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Authors! This is's comprehensive list of the different promotions we offer. If you'd like to see how the site works, create a User Account, and then create an Author Page. Then, add your books! It's all free, and you can submit as many books as you want to Our Library. 

StoryFinds does not promote erotic romance.

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“@StoryFinds, my author rank on Amazon went from 300K to 66K, that's a massive leap in the space of a month. Thanks Renee & Dani” – Author Angelin Sydney

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Exclusive Author eBlast to over 30,000 Readers 

Want to reach our 30,000 readers on your own. Let us create a unique eBlast to highlight you, your new book or series, your website, your newsletter and more. Give our readers a sample of what you have to offer.

The eBlast will be the only newsletter sent on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

The goal is to gain readers and increase your author profile and direct readers to your books.

Price: $100

Samples of our eBlast Newsletter &  1st Chapter eBlast Newsletter

 Author Spotlight ($65)  - 2 day promotion (booked on Monday & Wednesday)

Author Spotlight ($85) - 3 day promotion (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) - includes Saturday Facebook advertisement to target your readers

The Author Spotlight means your book is the EXCLUSIVE book on our homepage. Your book is also the first thing readers see when they open the newsletter. That’s over 30,000 subscribers seeing your book FIRST! And we don’t just promote your book once to our social media sites, we do it multiple times during the run. We book two-day Author Spotlights for Monday & Wednesday. Our 3-day Author Spotlight begins for Friday.
  • Book excerpt  - we shout that out to all of our social media sites too
  • Got a book trailer?  - oh yeah we love to show these all over Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest
  • Won an award? – let us brag about it for you
  • You the author – smile for social media. We like to show the person behind the book.
  • That’s up to 5 social media plugs a day
When you book an Author or 1st Chapter Spotlight, we'll give you two days to blog on our Insight Blog. Talk about your new book, your series, or something you're working on for the future for FREE. We will showcase up to four of your book covers in our blog and provide direct links to your website. We will also provide a DIRECT link in our NEWSLETTER and promote your blog to all of our SOCIAL MEDIA sites.  

1st Chapter Spotlight ($55) - 2 day promotion (booked on Monday & Wednesday)

1st Chapter Spotlight ($75) - 3 day promotion (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) - includes Saturday Facebook advertisement to target your reader
Readers love the first chapter spotlight. This is their chance to read your book excerpt and they are on this page for over three minutes.
We showcase your book cover, book excerpt, and you the author in our newsletter and to all social media sites. 

Themed Week Feature:

  • 2 day promotion for $40 (booked on Monday & Wednesdy)
  • 3 day promotion for $50 (booked for Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
We showcase up to 5 books daily in our theme week feature. Each theme week starts on a Monday, highlights your book cover and a 1,500 word excerpt. We will also post your book information to our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest feeds. You can use a second book to showcase for day two but it will only be highlighted on our social media sites and not in our newsletter.
Calendar for Themed Week:
  • Nov 20 - Police/Crime Fiction
  • Nov 27 - Second Chance Romance
  • Dec. 4 - Supernatural Reads
  • Dec 11 - Victorian Historical Reads
  • Dec 18 & 25 - Christmas Romances

Themed Week Add-Ons:

Add your book to our Themed Week Cover Poll (runs Monday - Sunday) for $30

The winning author in our Cover Poll gets a FREE Daily Special (value $25 for a two-day promotion and the chance to blog on our Insight Blog for two days)

Add your book to our EXCLUSIVE Sunday eBlast ($15/per book)

Package Deal Specials:

Themed  Week Package 1: Includes Friday (3 day promotion), Book Cover Poll (we can only take 4 books so this is on a first come basis) & Sunday Exclusive Newsletter eBlast = $95 - You get a $5 discount and only pay $90.

Themed Week Package 2: Includes either Monday or Wednesday (2 day promotion), Book Cover Poll (we can only take 4 books so this is on a first come basis) & Sunday Exclusive Newsletter eBlast  = $85 - You get a $5 discount and only pay $80

Daily Specials BOGO SALE -Buy one Daily Special and get a second FREE (can be used to showcase a different book)

Showcase books on sale or priced under $1

Daily Specials are two-day promotions for $25 (booked on Monday & Wednesday)

Daily Specials booked on Friday are a 3-day promotion for $35

We include your book in our Reader Newsletter and daily post the specials to our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Pinterest pages.


StoryFinds Insight Blog - $10 for 2 Days

  • Reach a new target audience! Talk about your series, why writing is important to you or any other topic you would like to bring to our readers and we do the rest. We'll give you 500 words and can feature up to 4 book covers! The blog link will be included in our newsletter and for two-days we'll showcase your blog through all of our social medias.


Build your FAN Base - Create a Contest

  • For $100, we'll feature your book for two weeks on a personalized Contest Page! The author must be willing to provide three copies of their book as an eBook to the 3 winners. We will award the $50 prize package to the 3 winners. One winner will receive $25 Amazon gift card, 2nd winner $15 an third winner a $10 gift card along with the free eBook.
  • If the author is willing to provide the prize package (value of $50) along with 3 copies of their book to the three winners the price is $50.
  • We'll promote your contest four times a week in our Readers' newsletter (30,000+ subscribers) and through our social media—Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We'll also showcase your author information and book of choice.
  • For $15 extra, we’ll log and provide you with the emails from your contest entrants —a vital tool for beefing up your own author newsletter or mailout.

Book a Banner Ad at the TOP of our webpages 

  • Promote your book, promotion, author page, or blog with a clickable banner at the TOP of every page on
  • One Month: $50
  • 2 weeks: $35
  • Book a banner Ad at the bottom of our webpages - your ad will show on every book page.
  • One Month: $40
  • 2 weeks: $25
  • Banner Specs: Images must be exactly 728 x 90 pixels
  • Files must be less than 128 MB.
  • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg
  • Don't have a banner? We'll make you one to keep for only $25
  • Contact for scheduling information


 FREE Reads (suggested donation $10)

  • This is Storyfinds’ only Pay What You Can promotional offer—we suggest a $10 donation, but we’ll post your book to our Daily Special page for any price you think you can afford. That means FREE works for us! We only showcase five books a day so book early. We have over 180,000 viewers come through. PLUS, we will post your book details to all of our social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. 


Agents, Authors & Publishers: Email for our Multiple Booking Publishing Package


Authors - Don't have a website?

Why pay for the monthly costs of a website when you can showcase your Author Information including your newsletter sign-up form, all your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus & Goodreads links) and all your ebooks with distribution channels for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBookstore & Audible for FREE. Yes FREE. Your links remain permanent on our site which means you can always showcase them to your FANS.

Interesting StoryFinds Facts:
  • Interesting Facts:

    • 24,557 Likes on Facebook
    • 5,137 followers on Twitter
    • 220,000 social media reach (through Facebook, Twitter, Google (1,374), Pinterest (781 followers)
    • 4,235  Authors receive our weekly Author Promotional newsletter
    • 32,350 readers subscribe to Newsletters
    • Two-thirds of our author clients regularly rebook our services
    • 80% referral from Facebook—Twitter and Pinterest second.
    • 35% increase in Pinterest referrals
    • 2,890 new visitors per day to
    • 47% visitors to our web are women/53% are males in the age range of 18-34
    • 73% American visitors/10% Canadian/7% Australia/6% United Kingdom/ 4% India
    • 45% daily return rate/55% new visitors
    • 75% of visitors are on their mobile and 43% are on desktops
    • 3 minutes average visit time per page

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