10 Best Movierulz Alternatives for 2022

Movies are fun and recreational experiences that no one wants to give up. While some prefer watching new releases in the theatres, some prefer watching them from the comfort of their homes. If you are from the latter category and don’t prefer paying extra money to watch movies, Movierulz is a popular weapon of choice.

Movierulz is a popular and free movie streaming website that enables you to watch your favorite movies, old and new. It hosts third-party links for streaming that you can click and watch the movies on. However, since most of their content library features pirated or illegally sourced movies and TV shows, it isn’t surprising that the website is banned in certain countries.

The easiest way to not hamper your movie streaming experience would be by looking into the best alternatives for Movierulz. To make the choice easier, we have sorted some of our favorite picks.

Top Movierulz Alternatives

Since Movierulz is currently banned in certain countries, using the mirror and proxy sites can be frustrating. Not only do they lack enough movies, but they also come with a myriad of ads in them. What you can do instead is look into the alternatives listed below:

1. Hotstar

The main reason why Movierulz is banned is due to hosting illegally sourced movies and shows from third-party websites. So, it goes without saying that when you are looking into the alternatives, you should consider legal ones. Hotstar is one such platform that enables you to stream some of your favorite movies, TV shows, and web series and live TV.

There is a free and paid version of the app that you can access. Ideally, the free version hosts a good library of movies from varying genres that you can stream from their app directly. However, if you want to watch the latest releases or exclusive web series and TV shows, you might have to upgrade to their premium version.

2. Mx Player

Although quite an underrated app, Mx Player is another legal Movierulz alternative you can look into. They have a desktop version and mobile app version that users can use as per their comfort. We’d recommend using the mobile app for easy access to all their content. Also, the website is 100% free, but you might have to register on the platform to unlock some of their exclusive content.

Since the platform is quite new, there’s no doubt that the library of movies isn’t that diverse yet. However, they do offer access to a few different genres of movies that you can stream in your comfort. We’d recommend using high-speed internet for an uninterrupted and buffer-free streaming experience.

3. Tubi TV

Since Movierulz is such a popular and well-defined movie streaming platform, you need to have access to an alternative that is equally popular and stands out. Tubi TV is an OG streaming website that has been around for close to a decade now. From movies to TV shows, you can find just about everything on this platform without needing to pay a dime.

You do have a very organized and clean user interface of the website, which reasons enough for you to consider this as a viable alternative. Their content library is updated quite frequently, enabling you to watch some of the newer releases too. There is an in-built video player on the website that supports a seamless streaming experience.

4. AZMovies

With half a million monthly traffic, AZMovies is the A-Z of movies that you want to watch. From the latest Hollywood to the retro classics, everything on the website is organized and available at your disposal to watch for free. You don’t have to worry about signing up or registering too. 

Besides the ease of streaming, every movie or show updated to the website is available in 720p or 1080p resolution. Not once will you have to worry about watching a movie of poor quality? Also, there is no limitation to how many movies you can stream per day. If required, you can comfortably stream unlimited movies on the website with high-speed internet.

5. Solar Movies

Although quite a popular name in the movie streaming genre on the internet, Solar Movies is not accessible across all the countries in the world. So, if you can’t find it in your country, it is due to restrictions or unavailability. That aside, the website is a good alternative to Movierulz, allowing you to stream your favorite movies and shows for free and without any registrations.

The layout of the website is quite simple and minimal, allowing you to stream your favorite movie without any worry in the world. We’d recommend that you stay connected to high-speed internet for buffer-free streaming. Everything on the website is segregated into individual categories, which is again a reason why you won’t regret looking into this website at all.

6. Peacock TV

For the users looking for viable and legal streaming platforms unlike Movierulz, Peacock TV is a good choice. It is NBC’s latest streaming platform where you can access all of your favorite movies, TV shows and live TV using the platform. Despite being an entity under NBC, the website features free plans that allow you to access a diverse content library.

Besides their desktop version, there is a staple mobile app that you can install on your smartphones or even access via smart TV for an expansive viewing experience. Besides their free streaming choices, there are paid versions too that you can access if you want to watch more of their exclusive content.

7. Soap2Day

Another popular Movierulz alternative worth looking into is Soap2Day. The website is one of a kind and provides users with a free movie streaming experience without any payments or registrations. The website mimics the features of Movierulz, so it isn’t surprising that their primary streaming website is often unavailable across several countries.

You can access the website with several proxy and mirror websites for easy access. Besides the content, the overall website layout is quite promising too. It features a simple and organized layout that makes it easier for the users to search for a particular movie and then stream it directly on the platform. 

8. Crackle

Subsidized under Sony, Crackle is another one of your free yet legal Movierulz alternatives that you can consider looking into. From movies to TV shows, you can access a diversity of available content on the website without any worries or complications. Marked and awarded as one of the best free streaming platforms, Crackle supports superior content playback with an easy viewing experience like no other.

If you don’t want to access the website on your desktop, they have an app that works on smartphones and smart TVs too. You can connect it directly to stream the movies or shows without any interruptions.

9. Plex

Although quite underrated, Plex now offers its users a variety of movies and TV shows that everyone can binge watch for free. The website doesn’t require any kind of sign up, so you can directly access and stream your movie of choice. There is a lack of the latest movies on the website but that’s one of the reasons why the website isn’t banned.

It is one of the most popular torrenting websites that has now become a direct streaming platform. No longer will users have to go through the hassle of downloading torrent files and then accessing them on the client servers. Also, the overall layout of the website is quite easy to navigate through. 

10. 123Movies

Last on the list is 123Movies. Like Movierulz, even 123Movies’ primary website is banned in certain countries. However, they do have a diversity of mirror websites that enable you to binge-watch your movies without any buffer or delay.

Since there are no direct download links available on the website, we’d recommend that you look into the streaming options only. Also, the movies are all updated in HD resolution, so you need a high-speed internet for a buffer-free streaming experience.


Movierulz is one of the most popular free movie streaming websites on the internet. However, we can’t deny the fact that it is always at the risk of getting banned or restricted. So, knowing about the best alternatives can help you plan your movie streaming experience without any interruptions down the road. We have sorted some of the best working alternatives. 


1. Is Movierulz a free streaming website?

Yes, Movierulz is a 100% free streaming platform where you can stream all the old and latest movies, TV shows and web series without any registration or sign up.

2. Do I need a VPN to access Movierulz?

If the primary website of Movierulz is banned in your country, you can rely on paid VPN services to access the website. However, we’d recommend that you avoid the free VPN sites.

3. Is Movierulz a legal website?

Most of the uploaded content on Movierulz is from pirated and third-party copyrighted websites. So, the website is not legal, hence they get strikes and are banned in certain countries.

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