10 Best Project Free TV Alternatives in 2022

Who doesn’t like a free movie streaming experience, right? With so many different streaming platforms available online, it isn’t surprising that viewers are confused about which one to rely on. You have popular options like Project Free TV to rely on. The website has been around for a good few years but unfortunately, its primary website is not functional anymore.

So, you have to rely on proxy and mirror websites for your quick fix of free movies. But, on the flip side, you can also look out for viable alternatives for Project Free TV. And, spoilers – there are quite a few you can rely on.

Although Project Free TV isn’t banned in every country globally, accessing it is predominantly difficult now. So, being aware of some of the working alternatives will ensure that your movie-watching experience is never buffered.

This post will explore all the top Project Free TV alternatives that you can consider looking into.

Top Project Free TV Alternatives

Finding sites that are 100% the same like Project Free TV can be a little challenging. However, you won’t face issues finding similar websites. That aside, here are a few viable and working alternatives that you can consider accessing for your free movie fix.

1. BMovies

From sporting a massive library of Hollywood, Bollywood and other language movies and TV shows, BMovies is hands down one of the best free movie streaming websites available on the internet. The combination of streaming and download options enables users to view the movies online or offline, depending on their comfort. Additionally, the video quality on the website is HD too.

The homepage of the website is very well-organized and features all the available genres and categories of movies that are available on the website. With close to a million monthly traffic, the website is responsive and reliable too. There is a separate advanced search option on the homepage which further simplifies navigation through the website.

2. Pluto TV

If you are particularly looking for Hollywood TV shows and movies, we’d highly recommend looking into Pluto TV. It is one of the best Project Free TV alternatives, thanks to the similar layout and content availability. Besides the free movies, you can find the top 100 trending TV channels on the website, enabling you to watch all the popular TV shows that are currently playing.

Despite its pre-existing library of movies and TV shows, the website is updated regularly to accommodate the consistent demands of millions of monthly visitors. Also, if the website isn’t available in your country, you can use VPN services to access it. It is also supported on devices like Roku, Fire TV, etc.

3. Series Free TV

Besides the similarities in the name, Series Free TV has the almost same layout and updated content on their website. There are different available categories of content on the website that you can comfortably scroll and navigate through. Not just that, everything released on this website is in HD quality, so you don’t have to compromise on your viewing experience.

Although the website is 100% free, there is one big downside to it. You have to register and sign-up to the platform every time you want to access their free content. However, pushing that aside, the website has a very minimal and navigable design that makes it worth the extra effort. Also, everything is available right on the homepage for easy access.

4. FMovies

When talking about free movie streaming websites, we can’t miss out on FMovies. This streaming platform is one of a kind and offers a massive library of streamable content that you just can’t access in any of the other alternatives. From the classic Hollywood hits to the trending TV shows, you can find everything to pass your leisure time with.

Besides the direct availability, there is a diversity of genres available on the website, which adds to the fun and excitement. Also, the advanced search with a filter allows you to tailor your search according to your interests at the moment.

5. The Watch Series

Although not the most popular website, The Watch Series lives up to the hype it gets. It has a very similar layout to Project Free TV, especially with the availability of free movies and TV shows. Besides the direct streaming on the media player integrated into the website, you also have a download option if you wish to watch the movies later.

The overall user interface is very interactive and user-friendly, making it one of the most accessible options on the internet. Since they upload most of their content legally, you won’t have to worry about bans or restrictions with this one. The pop-up ads on the website are pretty tame too, which is good.

6. CouchTuner

Like Project Free TV, CouchTuner is your one-stop destination for everything related to the free movie streaming experience. The website does run into risks of copyright strikes quite often. So, if you can’t find their primary website while navigating through, we’d recommend looking into the mirror and proxy websites instead.

Also, there are quite a handful of pop-up ads that will ruin your viewing experience. So, if you have an ad-blocker installed in your system, turn it on while accessing the website. Besides free movies, the website also hosts anime and TV shows that you can stream for free. Since the content is in HD resolution, having access to high-speed internet is a must.

7. Movie4U

A public favorite, Movie4U is a simple and 100% free movie streaming website that you can rely on. You don’t have to worry about additional registration or sign-ups with the website, which is an added benefit. Also, if you enjoy diversity, there are many different genres and categories of movies and TV shows in horror, comedy, romance, etc. that you can consider watching.

When you search for a particular movie or show, the search result brings you a detailed description with the movie’s summary, title, IMDB rating, release date, etc. to make your decision easier. Every movie or show you stream on the website is sourced from non-affiliated third-party servers.

8. Sony Crackle

Although Project Free TV is a 100% free movie streaming platform, it isn’t a legal platform. This puts the website at risk of getting banned and restricted quite often. The easiest way to overcome the issue is by perusing a legal website. Sony Crackle is your answer to that. Not only is the website legal, but the movies and shows available on the website are also 100% free.

With close to 300,000 monthly visitors, the website is quite a popular one. Although you do have to create an account to access the free movies and shows, it comes with its set of perks. With an account, you can track the history, add movies to “Watch Later” and also resume your movie where you left it off yesterday. It is also compatible with a range of external network services.

9. Popcorn Flix

A highly reputed free movie streaming website, Popcornflix deserves a mention as an alternative. Not just movies, you can boost your entertainment bucket by watching a range of viral videos and TV shows too. Their massive content library is updated regularly, further adding to the benefit of usage.

The only downside to the website is the lack of consistency in video quality. You will find movies uploaded in 1080p and there are choices in 360p too. The poor quality is often in some of the latest releases, which are sourced from non-affiliated third-party servers.

10. Tubi TV

An ad-supported free movie streaming website, Tubi TV is another great alternative to Project Free TV. It reels in over 300,000 monthly visitors, thanks to its trending and daily regulated content library. It is tied with over 250 different entertainment and network partners for an easy viewing experience. 

Currently, the website has over 35,000 full-length movies and TV shows that you can binge-watch on your laptop or even on your smartphone. The pop-up ads aren’t that intrusive, which is quite promising too.


Project Free TV has gained a lot of popularity over time. If you are particularly looking for a viable website to watch your movies and TV shows, this is a good website to look into. Unfortunately, the website is disabled and unavailable in most countries. Having access to the alternatives can make it easier for you to never miss a chance to watch your favorite movies even when Project Free TV isn’t accessible in the future.


1. Is Project Free TV a free website?

Yes, Project Free TV is a 100% free movie and TV show streaming platform that doesn’t require any kinds of additional registration or sign-up too.

2. Are their proxy websites for Project Free TV?

Currently, the main website of Project Free TV isn’t accessible in several countries. There are a handful of proxy sites that you can access instead.

3. Is Project Free TV safe?

Although there are copyright strikes and piracy issues, there are no allegations on Project Free TV concerning the platform’s safety.

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