The hit series ‘Bridgerton’ Returns with More Scandal, Secrets, Seduction & ‘a Transcendent Moment’

The popular Netflix series “Bridgerton” is back for Season 2 and ready to put you back to the 19th-century era in England. 

This Shonda Rhimes-produced hit revolves around Anthony, the eldest Bridgerton sibling Anthony and his quest for a wife. New society entrant, Edwina Sharma makes a perfect choice for the former lothario. But will Anthony accidentally fall for her sister Kate?

Creator Chris Van Dusen said that the main narrative arc for the second season is the question of love versus duty, or heart versus head, which one will win.

Bridgerton Season 2 is soon to arrive on Netflix. It’s indeed great news for viewers who have been patiently waiting for the next season to come.

Van Dusen said that the series is about happy love stories. Kate and Anthony go toe to toe throughout the season. He described them as magnets as they always get drawn to each other.

Ashley says that she links with him in a way that she hasn’t done before. They mirror each other and hold a lot of responsibilities and duties.

Season 2 is full of twists and turns. This season viewers will know that Penelope has been hiding the biggest secret all this while. 

Coughlan described her as a minefield. She said that if she were in her place, she could never handle that much stress.

Coughlan added that she always thought that she has a drag persona. She said it is a very complex character as she has several sides to her.

Those sides are exposed throughout the season, as Penelope navigates her affection for Colin Bridgerton, an unappreciative family, and her friendship with Eloise.

Rosheuvel said that in this era people started to write things down. 

Eloise and Penelope have a lot in common with Kate. Ashley said that she likes Kate because of how opinionated she is. She didn’t bother about people not liking her. She is a true rebel and very intelligent.

Compared to the first season, season 2 has fewer sex scenes which can be a little disappointing to some viewers.

Van Dusen said that they never do sex scenes just for the sake of doing it. He went on to explain that all the sex scenes shown in the series have a larger purpose.

Season 2 will have modern music and it will start with Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.”

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