Mila Kunis honors Ukrainians During Oscars Ceremony

While presenting at the Academy Awards 2022, Mila Kunis honored Ukrainians who are affected by the ongoing invasion by Russia.

Before presenting Reba McEntire’s performance, Kunis said that recent global happenings have left all of us shocked and gutted. However, it is great to witness the resilience and strength of those people in the face of such chaos. She said that people out there are fighting through the darkness with unimaginable strength.

Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine. Kunis along with her husband Ashton Kutcher raised over $35 million to send back to her hometown. The couple was also appreciated by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on a Zoom video call a few weeks back.

The Oscars also had a message of its own to show their support for the people who are affected by the war, invasion, and conflict.

There was a text card shown on screen that urged viewers to show their support. The text card contained the message that film is an important way to show humanity in times of chaos. Millions of families in Ukraine need medical care, food, water, and other emergency services. There is a shortage of resources, but together we can help them overcome these dark times.

More stars, including Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Amy Schumer showed solidarity with Ukrainians during the award ceremony.

Jamie Lee Curtis arrived at the Oscars with a blue ribbon tied to her left hand with the message “with refugees.” 

Curtis told USA TODAY that others may ask why an award show is being hosted amid major world conflicts. She wanted to use this platform to move the needle.

The actress said that films can be transformative agents of change in conflict. Wearing a ribbon on your hand allows you to highlight the refugee crisis. 

Amy Schumer, one of the co-hosts expressed herself to USA TODAY. She said that her thoughts are with the people, and the genocide in Ukraine.

J.K. Simmons, who wore a navy suit with a yellow pocket paid his honor to the people of Ukraine, including the family of his “co-star Nina Arianda. 

He said that may God bless Nina Arianda, his co-star in ‘Being the Ricardos,’ who couldn’t be here tonight. Simmons told USA TODAY that she and her mother is in New Jersey. They have their families in Ukraine and they are constantly praying for their safety.

Samuel L. Jackson donned the blue “with refugees” pin atop his black tuxedo jacket. Even Benedict Cumberbatch showed up wearing a pin with the Ukrainian flag.

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