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The Advocate

The Advocate Series

Teresa Burrell

FREE on Kindle

For Sabre Orin Brown, life is good; she has it all...or would have, if only she could solve the mysterious disappearance of her brother. The search for her brother and her career as a Juvenile Court Attorney collide when she defends a nine-year-old whose father will go to any length to obtain custody.

Sabre finds herself immersed in a case with too many unanswered questions. Her quest for the truth takes her coast to coast and five years into the past. Confronted with mysterious clues and strange occurrences, Sabre is threatened by someone wanting to make her suffer the unbearable anguish of losing everything--including her life.

As Sabre's passion to find the answers intensifies, she discovers a twisted history of desperation, deceit, and revenge. And she discovers how obscure and treacherous the truth can be.

Elegantly Denim

An Elegant Prelude

Tee Smith

FREE on Kindle

Money, power and loyalty.

Violence, greed and drugs.

Finding his way in the world his father has built. Denim must learn who to trust and where his loyalties lay.

Everyone has their price, but there are some things, even money and power can’t buy.

Ruthie's Surprise

Amish Romance in the West Book 3

Faye P. Baker

99¢ on Kindle

Ruthie King feels like her future has been planned out for her. But what if that future is not the one that she wants? What is God's Will for her life? Her family works closely with the Shrocks, whose son, Abner, seems to be the perfect man for her. Ruthie is happy to go along with this plan until she meets Mark Moser. He is kind, non-judgmental, and so easy to talk to! She loves his kind, twinkling eyes and quick smile. 

Take a Walk on the Dead Side

Jada Ryker

FREE on Kindle

Take a Walk on the Dead Side is the exciting and hilarious sequel to the Kindle Scout winner and goofy thriller Take the Body and Run

Macey Malloy and Wikket, her cantankerous cat with a nose for crime, plunge headlong into danger when a stalker targets an innocent college student. Terrified for the girl, Macey tries to help her, only to be trapped in the web of deceit with tangled links to missing women.

Dodging stalkers and investigating disappearances doesn't allow Macey much time for her love life . . . which is a hot mess. With good intentions, her detective boyfriend crosses the thin blue line from good to evil. The charismatic and dangerous man from her past keeps popping up in her present. Her almost-boyfriend employs his fart machine in matters of life, love, and death. A handsome stranger makes her shiver . . . with both attraction and the fear that he may be following a secret, deadly agenda connected with the cold cases of the women who'd vanished over fifteen years ago.

As if she doesn't have enough on her plate, Macey contends with Stan Glee. The popular YouTube host is determined to cash in on her notoriety. Glee is convinced he's marvelous, while she's certain that he has issues.

Even with her grumpy cat's help, will Macey solve the mysteries before it's too late?

Macey Malloy Mysteries with a Chick-Lit Twist

  • Prequel: "Two Tickets to Paradise" (FREE in Winter Solstice, an anthology by Kindle Press authors)
  • Book One: Take the Body and Run
  • Book Two: Take a Walk on the Dead Side

Hard Wood

Men of Lake Tahoe Book 1

Jules Barnard

FREE on Kindle, Kobo & Nook

*NOTE: Previously titled Deep Blue* 

Jaeger Lang is handsome, rich, and he knows how to work with his hands as a world-renowned woodworker. He's also my brother's best friend and the former champion skier I secretly crushed on back in high school. 

I've always known where I was going. Spend one last summer with my best friend, then law school in the fall--everything is set. Only it's not, because as soon as I return home and run into Jaeger again, I begin to lose everything: my boyfriend, my job, and most importantly, my sense of what I want in life. 

I'm no longer certain of anything, except for one: I want Jaeger. 

But the past that shaped him into this self-possessed man has returned to bite him in the ass, and I'm caught in the middle. Little do I know it will be more than my heart on the line. 

**Each book in the Men of Lake Tahoe Series is a standalone story that can be read in any order.** 

Twisted Reunion

Mark Tullius

99¢ on Kindle

Plunge deep into darkness with 28 terrifying tales. Explore heartache, happiness, and horror in this collection of short stories by Mark Tullius, the author of 25 Perfect Days, named one of IndieReader's Best Indie Books for 2013. 

This collection is composed of all the stories in Each Dawn I Die, Every One's Lethal, and Repackaged Presents, plus two bonus stories. 

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