WatchCartoonOnline as well. So, knowing about some of the best alternatives can make it easier for you to watch your shows without interruptions.

Top WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

When looking for alternatives, we wanted our list to include websites that are super functional and easy to use. Following a lot of research, we have managed to narrow down our list to our top 10 choices.

1. Toonjet

For users looking for cartoon streaming platforms for free and without added registrations, Toonjet is possibly the best option in the equation. Besides the user-friendly navigation on the website, the platform also brings forth a huge collection of HD-quality movies that you can comfortably binge watch in your free time.

There is a choice for you to register and sign-up to the website but its not a 100% necessary. Besides your latest cartoon shows and animated movies, the website also hosts a range of amazing old classic cartoons that were popular around the 90s. These include your staple shows like The Flinstones, Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.

2. KissAnime

Although the website primarily focuses on anime shows and movies, you can also find a huge collection of cartoon shows available on the website. From older cartoons to the latest release, the platform brings you a host of options that you won’t regret streaming or eventually downloading from the website.

Since the website is 100% free, you’d have to makedo with the existing roadblocks and ads that pop up here and there. But, don’t let it frustrate you because the ads don’t appear when you are streaming any of the anime shows on the platform. There is a separate premium plan you can subscribe to if you don’t want ads.

3. CartoonsOn

If you like the user interface and the layout of WatchCartoonOnline, you will love using CartoonsOn as well. The website is a lot similar in terms of the layout and the overall user experience. Also, the collection of cartoons and anime shows on CartoonsOn mimics what you’d find on WatchCartoonOnline.

So, you aren’t missing out on any of your favorite shows, old or new with CartoonsOn. Besides that, the website hosts some of the most popular cartoon producers, including Nickelodeon, Walt Disney and so on. The only downside to this website is that it lacks a download option. You’d have to stream your content via the built-in video player.

4. Cartoon Crazy

Like the name suggests, Cartoon Crazy is for all those anime and cartoon fanatics that can’t get enough of the shows. The website specializes in anime videos, so you will find both mainstream and underrated anime content upgraded and updated on the website on a daily basis. But, that’s not all, the website also has international cartoon shows that are common favorites among people.

The overall user interface is mediocre since it can include a lot of pop-up ads and intrusions while you are navigating through the website. All that aside, the available content on the website comes with dubbing or subtitles so you can enjoy your favorite anime or cartoon shows without any complications.

5. SuperCartoons

Another popular WatchCartoonOnline alternative worth considering is SuperCartoons. There are newer cartoon shows updated to the website every day or every week, making the website highly interactive and easy to play around with. Besides the easy accessibility, the website also comes with an user-friendly layout and organized categories that make it easier for you to watch your favorite shows buffer-free.

This is one of the few cartoon websites that hosts the full-length episodes of some of the old classic cartoons that most of us have grown up watching. Another highlight is the minimal ads on the website, which prevents interruption while you are watching some of your favorite cartoon shows on the website.

6. AnimePahe

When talking about good and working WatchCartoonOnline alternatives, we had to include AnimePahe in the list. This one is unlike no other, especially with the amazing range of content that is available. This is a 100% free and 100% ad-free website, which is quite a rare combination. So, the next time you want to experience a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience, this is your call.

The overall user interface is quite minimal and organized, something that most anime watchers are particular about. You also have access to a direct search button that enables you to watch your favorite shows without any ads popping up in the middle.

7. KissCartoon

Next up on the list we have another popular and reliable anime and cartoon website. KissCartoon draws a lot of inspiration from KissAnime, in terms of website layout and the available content. It is their sister site afterall. Also, the website gains hundred and thousands of viewers each month, further contributing to its popularity.

Unlike KissAnime that focuses specially on anime shows and movies, KissCartoon is more focused on cartoon shows. You can find your old classics and also get access to the new launches that catches your eye. The overall website is highly organized and contains a built-in streaming feature for easy viewing experience.

8. Anime Flavor

Its not everyday that you come across a high-quality anime website that allows you to watch their content for free. With Anime Flavor, you get to make that a possibility. Besides the huge collection of movies and shows on their website, everything is organized in an alphabetical order.

So, the next time you have a specific anime or cartoon show that you feel like watching, Anime Flavor is the only website you need to look into. Besides being completely free, the website also doesn’t require you to sign up, which is great as well. There are certain issues with their content availability, especially since most of them are hosted from copyrighted sources.

9. Cartoon8

Although a fairly new website, Cartoon8 is one of those alternatives that is going to become big pretty soon. They emphasize more on the western animated shows and cartoons that are a public favorite among kids and adults alike. It is gaining a rapid momentum in the cartoon streaming market on the internet, all due to the interactive layout and user experience.

Coming to the streaming quality, everything is available in HD or FHD quality to ensure that it doesn’t affect your viewing pleasure. Most of the anime shows come with dubbing and subtitles for you to enjoy the shows. Additionally, the website’s layout is pretty great too, enabling you to search and navigate through the website without any drawbacks.

10. 9Anime.to

9Anime.to is a must mention in the list of the top WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. It is specifically a highlight for the cartoon enthusiasts, especially the ones that want to navigate through a huge library of content to switch up their viewing pleasures.

The overall user interface comes with readable titles, organized layout and categorized shows that makes the search process a lot easier. One of the unique traits in the website is the “Light Off” feature that enables you to watch your favorite cartoon shows without any kinds of interruptions in between. Not once will you have to worry about an ad disrupting your viewing experience once you enable this particular feature.


1. Is WatchCartoonOnline a legal website?

WatchCartoonOnline is a 100% free cartoon streaming platform that hosts third-party copyrighted content on their website. This insinuates that the website is not legal and experiences strikes against piracy.

2. Is WatchCartoonOnline a safe website?

Despite the legality issues with this cartoon streaming platform, it is completely safe and doesn’t impose risks to your personal information. You won’t have to worry about malware attacks, scams and phishing with this website.

3. Is WatchCartoonOnline a free website?

Yes, the website is 100% free and doesn’t require any kinds of registration too. If the website is not available in your country, you can bypass the ban using a paid VPN service. 


WatchCartoonOnline is no doubt one of the best video streaming websites that you can come across online. However, you need to realize that the website hosts illegal and pirated content, which puts them at risks of getting banned. Having a record of some of the functional alternatives makes it easier for you to fall back on any of the website and never miss out on watching free cartoons online. Our list includes a versatile range of choices, all of which are functional and 100% free at the moment.

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