The Overlord Season 4: Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to witness the NPC monsters and minions from Overlord, the dark fantasy anime series? Do you want to know when and where it will take place? We’ve journeyed to meet the creatures of the east and west, and we’ve gathered the knowledge we need to find the answers you’re looking for. Season 4 of the anime was announced in May 2021 through the anime’s official Twitter account, with production beginning in May 2021 for the cast, crew, and creators. More details about the fourth season of the action-packed anime have finally been revealed.

Kugane Maruyama is the creator and artist of the light novel series The Overlord. This anime is a beautiful isekai series that is now getting famous owing to its dark fantasy elements. Today that the fourth season of this anime has been revealed, it’s no wonder that fans all across the globe are interested to hear when Overlord season 4 will be released.

All You Need To Know About The Storyline

Momonga who is the protagonist of the series is also known as Ainz Ooal Gown. He gets pushed into a popular internet game called YGGDRASIL. He joins this game after all the servers of this game fail. Momonga goes out to tour the globe in an attempt to understand what has transpired.

Momonga, a salaryman who seems to have tried to log out at the last minute, is encountered in the online world of Yggdrasil. Things go wrong, and he gets locked in-game as an online avatar resembling a skeletal lich.’ It just so happens that the avatar is also a powerful wizard. Furthermore, the NPCs around him have personalities of their own, as if they are alive and have minds of their own. Essentially, the narrative begins in the Tomb of Nazarick. Momonga (or his in-game name Ainz Ooal Gown) is established as a strong character in the first two episodes. I’m not a fan of overdone characters, and Ainz is no exception. 

As the story progresses, the show demonstrates his resilience to poison, superb fighting ability, weapon arsenal, and even a sentient intellect. The plot, however, takes a few unexpected turns. While interacting with the NPCs he encounters, Monomga keeps his human features. They seem to serve him as if he were God, therefore it takes some time for him to acclimate. Momonga’s personality is also suppressed, and he engages in devious behavior throughout the series. However, I would not characterize him as arrogant since he is loyal, honest, and values his employees. As the narrative progresses, he develops an aversion to death. (Given the irony that he is a skeleton, the embodiment of death).

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Season 1 Of The Overlord

Momonga, the protagonist, spent two years building a powerful guild in Yggdrasil, a fantasy DMMO-RPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). He’s level 100, in charge of a massive fortress, and wields an enormously powerful heavenly weapon. Momonga intends to play the game until Yggdrasil’s servers crash, despite the knowledge that Yggdrasil is scheduled to shut down. As he walks about the guild offices, Momonga contemplates over his guild’s adventures and triumphs. 

This was originally enjoyable, but the action lasted much too long. Momonga soon ends up in his royal room and starts mentioning guild figures whose names most of us won’t remember. Momonga has already said why he likes the guild, thus this seems to be a waste of time. When the servers fail, Momonga finds imprisoned in the game, and the previously dead NPCs around him begin to take on personalities.

Recap of the Season 2

Overlord’s second season begins directly after the first, following the narrative of Ainz Ooal Gown, his motley army of human-hating guards, and the many unlucky people touched by the Overlord’s presence. Overlord Season 2 follows the story of Ainz Owl Goon, the self-proclaimed King of the Undead, and his hero identity, Momon of Darkness. 

The season flows beautifully from the first and focuses on the scenery rather than the people in Nazarick’s tomb. A large side plot is also added, which takes up roughly a quarter of the season and deals with the buildup of a struggle between the Nazarick army and an alliance of lizard people.

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What You Need To Know About Season 3

Season 3 of Overlord has both positive and negative qualities. The humor is consistent throughout the series. The banter between Ainz and Demiurge is hilarious, and learning that Albedo is a virgin succubus is pure sarcasm. The opening theme is without a doubt one of my favorites in any modern anime. The score is also excellent. 

While the animation is uneven at times, it is gorgeous for the most part, especially when representing magic. The character designs continue to be unique and artistically pleasing. While the season’s overall narrative was a tad lackluster, the surprise ending with Momon meeting Ainz was exhilarating and sets up a lot of possibilities for the following season.

Season 4: What Will It Be About?

Fans of the game-centered series are wondering whether they will finally see the Holy Paladin storyline in the current season, but it has been speculated that this would be addressed in the future full-length feature film, which director Ito has promised will be released in 2022. The 4th season will be a direct continuation of the third.

Trailer Of Season 4 Of The Overlord

The official Overlord Twitter account released the first PV teaser for Season 4 on December 17th, 2021. The 56-second teaser doesn’t give us much information, but the music and imagery have us excited for what’s to come in Overlord’s enormous realm. you can find this trailer anywhere on youtube. Surprisingly, the firm has also announced that Season 4 would debut in 2022. However, a particular release date will have to wait a bit longer. The announcement contains a new teaser image in addition to the first PV teaser and release date. In the released image, Ainz, the guardians, and other new characters can be seen.

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The Cast Of The Overlord Season 4

The voice of our protagonist, Ainz is given by the very talented Satoshi Hino. The character of high-ranking official Albedo is Yumi Hara. Sumire Uesaka is giving the voice of cruel and beautiful Shalltear. And the characters of Mare, Aura, and Demiurge are Yumi Uchimaya, Emiri Katou, and Masayuki Katou respectively.

All in all, the cast in the fourth season seems to remain the same. There haven’t been any further changes or additions in the cast so we can look forward to the same amazing and talented actors voicing our favorite characters once again.

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Release Date Of The Overlord Season 4

According to the show’s creators, Overlord Season 4 will be released in Japan in 2022, with no information on when it will premiere or when it will be available in other countries. However, since the season will most probably be released by the middle of this year, we are optimistic that it will be made available in other countries with dubbing in English and other languages by the end of this year.  Seasons 1 and 3 aired in July, with Season 2 spanning from January to April 2018, ending only three months before the third season began. Many people are speculating about another summer release now that they have this information.

Given the novel, there should be enough content for a fifth season in the future, and this show makes a lot of money. As a consequence, we believe it is feasible to anticipate the release of Overlord Season 5 within the next several years.

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The Overlord Light Novel

The Overlord is based on the same-named light novel. The author, Kugane Maruyama, released the last volume in Japan on March 12, 2020. Overlord has fourteen volumes as of January 2022. The manga adaptation is also available in 16 volumes.

Regardless of how many volumes have previously been published, the book is not yet complete. The Overlord light book is still being worked on, but it’s finish is near. The Overlord series, according to the author, will conclude with volume 17. This implies that there will only be three more books. However, unlike season 4 of the anime, no publication date has been set for volume 15 of the manga, even though it has previously been declared that it would be released in 2022.

Volume 10 of the Overlord light novel series follows the third season. Overlord Light Novel Volume 10 in English is a wonderful place to start if you want to pick up where the third season left off.

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Where Can You Watch It?

There is no word on where we will be able to see Season 4 of Overlord. After almost four years of waiting, fans of the series are certainly anticipating seeing the fourth installment as soon as possible, due to Crunchyroll’s simulcast premium service, which enables viewers to see episodes of various anime series one hour after they air in Japan. 

Crunchyroll’s premium membership starts at $7.99 per month and includes ad-free streaming, simulcast episode releases, and access to the site’s digital Manga library. You can also watch the previous season of the anime on Hulu and Netflix. However, the availability can differ according to your region.

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Concluding Thoughts

The show may be seen from a variety of viewpoints. From the standpoint of a light novel reader and adaption, it’s clear to state that the series is mostly focused on Momonga. Almost every episode emphasizes his function, charisma, or general personality. The relationships and ties he forms with other characters are likewise shown in a variety of ways. This is evident in the seductive Albedo, who is madly in love with him. As a character and story-driven series, getting acclimated to the program will undoubtedly need time and adaptation. 

Despite its inventiveness, the series suffers greatly from an overemphasis on Momonga. It concentrates much too much on his character while also emphasizing the absurdity of his slaves’ affection for him. There’s also a lot of deadpan humor, with character rivalries, expressions, and the overall tone of their characterization. However, I would acknowledge that the show’s roster of characters is varied. Regardless of the narrative, innovation, storyline, and animation, the program is already a fan favorite, and we are all waiting for the next season with bated breath.

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