Best VIPLeague Alternatives In 2022 For Sports Streaming

Watching sports is not only a mode of entertainment but it has become an important part of our lives. There are different kinds of sports like cricket, football, etc. Which sport you like to watch completely depends on your choice. 

The most widely watched sports include football, hockey, badminton, cricket, and a few more. People who are sports enthusiasts mainly have an interest in any particular sport. Sometimes, a person can have an interest in several sports together. 

The Internet has come up with so many websites like VIPLeague where you can watch all important sports events. It also allows you to stream live matches of your desired sport. VIPLeague was introduced to make it easy for free sports fanatics to watch everything with a single tap. 

You can use this website to watch live matches with your friends and family in the comfort of your home itself. This website lets you watch basketball, baseball, esports, football, NBA, and others. Read below to know more about this website. 

Reasons to use/features of VIPLEAGUE 

If you’re wondering why you should use this website, here are some reasons you must know: 

  • 100% working links 

One of the best reasons to use this website is that you will find all working links on this site. Not even one out of the links here us expired and you can use any link without having to worry. These links are completely safe and they don’t carry any malware/virus to your device.

  • Large thumbnails 

There are large thumbnails on this website that make it easy for you to recognize the content you’re looking for. The entire website has large thumbnails for each content category. This is a great advantage for those who are very careful about investing their time. 

  • Useful information

The website has a lot of useful information on the streaming page. This information can help you in knowing about the games you’re watching. If you’re new to any sport, you can get brief information about it by going through this information. 

  • Excellent UI and design 

The website has a very good design and user interface. This makes it suitable to be used by sports fanatics of all age groups. It makes it very easy for the users to look for their favorite sports shows and events. 

Best alternatives for VIPLEAGUE in 2022

Some of the best alternatives for VIPLeague that you can use in 2022 are as follows: 

1. First row sports

First row sports 

If you’ve tried many options but nothing meets your requirements, try this one. This website helps you watch sports events from different parts of the globe. Be it basketball, tennis or cricket, you can find all sports here. It also covers every major event to ensure that you watch all the important events of your favorite sport. The best part is that this website offers an ad-free experience.

2. Time4TV


Regardless of whether you enjoy watching a basketball match or any TV show, this website has it all for you. It has a very clean and organized interface apart from numerous features. You just need to tap on the topmost menu to view the time and all videos available for streaming. The button on the sports channel shows you many famous channels where you can watch gameplays, highlights and watches. You can also explore many other sports matches on this website. 

3. Sports 365

Sports 365

Sports 365 is a website that you can use for free to watch live matches played by your favorite teams. It also provides you access to all live plays without asking you to create an account. It has a watch-and-go model, which makes it popular amongst the rest of the sites. It is easy to use and you can navigate easily through the website. 

4. CricFree


As the name suggests, CricFree is a completely free website that can be used to stream all your favorite sports. Though, it was initially started only for cricket matches but gradually expanded to many other sports categories due to its high popularity. Towards the left of the website, you will find a complete list of channels to stream. It provides high-quality videos which are in HD. 

5. SportLemon


Sport Lemon is one of the best alternatives to VIPLeague and you must try it at least once. It has a simple design and layout. You can also find a schedule of all games and sports events on the homepage. It covers all the well-known sports so can binge freely on various categories. You can get 100% active links for all sports like basketball, football, hockey, etc. On the homepage, you will find all the matches scheduled for a particular day. 

6. WizWig


WizWig can take you through all the popular sports across the world like handball, baseball, soccer, football, etc. It provides high-quality links which allow you to play HD videos. You can now watch your favorite team play just with a tap on the screen. Tap on the live sports option to view the schedule of different matches fixed for the day. It also has an option for live TV. It has been set by the local time zone of your country. It has a clean user interface and is easy to use. 

7. Sport P2P

Sport P2P

Sport P2P is another website that is easy to use and has a simple design. You may find this website to appear outdated, but the streams and videos are not. You can load all the streams at a faster speed. The website features all streams in HD and this makes you feel you’re in a theatre. If you have lesser time, you can tap on the highlight option on the menu bar, so you can keep yourself updated with all the happenings in the match. You will also find a table that shows you all the live events for the day. 

8. Social 442


If you are a big fan of soccer, this website is the best one for you. It is the most engaging and interactive website where you can watch all soccer matches. There are no ads to annoy you as you watch the live streams of your favorite team playing. To access all the features, you must create an account. You can also talk to people with similar interests and collaborate with such individuals. It has separate apps for both Android and iOS platforms and if you want to stay updated with all that is happening in the soccer world, you can subscribe to their newsletter. 

9. SportStream


SportStream is a website that has been designed in a very clean and organized manner. It has a web design that is themed in red. It allows all users to stream their favorite sports free of cost. It has many sports categories like ice hockey, football, tennis, bicycle racing, golf, racing, etc. You will also come across links that take you to various sports betting sites. The newest thing about this website is that it allows you to view the live scores of your favorite sport anytime you want.

10. Sports RAR TV

Sports RAR TV

Last but not the least; this is also a great alternative to the VIPLeague website. It allows you to watch matches of different sports like football, cricket, hockey, baseball, basketball, and others. There is no subscription fee you need to pay for using this website. The user interface and design of this website are so good that you will have a great experience streaming sports here. 

Is VIPLEAGUE ad free? 

One of the most common questions users tend to have in their minds is whether this website is ad-free or not. Ads are very distracting and they disturb your focus when you’re watching a sports match or event. However, the good part is that this website has no ads. You will not come across even a single ad when watching a sports event or live match. There is no pop-up to distract you when you’re streaming a live sports match. 

What games can you watch on VIPLEAGUE? 

The games you can watch on VIPLeague are as follows: 

  • Cricket: You can watch live matches of cricket on your computer, smart TV, or phone. This is the most well-known sport in India and if you enjoy cricket, you can watch it anytime, anywhere. 
  • Boxing: You will get access to all live matches in this category. You can watch these matches on several devices. 
  • Rugby: If you enjoy Rugby, it is good that you can now stream all live rugby matches here as well. You can also watch other Rugby events on different devices which support this sport. 
  • Football: This is the most popular content streamed by users. You will find all the latest matches on this website. 
  • Ufc: This category of the website comprises brutal combat games. If you love combat, you will enjoy streaming this category. 



That’s all you should know about the VIPLeague website and its alternatives. In case, this website doesn’t work, you can try out the different alternatives which have been mentioned above in this post. There are many more websites you can try as well but these are working alternatives and you must try them out.