Rick Beato Net Worth – Everything You Need to Know About the Popular YouTuber

The growth of YouTubers and Internet personalities is on the rise. More and more people are tapping into YouTube to kickstart their career and build it from scratch. However, not every person on YouTube makes it big. From creative content to a bubbly personality, several factors contribute to the growth of a YouTube channel.

Rick Beato is a popular American YouTube personality and is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and profound educator. His YouTube channel, Rick Beato has 2.95 million subscribers, the numbers growing at an alarmingly high rate.

Rick Beato’s career doesn’t necessarily start with YouTube, especially because he has worked as a producer, audio engineer, and record producer since the early 1980s. He later ventured into the social media side of music production and started his YouTube channel.

Early life of Rick Beato

Rick Beato was born on April 24, 1962, to a family in Fairport, New York. His childhood wasn’t the easiest one, especially because he grew up in a big family with a very limited income. He even said in some of his interviews that they had to live a very frugal lifestyle, especially because their father had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Rick acquired his initial studies from Fairport High School in 1980, following which he went to Ithaca College to acquire his Bachelor’s degree in music. Later he acquired a Master’s degree in Jazz from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1987.

Although there isn’t much information about Rick Beato’s personal life, we know that he is married to his wife named Nina and the couple is parents to three children. Rick’s wife works as a project coordinator and lab manager at Georgia State University.

Career and Professional Growth

Rick Beato has a diverse career and professional profile, especially because his career kickstarted a long before he launched his YouTube channel. Despite being known for his YouTube channel today, Rick was a very popular musician, producer, and record producer back in the 80s.

Besides songwriting and producing music, Rick has also shared his knowledge with students from different universities, including the University of Alabama, Berklee College of Music, etc. He has shared insights and given lectures on different topics of music, producing, and songwriting.

Rick Beato is also the proud owner of his recording studio, Black Dog Sound Studios, which is located in Georgia. It was since 1995 they have recorded several bands in the studio. Alongside that, he also co-run 10 Star Records with his business partner.

Rick is known for being part of the songwriting credits for several hit songs by personal and other singers. He has written popular songs like Carolina, which he co-wrote with Parmalee in 2007. The song managed to sell over a million copies and was #1 on the Billboard Chart after its release.

Currently, he works on his YouTube channel where he shares insightful videos and educational tutorials for budding musicians and songwriters who want to learn the technical side of music. Initially, Rick’s YouTube career started when he uploaded a video of his firstborn, Dylan, identifying individual notes in a song. The video gained over 3 million views and went viral quite quickly.

Seeing the kind of traction the video gained, Rick decided to take on YouTube as full-time work. Although Rick’s channel is named after him, his videos get an introduction with “Everything Music”.

If you enjoy watching song synopsis and understanding the harmonies involved in songs, he has a series called What Makes This Song Great? where he takes trending songs and then deconstructs and explains the meaning, harmony, and melodies associated with the songs.

Despite his educational content, Rick has experienced a lot of copyright strikes on several of his videos, especially by bigger artists like Radiohead and Fleetwood Mac. However, that hasn’t stopped the musical genius from sharing his journey and his content on YouTube.

In addition to his music and YouTube career, Rick has also published several books under his name, including the “Beato Book”, which was a bestseller. He has also sold a lot of merchandise, CDs, t-shirts, etc, following his fame.

What is the Net Worth of Rick Beato?

As of 2022, Rick Beato’s net worth is $10 million. This includes his income from YouTube, his recording studios, investments, house, cars, and the additional promotional content that he partakes in via his channel.

Rick also has several songwriting credits for which he earns royalties, further adding to his net worth. A rough estimate from his views on YouTube suggests that the educationist and producer earn around $40,000 from YouTube alone, taking his yearly YouTube income to $480,000.

These numbers are average and aren’t a 100% accurate representation of what Rick Beato earns or has in his savings and investments.

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