Schitt’s Creek Season 7 – Release Date, Cast, and Plot

When it comes to sitcom shows, most of us are often familiar with the American ones but Schitt’s Creek is one of the few Canadian sitcom shows that have gained immense popularity. Not just the audience, the show has gained immense popularity among the critics as well.

Developed by produced by Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, the first season of the show aired on CBC on January 13, 2015. It was later broadcasted in the United States on Pop TV. Besides being a popular show with the audience, the show has also garnered a lot of accolades and awards from different Canadian and Global Award shows.

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 was a much-awaited release but unfortunately, the show ended with the sixth season only, leaving every fan devastated. However, let us walk you through all the details about the latest season worth looking into.

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release Date

As we said, the makers of Schitt’s Creek have reported that there isn’t any information about Season 7 yet. They have clarified that the sixth season of the show will be the last one in a long time, leaving the fans in a very fragile state of mind at this point.

However, some fans still speculate that there will be another season of the show that the makers aren’t telling about. 

Following the sixth season, even CBC hasn’t reported any news about the renewal of the show yet, which is a downer at this point. But, in case there are any developments about the launch of Season 7, we’d get information about the same on Netflix.

Who is going to be in Schitt’s Creek Season 7?

Even though there are no reports about the seventh season yet, let us walk you through the list of cast members that were in the last known season of the show – Season 6.

However, if the makers do listen to their audience and decide to bring back Season 7, who will come back as a cast?

Some of the prevalent cast in the show include:

  • Dan Levy
  • Annie Murphy
  • Eugene Levy
  • Catherine O’Hara
  • Mullens Dustin Milligan
  • Noah Reid
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Emily Hampshire
  • Chris Elliott
  • Sarah Levy
  • John Hemphill
  • Karen Robinson Lee

Some of the prevalent rumors about the show suggest that additional supporting characters might be played by Lilli Connor, Steve Lund, Ennis Esmer, and Rizwan Manji, to name a few.

What is the Plot of Schitt’s Creek Season 7?

As we said, there are no reports (and possibilities) of Schitt’s Creek coming back with Season 7. However, let us walk you through what happened in Season 6 and what you could expect if Season 7 does release any time in the future.

Proceed with caution because there will be spoilers ahead.

If you are completely new to the concept of Schitt’s Creek and don’t have any idea what the show is about, let us give you a bit of a brief first.

Schitt’s Creek follows the life of the Rose family who goes bankrupt and has to let go of their luxurious lifestyle. Following losing all their money, and their eventual economic downfall, they decide to shift to a small town named Schitt’s Creek where they decide to work from zero.

The protagonist, Moira Rose, and Johnny, along with their two children, David and Alexis, start living an ordinary life along with the locals around. 

While it starts there, the show progresses through a series of twists and turns that leaves the audience wanting more in the eventual seasons. Unfortunately, the creators of the show reported that the sixth season would be the last in the lot.

So, let us look through what happened in the last season of Schitt’s Creek and whether it leaves room open for some twists for a new season.

Unlike most of the other sitcoms that leave a very open-ended ending that’s often disappointing for the cast, Schitt’s Creek makers wanted the audience to feel fulfilled by the end of the season. So, it isn’t surprising at all that every single character on the show has set their life towards a positive course of life, focusing on progressing on their terms and getting the closures that they need for a fulfilling future.

Will Schitt’s Creek Come Back for Season 7?

Right from the beginning, we have emphasized the fact that Schitt’s Creek doesn’t and will not have a Season 7 coming up anytime shortly. The makers and producers of the show have reported that they have wrapped up the storyline of the show in Season 6 itself.

Not only is the news disappointing, but it was also extremely devastating for the dedicated fanbase of the show. However, you never know what the future holds. If the makers decide to bring back the cast for a brand-new season a few years down the line, there are possibilities of that happening.

However, we’d recommend not expecting any kind of new season any time soon because that’s not going to happen.


Schitt’s Creek is no doubt one of the most popular sitcoms made to date. Despite having only six seasons, we can’t deny the fact that it has gained a loyal fanbase, thanks to the creative and relatable plotline. We’d highly recommend that you don’t wait around for Season 7 of the show because that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


1. Is there a trailer for Schitt’s Creek Season 7?

No, since there are no reports about the Schitt’s Creek renewing for a new season, it is a given that there won’t be any trailer for the seventh season.

2. Was Schitt’s Creek Season 6 the last one?

According to the makers, producers, and even the cast, the sixth season was the last season as of now. There are no further reports about a new season being released anytime soon.

3. Where can I watch Schitt’s Creek?

Schitt’s Creek is available for streaming on Netflix. You can watch all the seasons and the episodes there in chronological order of their release.

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