10 Best PDF Search Engine Sites in 2022

When you directly search on any standard search engine like Google, it returns a plethora of search results. Not only are they complicated, they make it difficult for you to search for the particular PDF that you are looking for. In such cases, the easiest switch is by using PDF search engine sites instead. They are easy to work with and they are highly functional too.

Instead of searching through millions of search results, the PDF search engines only sift through the PDF files, making it easier for you to find the particular file that you are looking for. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of PDF search engine sites available on the internet. So, when you are particularly looking for one, our list of the best PDF search engine sites should give you all the details.

Top PDF Search Engine Sites

When curating the list for the top PDF search engine sites, we wanted to include a versatile list of options. From paid to premium websites, this list should give you insight into all the top options available.

1. Find-pdf-doc

First up we have the most popular and reliable PDF search engine site – Find-pdf-doc. From e-books to spreadsheets, you can find just about anything using this search engine. Their diversity search further makes it easier for you to find your desired choice of file in one go. The highlight of the website are the individual filtering options.

Using these features, you can now comfortably find your individual PDFs without any hassle. Also, the website has a very user-friendly layout, further making it a pretty good option to look into. Besides the standard features, the website also filters out malware and other threats like scam and phishing.

2. PDF Search Engine

Like the name suggests, PDF search engine is your one-stop staple choice for all your PDF needs. You can use this website to particularly look for PDF files and also for different Word documents that you can’t narrow down using the general search engines. It is a Google Programmable search engine that brings you all the relevant search results.

The best thing about the website is that it looks through all the search results that you’d cumulatively find via Google, Yahoo or Bing. Once you enter a keyword for your search, it should bring you a list of all the relevant searches.

3. Free Full PDF

A lot similar to Find-pdf-doc, Free Full PDF is yet another popular PDF search engine you can use to search for scientific journal papers. The platform specializes in finding PDF files in the fields of health, biosciences, social sciences, mathematics, etc. They do use Google’s custom search engine results to bring you a more accurate rundown.

There are advanced filtering options on the website, ones that enable you to narrow down your search results based on the thesis, copyright information, authors, etc. This way you can look into the best options without needing to worry about the rest. There are over 80 million search results that they store in their website.

4. File Search Box

If you are looking for publicly accessible PDF files, file search box enables you to use the comprehensive search for finding the favorite files without any complications. They do use Google Index to simplify your search results, making the results more refined for you to find the individual files that you are looking for.

Also, you can find your favorite and popular ebooks using this website, most of which are free. This enables you to download and then read the relevant PDF files without needing to pay anything in excess for it.

5. PDF Downloads

PDF Downloads is hands down one of the fastest and most efficient PDF downloading websites that you can look into. Besides their desktop website, you can access it via your mobile too, enabling you to access the individual PDF file that you wish to download from the hundreds of options available. Besides journal papers, there are user guides and eBooks that you can download too.

The overall website is quite clean and minimal, which makes it easier for you to find the particular PDF that you are looking for. They also stand out as one of the most popular PDF search engine websites that you can use in 2022.

6. PDF Geni

Although quite an underrated option, PDF Geni is a reliable custom search engine that you can use to find relevant PDF files on the internet. From ebooks to manuals and catalogues, you can find just about every kind of PDF file based on a particular keyword. The overall user interface of this search engine is one of a kind, especially enabling you to use it like any other search engine that you are looking into.

However, the USP of the website is the safety and security. Even when you are downloading or searching through the website, your identity stays concealed to the third-party users. You won’t have to worry about risks of scams, malware attacks or hacking anymore.

7. Google Scholar

For people who are used to Google’s layout, we’d recommend giving Google Scholar a try. This is a PDF-based search engine curated only for shortlisting the papers, scientific journals, catalogues, etc. This is predominantly a search engine for finding academic papers, which is a reason enough for you to get into using it on a regular basis.

The best thing about this search engine is that not only does it shortlist and find you the particular paper you are looking to download, it also provides you with a direct download link for the PDF. This way, you can easily research for the topic that you are looking for.

8. Bookboon

Not everyone who is looking for a PDF file is looking for research or academic papers. Some of them are looking for ebooks and PDF files for other genres of reading material. If that’s the case with you, Bookboon is a good place to look into. The website is primarily an extension of a popular publishing house based out of America.

With Bookboon, you can access from their library of over 75 million ebooks. All of them are available for free and are categorized into two sections – student textbooks and business-related ebooks. There are individual PDF textbooks that are independently crafted and curated by professors. You can directly access those PDF files for easy reading access. The overall user interface of the website is quite simple too, which adds to the overall user experience as well.


As irrelevant as the name of the website sounds, BASE is another ideal PDF search engine but academic documents. There are over 240 million PDF material, written by over 8000 authors. So, if you are looking for a more comprehensive approach or looking for a one-stop solution for all your academic journal needs, BASE takes care of them all.

The website is constantly upgraded and refined to match the needs of their ever-changing audience and users. Besides that, there is a separate option for multilingual search, making the website a lot more accessible and inclusive for every user that is looking for a PDF file on the internet.

10. PDF Drive

Much like how your Google Drive stores all your important information, PDF Drive stores all your necessary PDF needs. The website currently hosts over 75 million PDF files that the users can search through. Besides the older PDF files, the website’s content library is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that newer PDF files also come up on the search engine results.

Every search and download on the website are free, and there are no upper limits to the daily downloads. You can go ahead and use it for any number of download or search that you want to run on the website. There are professional ebook themes on the website too, which is a unique trait yet again.


1. How do I search for PDF online?

You can use a standard search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing or you can particularly use any of the PDF search engines to make the search process easier.

2. What is a PDF search engine?

A PDF search engine is an internet tool that goes through all the PDF sources on the internet and indexes them in their search results for the users to access.

3. Are PDF search engines free?

Most of the PDF search engines on the internet are available free of cost. The ones mentioned in the list above are a 100% free as well. There are only a handful that come with advanced features and exclusive subscriptions for accessing the premium features on the website.


PDF search engines are very popular among students, researchers and business professionals. Not only do they simplify their work, they also cut down the time you’d spend scrolling through millions of search results on the standard search engines. Our list of the best PDF search engines brings you a versatile list of options, all of which are a 100% free and worth the hype.

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