Luisito Comunica – Early Life, Career Growth and Net Worth of the Popular Mexican YouTuber

The concept of Internet personalities is booming right now. More and more people are taking to the internet to share images, videos, and unique content that people find relatable. Owing to that, many individuals have garnered a big following across different social media websites.

Luisito Comunica is a renowned Mexican YouTuber and internet personality with over 37.3 million subscribers and over 7.4 billion views in total. He is primarily a vlogger that shares their day-to-day life on YouTube for their audience. 

Luisito’s YouTube account is the second most popular subscribed YouTube account in Mexico and is the seventh most popular YouTube account in the Spanish language. If you want to know about Luisito, his career, and his net worth, scrolls down further.

Early life of Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica was born as Luis Arturo Villar Sudek on March 20, 1991 in Puebla de Zaragoza. Although not much information is available about the YouTuber’s early or personal life, it is believed that he attended the Instituto Oriente de Puebla, followed by communication sciences at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.

However, Luisito didn’t finish his degree and instead went on to become an English teacher for students that accepted and enrolled students that were expelled from other schools. 

During his career as a teacher, Luisito started his YouTube channel in 2007 Piano Para Gente Cool, which he later renamed as LouieArtie. His primary aim with the channel was to post the piano cover of different songs and post their tutorials too. However, the channel didn’t perform well and he shut it down.

It was later in 2011 that he started his second channel, OciodeLuisito. This is where he started posting vlogs of his daily life and soon after his channel started to take off, gaining more and more views from the audience. His channel is currently inactive.

Career and Professional Growth

Following his initial growth as a YouTuber, Luisito wanted to branch out. In 2012, he joined the team of NoMeRevientes, a YouTube channel by Yayo Gutiérrez. It was later in 2012 that he opened his channel Luisito Comunica which everyone knows him by.

Compared to all of his previous channels and efforts on YouTube, this channel managed to gain a dedicated following where he posted travel videos, and the audience engaged well with the videos. Following the success of his YouTube channel, Luis moved to Mexico City to get access to better work and professional opportunities.

Later in 2018, Luis started another Youtube channel, Luisito Around the World, which was mainly targeted toward his English-speaking viewers.

Besides his YouTube career, Luis also started his clothing line, Rey Palomo in 2018, which was a success too. He has also partaken in a few different movies, including Dedicada a mi ex., and the Spanish version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Luis has also published a book, Lugares Asombrosos: Travesías insólitas y otras maneras extrañas de conocer el mundo and later started a podcast that is active across multiple streaming platforms and is titled as En Cortinas con Luisito.

Luis is also an owner of a tequila brand, Gran Malo which he got ownership of in 2021. He is currently based out of Mexico City and is a consistent and active social media personality across all his accounts.

Net Worth of Luisito Comunica

Luis has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2022. This amount includes his properties, cars, earnings, and the investments and businesses that he has ventured into. He has diversified his income sources but his primary source of income comes from YouTube and different social media platforms. 

Personal Life

Despite being a daily travel vlogger, there is not much information available about the popular Mexican YouTuber. There is very little information about Luis’ personal life or his family.

However, thanks to public appearances and pap pictures, the audience knows that Luis is dating a popular Mexican model, Arianny Tenorio. There is no further information about his dating history besides that. 

There are no reports about the Mexican YouTuber’s marriage or his wife, contrary to what many people believe. Also, he shares a very minimal glimpse into his personal space and his homes because he wants to ensure optimal privacy.

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