Morbius 2 Release Date And Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Sequel

Morbius, Sony Pictures’ vampire-themed superhero film starring Jared Leto, was released in theaters in April 2022. Despite much anticipation, the movie received mostly negative reviews and had a disappointing performance at the box office. However, in true vampire fashion, Morbius has shown signs of life after its initial release.

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Is Morbius Getting a Sequel?

As of August 2023, Sony Pictures has not yet greenlit an official sequel for Morbius. However, Leto and director Daniel Espinosa have expressed interest in revisiting the character in a follow-up movie.

Shortly after Morbius’ theatrical run, Leto said in an interview, “I hope we get to make another film because there’s a lot more to do with this character and story.” Espinosa echoed those sentiments, telling Variety, “I know that I’m very keen to continue that journey with Jared Leto, because it’s been such a fun ride.”

While a sequel is not guaranteed at this point, the creative team seems enthusiastic about further exploring Morbius and his dark, vampiric universe. Given Sony’s commitment to expanding its catalog of Marvel characters on screen, many industry watchers suspect Morbius 2 could materialize eventually.

What Could Morbius 2 Be About?

As a sequel has not been officially announced, plot details remain unknown. However, Leto and Espinosa have hinted at directions a follow-up could take.

The first Morbius film concluded with several narrative threads left dangling, leaving plenty of material for a second installment. In a post-credits scene, Michael Keaton reprised his role as Adrian Toomes/Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming, seemingly transporting himself from the MCU into Morbius’ Sony Spider-Man Universe via a rift in the multiverse. This crossover setup could allow Morbius and Vulture to team up against Spider-Man in a sequel.

In another post-credits teaser, Morbius declared “I am Venom,” referencing Sony’s other antihero film franchise. While likely just an Easter egg for fans, this moment could also lay groundwork for a crossover between the two characters. Leto and Espinosa have expressed interest in pitting Morbius against Tom Hardy’s Venom on screen.

Beyond spinoffs and crossovers, a direct Morbius sequel could further explore the character’s origins and vampire powers. As seen in the first film, Michael Morbius is conflicted between his human and bloodthirsty vampire sides. This inner struggle could drive a compelling character-focused sequel story. Flashbacks to his childhood illness and experiments to cure himself could provide additional backstory.

The first movie also introduced fellow scientist Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) as a romantic interest for Morbius. Their relationship could take center stage in a sequel, testing Michael’s ability to balance love and his monstrous instincts.

Who Could Return for Morbius 2?

As of now, no casting information is available for a potential Morbius sequel. However, it seems likely Jared Leto would return as Dr. Michael Morbius, the scientist turned vampire antihero.

In addition to expressing enthusiasm for a follow-up, Leto has a multi-picture deal with Sony for Morbius and other Spider-Man adjunct movies.

Other key players who could come back include:

  • Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft: Morbius’ fellow scientist and love interest
  • Matt Smith as Milo: Michael’s friend who becomes the vampiric villain Loxias Crown
  • Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud: The FBI agent hunting Morbius
  • Jared Harris as Morbius’ mentor. Harris portrays one of the scientists who attempts to cure Morbius as a child.

Michael Keaton as Vulture: Keaton cameoed as his Spider-Man: Homecoming character in a Morbius post-credits scene. If that crossover angle continues, Vulture could take on a larger role in the sequel.

Sony could also pull characters from its expanding Marvel universe into a Morbius sequel. Given the teased crossover, Tom Hardy appearing as Venom is one popular fan casting choice. And after the success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021, Sony may try to capitalize on pairing another of its Marvel antiheroes with Venom on screen.

When Could Morbius 2 Be Released?

With no official sequel plans announced yet, there is no set timeline for when Morbius 2 could hit theaters. However, looking at Sony’s schedule provides clues as to potential release windows.

Venom 3 is expected to arrive in 2024 based on star Tom Hardy’s comments. Sony also has films based on Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web slated for 2023. The studio seems intent on building out its Marvel slate over the next few years. Once those projects have debuted, Morbius 2 could find its way onto Sony’s release calendar for 2024 or 2025.

The October 2021 re-release of Morbius also sparked some fan speculation that Sony might be testing the waters for a sequel. But an isolated re-release does not necessarily indicate a firm plan for Morbius 2. Sony could simply have been trying to generate more box office revenue from the first film.

Barring any official updates from Sony, the most likely scenario seems to be Morbius 2 hitting theaters sometime in 2024 or beyond. But vampire fans should keep their eyes peeled for any breaking news of Michael Morbius taking another bite out of the big screen.

What IMDb say about Morbius 2

Morbius 2 FAQ

Is there going to be a Morbius 2?

As of now, Sony Pictures has not officially announced a sequel to Morbius. Director Daniel Espinosa and star Jared Leto have both expressed interest in making a follow-up film, but it has not been confirmed to be in active development yet.

When will Morbius 2 be released?

There is no set release date for a Morbius sequel at this time. If one does materialize, the earliest it would likely hit theaters is 2024 based on Sony’s upcoming slate of Marvel films.

Who will be in the cast for Morbius 2?

Casting has not been announced, but Jared Leto would likely return in the role of Dr. Michael Morbius. Other potential returning cast members include Adria Arjona as Martine and Matt Smith as villainous vampire Loxias Crown.

Will Tom Hardy appear as Venom in Morbius 2?

This popular fan casting has not been confirmed. However, the end of Morbius teased a crossover, with Michael saying “I am Venom.” Having Hardy’s Venom face off against Leto’s Morbius is a possibility for a sequel.

What will Morbius 2 be about?

Details are unknown, but plot points set up in the first Morbius like Michael’s struggle with his vampire urges, his romance with Martine, and the arrival of Vulture from the MCU could carry over into a sequel storyline.

The Future Looks Dark for Morbius

Though his first solo outing had mixed results, the living vampire Michael Morbius could rise again to sink his teeth into moviegoers. While not yet officially confirmed, momentum seems to be building towards a Morbius sequel. Jared Leto’s deadly antihero provides Sony with a dark and compelling character to explore within its own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And afterMorbius’ lackluster debut, the creative team will surely be hungry to take the character to bigger and better places a second time around.

Will Morbius find box office redemption and critical success in a sequel? Or is the character doomed to hover in obscurity? For now, fans will have to wait for Sony to either stake Morbius 2 into development, or leave the living vampire drained of cinematic life once and for all. But given Sony’s investment in its Marvel properties and Leto’s star power, another Morbius outing seems more likely than not. Only time will tell if moviegoers have seen the last of Michael Morbius, or if he has enough plasma left for a comeback.

Morbius 2 Potential Release Timeline

YearSony Marvel MoviesPotential for Morbius 2?
2023Kraven the Hunter, Madame WebUnlikely – slate seems full
2024Venom 3Possible – could follow up Venom
2025TBDLikely – good window for sequel


While not yet confirmed, momentum appears to be growing for a Morbius sequel. Jared Leto and director Daniel Espinosa have expressed enthusiasm for revisiting the dark Marvel character, and Sony seems intent on expanding its catalog of Spider-Man adjunct films. Venom and Kraven movies are on the immediate horizon, but Morbius 2 could potentially follow in their wake sometime around 2024-2025. The first film set up plenty of narrative threads to explore in a follow-up, like Morbius’ inner bloodlust, his romantic relationship, and crossover with Keaton’s Vulture. Fans will have to wait for an official Sony announcement, but the living vampire may yet rise again on screen.

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