Book Library

Title Author Genres
Every Day Needs A Dog Billi Tiner Fiction, Literary Ficiton, Humor, Satire
Have You Seen Her? Rich Silvers Adult Suspense Thriller
Living in Italy: the Real Deal Stef Smulders Memoir and Travel
Soul Slam Allie Burton Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Middle Grade, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Afflicted: Patient Zero Derek Shupert Action Adventure Science Fiction Horror, Zombie
Dead Energy. James M. Corkill Literary science fiction, Action Adventure Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction including science fiction mystery thriller, Action Adventure Romance
Cold Energy James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure
Red Energy James M. Corkill science fiction Action Adventure time travel
Gravity James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure
Pandora’s Eyes James M. Corkill Artificial intelligence, Literary science fiction, Science fiction mystery, Science fiction first contact., Science fiction thriller
DNA James M. Corkill Science Fiction Action Adventure, Science Fiction, Science Fiction First Contact, Science fiction Area 51, science fiction genetics
Inspired by Art: Rise to Power Uvi Poznansky Literary Ficiton
To Journey in the Year of the Tiger H. Leighton Dickson Action/Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
In Times Like These Nathan Van Coops Time Travel, Science Fiction, Time Travel Adventure
A Halloween Hookup Jennie Marts Contemporary Romance paranormal, Ghost Stories
Touched By Time Zoe Matthews Fiction/Romance/Time Travel
Her Sister's Shoes Ashley Farley Contemporary Women's Fiction
Sowing Angie Grigaliunas Dystopian, Medieval Fantasy, Medieval, Action Adventure Romance, medieval fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Young Adult Dystopian Romance Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult fiction
Second Chances Tess St. John Fiction, Romance, Regency, Regency Romance
Oh My Laird! Sahara Kelly Regency Romance, British Romance, Scottish. Highlander
The Music of Us Uvi Poznansky Romance, literary fiction, Military/Historical Fiction (20th Century)
Heart of the Highlander Kate Robbins highlander romance
Heart of the Highlander Kate Robbins highlander romance
Welcome to Loon Lake Kitty Bucholtz Inspirational Contemporary Romance/Chick-lit
LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS Laura Ingalls Wilder Classic
The Sapporo Outbreak Brian James Craighead Futuristic, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Zombie
Hot Tea: A Novel Sheila Horgan Contemporary, Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
The Becomer David Michael Miller Sci-Fi, Metaphysical & Visionary, Short Story, Kindle short reads, Literary Ficiton
California Bound Frank Kelso Historic Western
Unity Tested Kristene Perron Teen, Dystopian Science Fiction
A Space Girl from Earth Christina McMullen Science Fiction, Young Adult
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens Classic, Fiction, Historical
Cloak of Deceit Gwen Mitchell Urban Fantasy Romance, New Adult & College, Urban Fantasy, vampires, Paranormal Romance, contemporary fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
Six Days of Memories Stacy Eaton Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, female sleuths, Crime Fiction
Intriguing Women Lakshmi Raj Sharma contemporary fiction literary fiction
Trusting the Currents Lynnda Pollio Visionary Fiction, Literary Ficiton, Religious Fiction, Metaphysical & Visionary, multicultural fiction, Spiritual Fiction
The Sundial Salesman Chassis Albuquerque humor & satire, contemporary fiction literary fiction
Paper Clouds Barbara Pace contemporary fiction literary fiction, Action Adventure Romance
Day One Hugo Barnacle contemporary fiction literary fiction
What Solomon Saw and Other Stories Mary Dean Cason Fiction, literary, Short Story, Anthology
The Girl on the Ferry j. d. Reid literary, General, Romance, Gay/Lesbian
Message From a Blue Jay Faye Rapoport DesPres Memoir, Creative Nonfiction, Personal Essays, Literary Essays
Smoke Road Toby and Emily Romance, Thriller
Minimalist Transformation Craig W. Hedge self help, minimalism
The Untethered SW Southwick contemporary fiction literary fiction, Action & Adventure
Zombie Girl A. Giacomi action horror, Fantasy/Supernatural
The Child - Alien in the Delta Book Thankful Strother Teens and Young Adults
Don't Remember Rich Silvers Psychological Suspense
The Absurd Adventures of Monkey, Puppy, and Lion: The Day of the Flying Pot Roast Nick Stockton Fiction, kids books, Children/Middle Grade
Concrete Wings Beverly Gandara Literary Ficiton, Coming of Age, Family relationships, Travel Cuba



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