10 Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2022

As fun and convenient as free streaming websites are, not all of them are legal and licensed. So, don’t be surprised if one of your favorite streaming platforms like Putlocker gets banned or restricted in the country you live in.

Putlocker is no doubt one of the most popular free movies and entertainment streaming websites. However, they host licensed, copyrighted and pirated content, which puts them at risk of getting banned. That means that you should be aware of the alternatives.

So, in case the website isn’t functional anymore, you have the alternatives to fall back on. After relentless research, we have sorted our top 10 picks.

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives

When looking for Putlocker alternatives, our primary emphasis was to bring a list of similar websites that are versatile and not restricted in several countries. With the following websites, you can binge-watch your favorite movies without needing to worry about the rest.

1. 123Movies

For the users looking for the largest library of free movies and TV shows, nothing beats 123Movies. The combination of minimal and easy to browse website layout is one of a kind. Even if you haven’t used a free streaming website before, you won’t have to worry about getting confused with things on this website.

As for the content library, it is quite diverse and includes a host of Hollywood and western movies, TV shows and Asian dramas that you can binge-watch when you have time. The website is 100% free and safe. However, it hosts the content from copyrighted sources, much like Putlocker, so you might experience issues with its accessibility.

2. MegaShare

As the name suggests, MegaShare is yet another one of your popular Putlocker alternatives with a pretty similar content library. The website doesn’t offer a download option, which means that you’d need to stream the content directly on the website. With millions of monthly traffic, the website is quite a popular one and offers you access to an updated content library.

From the old classics to the latest movie releases, you can find just about anything that you are likely looking for. All the movies and shows available on the website is in HD, which further contributes to the viewing experience altogether. No longer will you have to worry about the poor streaming resolution of the shows.

3. Popcornflix

Not every user watches their TV shows and movies on their desktop. Some users much prefer using their mobile devices to watch their favorite shows. In that case, Popcornflix is a pretty great Putlocker alternative worth noticing. The website is strictly for movies, so you can binge-watch all the classics and latest releases before it hits the cinemas.

The website layout features organized categories and genres of movie content, which is a bonus too. You can directly scroll through those and find the individual movie that you feel like watching. As said, the platform has a mobile app, which adds to the benefits of usage.

4. Popcorn Time

A lot similar to the previous website, Popcorn Time is another well-known and reliable Putlocker alternative that we’d recommend looking into. Unlike the previous website, this one features TV shows and web series too. Everything on the website is categorized into different sections and genres, making it easier for the users to scroll and browse through the content that they want to watch.

Besides the seamless streaming, there is a separate download option too. However, if you want to watch the downloaded movies, you need to download their software separately too. This can be a hassle for several users that have limited storage space in the devices. So, we’d recommend you stream the movies or the TV shows on the website itself.

5. Solar Movie

For the users looking for a free alternative to Putlocker that doesn’t require registration, we’d recommend looking into Solar Movie. You can find both movies and TV shows available on the website, pretty much similar to Putlocker. However, the highlight of the website is its unique search function that allows you to find your movie or show of choice with a single click.

The actual website layout is pretty organized too, which is enough of a reason for you to get going with this website without any hassle. If you have a very particular taste, there is a separate feature where you can filter out the content for easy navigation too. The website doesn’t require registration, so your personal information isn’t at stake.

6. Fmovies

When it comes to free movie downloading websites like Putlocker, Fmovies is an OG website that has been around for decades now. They do host pirated and copyrighted content, which has made the website experience a lot of restrictions over the years. However, even with the mirror websites, this platform is no doubt one of the absolute best options that you can look forward to.

Besides the diverse content library, the website also hosts a range of different genres and categories of movies and TV shows that you can comfortably browse through. However, if the website isn’t accessible in your country, multiple VPNs can bypass the restrictions.

7. Los Movies

Ideal for international movies and shows, Los Movies isn’t limited to just Hollywood. You can find a range of other shows and movies, including Spanish, French and even Italian. Most of the uploaded international movies come with subtitles, so you shouldn’t have to worry about not understanding the context of the movie while you are watching it.

You can access the website with all your favorite latest releases; everything is categorized for easy navigation. There is an easy advanced search option on the website that allows you to watch your favorite shows with a single click. Also, since the website is 100% free, you’d have to compromise with the irritating pop-up ads that come around now and then.

8. Yes Movies

Another good-quality and reliable Putlocker alternative to consider is Yes Movies. This is yet another one of those free streaming platforms that are at risk of getting restricted in certain countries. However, the good thing about this website that sets it apart from the rest is the availability of mirror websites. This means that if the primary website is banned, you have the mirror websites to pick back on.

The content available on Yes Movies is a lot similar to Putlocker, provided you can watch movies, TV shows and even web series on the website. The website has a built-in video player that enables you to watch all your favorite movies and shows without any hassle. Also, there are secluded categories on the website that are updated every day so you have something new to watch every day.

9. GoMovies

Moving ahead to another free alternative, we have GoMovies. Not only is the website free, but it also doesn’t require any kind of sign up or registration, which is another reason behind its popularity. The unique trait of the website is the dual-homepage layout. You can switch between the cluttered place and the organized layout with an easy search function.

Besides that, its content library is updated quite frequently, which is another reason why it has gained so much popularity over time. There is a separate night mode feature on the website, which is unique to a free streaming platform. This particular feature is ideal for late-night movies where you don’t want too much light in the room.

10. Movie 4 U

Last on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives is Movie4U. This is yet another one of your staples that you won’t regret indulging in at all. From the classic Hollywood movies to the latest released, you can find just about anything on this platform. There is a lot of choice between the latest TV shows and web series too.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t support any kind of download option. So, you do need high-speed internet to be able to stream the videos without unnecessary buffering. Also, the website is easy to browse through and has a search bar with big thumbnails for easy filtering of your favorite shows and movies.


Putlocker is no doubt one of the best free movie and TV show streaming websites. However, the platform comes with a lot of limitations, which leads to bans and limitations. In such cases, we’d recommend that you look into some of the better alternatives for easy access. We have shared our top 10 picks, all of which are very similar to Putlocker in terms of the content library.


1. Is Putlocker a legal website?

Putlocker is a pirated movie and TV shows website, so technically, they host copyrighted and licensed content. This is one of the primary reasons why the website is often banned or restricted in certain countries.

2. Does Putlocker require registration?

Putlocker is a 100% free website that doesn’t require you to pay anything for the subscription and doesn’t require registrations too. You can directly access the website without any hassle. 

3. Can I use VPN to access Putlocker?

If Putlocker is banned or restricted in your country, a paid VPN service can bypass that restriction. However, we’d recommend that you look into the alternatives instead of paying a hefty price for the monthly VPN service. Avoid using the free VPN service providers. They aren’t worth the hassle.

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