On My Block Season 4 – What Happened in the Season Finale?

As much as we love to hold onto things, it is time to let go of our favorite Core Four as they disperse and go on with their lives in an alternate universe. On My Block, ever since its release in 2018, has garnered a lot of popularity from the audience across the globe. 

But, with the Season Finale of the fourth season, the series has finally come to an end and the audience has to now move on from their favorite characters. Things have changed in Freeridge but the final season has ended with a bang, surpassing the expectations of every viewer that religiously watched it from the first season.

In this post, we will discuss everything about On My Block Season 4 and what you can expect from the final season of the show.

When was On My Block Season 4 released?

The fourth season of On My Block was confirmed on January 29, 2021. Although that’s almost over a year ago, the initial claims reported that the last season will premiere on October 21, 2021, and that’s exactly what happened.

Despite being the last season of the series and so much confusion among the audience, the fourth and final season of the show has managed to catch the attention of the audience. 

People who religiously watched the show from the first season are appreciative of the finale and expressed that it was better than expected.

Who is cast in On My Block Season 4?

The final season of On My Block ended with the OG cast that has strung along throughout each season. So, it isn’t surprising that the audience got to bid adieu to all of their favorite cast members with the season finale.

Some of the notable cast members in the fourth season include:

  • Sierra Capri
  • Brett Gray
  • Jason Genao
  • Diego Tinoco
  • Julio Macias
  • Peggy Blow
  • Jessica Marie Garcia
  • Emilio Rivera
  • Paula Garces
  • Eric Neil Gutierrez
  • Reggie Austin
  • Eme Ikwuakor
  • Raushanah Simmons
  • Angela Gibbs
  • Ada Luz Pla
  • Ian Casselberry
  • Gilberto Ortiz
  • Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson

With the list of the cast above, the audience was rejoiced to see all of their favorite characters making a comeback in the fourth and final season of the show.

What is the Plot of On My Block Season 4?

If you want to refresh your memory about On My Block and each season that comes along, let us walk you through them before we share what happens in the fourth season.

Beware that this section of the post includes spoilers, so read at your own risk.

On My Block is a light-hearted teen drama series on Netflix that follows the life of four teens and is based in Freeridge, a locality in the inner parts of Los Angeles. The four teens meet at high school and form a lifelong and unbreakable bond.

Like the first two seasons, even the final season has 10 episodes. So, what happens in the final season of the show?

Although Core Four are on their ride towards their high school graduation, there is a special high school rite left around the corner – PROM. In the fourth season of the show walks around with Monse, who is extremely upset about getting rejected by Cesar to be her prom date.

Heartbroken and dejected, Monse decides to read her mom’s book and becomes engrossed in it. Following days of reading the book, Monse finally gets to know more about her mother who abandoned her all those years back.

She eventually meets with Brian and her dad in the coming days to reconcile everything and be a family again. 

On the flip side, the story progresses with Jamal being paranoid that someone is coming after her. Afraid of his safety, he decides to install video cameras in his room and decides to go to the prom with Charlize. 

After a lot of yes and nos, Monse finally decides to go to the prom after her father tells her that she doesn’t need a date to have fun at the prom. Cesar, who is getting ready for the prom, sees Oscar’s spirit in the mirror teaching him how to tie a tie. Seeing Oscar makes Cesar tear up and he promises that he’d make Oscar proud in the long run to which Oscar replies that he already has.

With all the confusion around, Jamal decides to visit Abuelita and tells her that he is utterly confused with his life and doesn’t know what he wants to do next. Providing assurance, Abuelita tells Jamal that things will work out the way it’s meant to and they share a very emotional moment on screen.

Eventually, the series goes through with the prom and the festivities that follow. However, in the end, Jamal and his friends go to Abuelita’s house where they find her dead. Heartbroken, the scene shifts to the Core Four reuniting at Abuelita’s memorial party where they drink tequila and smoke week.

The ending was bittersweet but managed to end on a very positive note, despite the turmoil and confusion that ensued throughout the season.


If you are looking for a light-hearted, slow-paced teen drama to watch on Netflix, On my Block Season 4 is no doubt a worthy watch. We’d highly recommend watching the first three seasons before you jump on and watch the final season. Despite the expected ending, the show strings you along and pulls at your heartstrings.


1. Is there a trailer for On My Block Season 4?

Yes, On My Block Season 4 is already released and available for streaming on Netflix, so you do have access to a trailer as well.

2. Will there be a season 5 of On My Block?

The writers and producers of the show have confirmed that the fourth season of On My Block was the last one. There won’t be any other season in the future.

3. Does Abuelita Diet in Season 4?

Yes, the fourth season ends with Abuelita’s death, which was a very bittersweet moment for the audience.

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