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Title Author Genres
Dead Energy. James M. Corkill Literary science fiction, Action Adventure Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction including science fiction mystery thriller, Action Adventure Romance
Cold Energy part 1. James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure
Red Energy. Cold Energy part 2. James M. Corkill science fiction Action Adventure time travel
Gravity James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure
Pandora’s Eyes James M. Corkill Artificial intelligence, Literary science fiction, Science fiction mystery, Science fiction first contact., Science fiction thriller
DNA James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure, Science Fiction, Science Fiction First Contact, Science fiction Area 51, science fiction genetics
Directed Energy Kaal Alexander Rosser Action Science Fiction
Critical Error Kaal Alexander Rosser Hard Science Fiction
Power Base Kaal Alexander Rosser Action Science Fiction
Angel Caging and other stories Martin Reed literary fiction, Speculative Fiction including science fiction, Short Stories
Nightblade: A Book of Underrealm Garrett Robinson Action/Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
Inspired by Art: A Peek at Bathsheba Uvi Poznansky art history
Dragon of Ash & Stars H. Leighton Dickson Fantasy
Back Story Patricia McLinn cozy mystery murder
The Last Necromancer C.J. Archer Steampunk Romance
The Art of the Tree Cassie Kitzmiller home crafts, seasonal, Christmas, decorating, Non-Fiction/Advice-How To
Songs of the Deliverer Elvo Bucci Christian Fiction
Marriage before Death Uvi Poznansky WWII Spy Thriller, romantic suspense
Hypnosis Maria Inês Rebelo Literary fiction + magic realism, Speculative Fiction including science fiction
Chausiku The Nightmare Begins: The Mystery of the Clans Pamela E. Cash science fiction YA, Fantasy YA, Science Fiction Fantasy YA, NA Fanatasy/Sci-fi, Sci-Fi, fantasy Sci-fi, Dark Fantasy Supernatural Metaphysical Paranormal
Undeniable Delaney Diamond Contemporary Romance
Wired Rogue Toby Neal Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Bandits Peak Chris Eboch Teen and Young Adult, Teen, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Suspense, survival
Hope In Every Raindrop Wesley Banks Contemporary Women's Fiction
An Amish Starry Christmas Night Diane Craver Romance, Amish, Contemporary
To Hell in a Coach Bag M.J. Schiller Contemporary Romance and Humorous Fiction
The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers R.A. Gates Contemporary, Fiction, Middle Grade, Mystery, Supernatural, Zombie
Origin Pedro Urvi Teen & Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Patrick Henry Classic, Historical, Non Fiction
Before the Leap Liz Isaacson Christian Fiction - Romance, Christian Fiction - Western Romance, romance contemporary
Embrace Renee Field Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Short Story
Species Contour Peter Andra sci fi fantasy adventure
Murder on Military Road Ricky Corum Mystery Thriller & Suspense
The Complete Father Brown Mystery Series G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton Christian, Classic, Mystery
Undercover Amish Ashley Emma Amish Fiction/Romance, Crime Fiction, Detective mysteries, Adult Suspense Thriller, Christian Suspense
Wellington Letters Cheryl R. Lane Victorian historical romance, civil war historical fiction
Storm Crazy Bonus Set (Storm Crazy & Cry Me a River) Livia Quinn Contemporary fantasy / Mystery / Paranormal romance
The New Guard Kevin Wright Horror, shortstory
The Titan Drowns Nhys Glover Science Fiction, Romance, Fiction
Snowdrops and Stardust Sue Lilley Romance, New Adult, Short Story, Chick-lit
Million Dollar Question Ellie Campbell Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary Women's Fiction Romantic Comedy
The Pride of Lions Marsha Canham Action/Adventure, Fiction, Historical, Romance
Bound to the Highlander Kate Robbins Highlander, Historical, Medieval, Romance
A Rented World Merle Temple Crime, Mystery, political thriller, Christian
The Starlight Club Joe Corso Crime, Mob Boss, Fiction historical, Crime non-fiction
And Then She Was GONE Christopher Greyson Crime Fiction and Mystery
PREDICTABLE VIOLENCE Gillean Campbell Crime Fiction and Mystery, crime novel
Inside the Whispers AJ Waines Psychological Thriller, Psychological Suspense, Crime Fiction, Crime Fiction and Mystery
Mash Up Joe Klingler Mystery, Thriller, murder, police, psychological, Crime Fiction, Crime
Written to Death Zach Abrams crime thriller, British police procedural



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